Supplier Code of Conduct

Introduction- Jindal Medi Surge is one of the India’s leading Orthopedic Product providers. JMS is focused on providing high quality products and care to its customers and their animals. It is the policy of Jindal Medi Surge and its group companies (“JMS”) to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner. As part of that, JMS takes a zero-tolerance approach to the exploitation of human rights and the utilisation of unethical work regimes. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships, wherever we operate, and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter abuse in our supply chains. As such this code of conduct sets out the minimum standards, we as a company expect to see from all of our suppliers.

Scope of this policy- This policy applies to all JMS suppliers of goods and services, whether they relate to clinical or non-clinical sectors of the business.

JMS’s expected standards- 

Environment- We are all dependent on the earth and its survival, as such we believe that everyone has an obligation to ensure where possible we as individuals and companies are minimising any detrimental impact our actions cause to the environment. We therefore require all our suppliers to comply with their local environmental legislation as well as demonstrating they operate under an established internal sustainability policy, which includes achievable targets. Furthermore, we expect to see our suppliers make use of renewable energy sources and working towards carbon neutral if not negative manufacturing where applicable. They shall also produce evidence of how they measure and report on achieving targets in relation to their environmental objectives and where possible ensure their goods are reusable or recyclable at the very least. Suppliers should carry such environmental concerns into their own supply chains and ensure that they are sourcing goods which have as minimal environmental impact as reasonably possible and make use of sustainable materials where possible. As well as ensuring any waste contractors employed by our suppliers operate with the appropriate certifications in place.

Workers’ Rights- Everyone deserves to work for a company who respect their rights as employees or workers and promotes the welfare of its staff. As such here at JMS we expect our suppliers to ensure that they are meeting their employer obligations and providing an environment which is safe for its labour force to operate in. Therefore, suppliers are to ensure that any location where employees are working in indoor conditions, such establishment is temperature regulated to a comfortable level to avoid risk of heat stroke or other extreme temperature afflicted conditions. Suppliers are to establish a culture where workers and employees do not face any discrimination for their age, race, sex, culture, disabilities, marriage status, religion or their sexual orientation of any kind. Additionally, such personnel should be treated with respect and dignity at all times  and any work place bullying or harassment of any kind is acted upon in a quick and effective manner.

Reasonable Wage- We expect our suppliers to ensure their employees and any workers are paid a reasonable wage for their hours worked in line with their local legislation. Furthermore, we encourage suppliers to pay staff a living wage and not the minimum.

Working Hours- We expect our suppliers to ensure that no worker or member of staff are working for more than 48 hours in a single week without prior acceptance or reasonable time off in lieu. Such acceptance of higher working hours should never be as a result of pressure by the supplier or threats of termination of employment.

Forced Labour- Our suppliers should never force workers to work over their agreed hours. Furthermore, steps should be taken to audit the workforce employed to ensure that no one under the age of 16 years is being employed to work for the company. All new members of staff should be showing proof of age prior to employment and where staff are between the ages of 16 – 18 years, any work should not be interfering with their education. Suppliers should ensure that they have reliable and sufficient safeguards in place to ensure modern slavery is identified and stopped when discovered in either their company or supply chains. As such there should be policies in place and regular training carried out for all relevant members of staff, as well as ensuring that supply chain mapping is carried out to identify key risk areas and ensure safeguards are implemented. 

Privacy- Everyone is entitled to their privacy to a reasonable degree, even when at work. As such we expect our suppliers to ensure that any CCTV or monitoring of any kind is not used in an invasive manner or without appropriate signage in place. As such suppliers should not be utilizing CCTV in locations such as workplace changing rooms, break rooms or restrooms.

Animal Rights- At JMS, we pride ourselves on the care we provide to animals on a day-to-day basis. As such we expect our suppliers to ensure that no animal cruelty or abuse is present within their supply chain or at their place of business to the highest degree possible. Animals should only be allowed at the business premisses provided that there is minimal risk of harm and appropriate health and safety steps have been implemented to ensure the safety of the animal and the people around them.

Bribery, Anti-Corruption & Tax Evasion- Adequate training should be in place for all relevant members of staff to ensure the risk of bribery, corruption and tax evasion are reduced to a minimum. Such training should be a regular occurrence and be updated when necessary to ensure the contents remains up to date and effective.

Whistleblowing- All suppliers should ensure that a suitable and anonymous whistleblowing policy and system is available for all members of staff to utilise to report any concerns or issues they may have with the company or any of its members of staff.

Data Protection- Our clients and employees expect security and transparency when it comes to their personal data, as such we expect the same from our suppliers. Therefore, our suppliers are required to have the necessary procedures and security in place to protect any personal data which is transferred to themselves from JMS, as well as the data they hold or process for themselves and their workforce. As such we expect our suppliers to be able to demonstrate compliance with data protection legislation, provide a copy of their privacy policy and provide proof of adequate certification in regard to their cyber security. We also promise our clients that their personal data shall not leave the EEA, as such we expect from all suppliers to retain any data transferred to them in the EEA and failure to comply may result in termination of any agreement in place.