Veterinary Surgical Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge's [JMS] Veterinary surgical instruments are tools specifically designed for use in surgical procedures on animals. Just like in human surgery, these instruments are crucial for veterinarians to perform various procedures with precision and care. Veterinary surgical instruments are adapted to the anatomy and needs of different animal species. Here are some common veterinary surgical instruments: Scalpel: A small, sharp knife used for making incisions. Scissors: Veterinary scissors come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for different tissues and sizes of animals. Forceps: Tweezer-like instruments used for grasping and holding tissues, vessels, or other objects. Needle Holder: Used to hold and manipulate surgical needles during suturing. Retractors: Instruments used to hold back tissues or organs, providing better visibility and access to the surgical site. Hemostats: Clamping devices used to control bleeding by constricting blood vessels. Suction Devices: Used to remove blood, fluids, or debris from the surgical area. Dental Instruments: These may include dental scalers, probes, elevators, and forceps for oral and dental procedures in animals. Orthopedic Instruments: Such as bone plates, screws, and drills for orthopedic surgeries. Ophthalmic Instruments: Instruments designed for eye surgeries and procedures. Ligating Instruments: Used for ligating blood vessels or other structures. Specula: Devices used for examining body cavities or orifices. Trocar and Cannula: Instruments used for inserting and withdrawing fluids or instruments in minimally invasive procedures. Gastrointestinal Instruments: Including stomach pumps, stomach tubes, and enterotomy scissors for gastrointestinal surgeries. Surgical Saws: Used for cutting bone in orthopedic procedures. These are just a few examples, and the range of veterinary surgical instruments is diverse, reflecting the variety of procedures performed on different animals. Veterinary surgeons use these tools to address a wide range of medical issues, from routine spaying and neutering to more complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. The choice of instruments depends on the specific surgical procedure and the size and species of the animal being treated.


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Veterinary Instruments

































JSA-3    A.I. Gun SS Mini O Ring

JSA-4    A.I. Gun SS Universal O Ring

JSA-A4  A.I. Gun for Small Animal Universal

JSA-5    A.I. Gun SS Auto Brass lock Universal

JSA-A5  A.I. Gun SS Auto Brass lock Mini

JSA-B5 A.I. Gun SS Auto SS lock Universal

JSA-C5         A.I. Gun SS Auto SS lock Mini

JSA-D5 A.I. Gun SS IMV Type Universal

JSA-E5  A.I. Gun Visual

JSA-F5  A.I. Gun SS Auto SS Lock Mini Balkisan

JSA-6    Alice Tissue Forceps 6"

JSA-7    Alice Tissue Forceps 8"

JSA-8    Amputation Saw

JSA-9    Artery Forceps St./Crd. 6"

JSA-10   Artery Forceps St./Crd. 8"

JSA-11   Artery Forceps St./Crd. 10"

JSA-12  Artery Forceps St./Crd. 12"

JSA-13  Awakener

JSA-14  Apron Plastic PVC Heavy

JSA-15  Artificial Vagina 12"

JSA-15A Artificial Vagina 14"

JSA-15B A.V. Set 12"

JSA-15C A.V. Set 14"

JSA-161 A.I. Cont. IR0.5 (Cap-0.500 Ltr)-Sem. Store.

JSA-162 A.I. Cont. IR3 (Cap-3.90 Ltr)-Sem. Store. 

JSA-163 A.I. Cont. IR7 (Cap-7.80 Ltr)-Sem. Store. 

JSA-164 A.I. Cont. IR10 (Cap-10.50 Ltr)-Sem. Store. 

JSA-165 A.I. Cont. IX2 (Cap-1.75 Ltr)-Sem. Store.

JSA-166 A.I. Cont. IX20 (Cap-20.50 Ltr)-Sem. Store.

JSA-167 A.I. Cont. IX35 (Cap-34.00 Ltr)-Sem. Store. 

JSA-168 A.I. Cont. IX47 (Cap-47.00 Ltr)-Sem. 

JSA-169 A.I. Cont. IN30 (Cap-31.30 Ltr)-Nit. Tra.

JSA-170 A.I. Cont. IN50 (Cap-50.00 Ltr)-Nit. Tra.

JSA-17  A.I. Kit Bag

JSA-18  A.I. Container Cover

JSA-19  A.V. Cone Silicon 

JSA-20  A.V. Liner Latex 22" 

JSA-21  A.V. Cone Latex 

JSA-221 Autoclave 12"X12"-18 Ltr SS. 

JSA-222 Autoclave 12"X12"-18 Ltr Allu. 

JSA-223 Autoclave 12"X15"-25 Ltr SS. 

JSA-224 Autoclave 12"X15"-25 Ltr Allu. 

JSA-225 Autoclave 12"X20"-25 Ltr SS. Single Wall 

JSA-226 Autoclave 12"X20"-25 Ltr SS. Double Wall 

JSA-227 Autoclave 12"X12"-18 Ltr SS. Cooker Ty. 

JSB-1    B.P. Handle 3 No

JSB-2    B.P. Handle 4 No

JSB-3    B.P. Handle Common 3 & 4 No

JSB-4    Blistery 6"

JSB-5    Blistery 8"

JSB-6    Bone Cutter 8" Singal Action

JSB-6A Bone Cutter 9" Double Action

JSB-7    Bone Cutter 10"  Double Action

JSB-8    Bone Cutter 12"  Double Action

JSB-9    Bull Nose Punch SS

JSB-11  Bull Nose Ring Copper

JSB-12 Bull Nose Ring SS

JSB-13 Bull Holder

JSB-17 Balling Gun

JSB-18 Babcock 6”

JSB-19 Babcock 8”

JSC-1    Cotton Casting Rope 25 Ft

JSC-2    Castrator 9" Small SS - Regular

JSC-5    Castrator 19" Large SS – Regular

JSC-7    Clipping Scissor Curved 8”

JSC-8    Container for A.I. Sheaths

JSC-9    Container for A.I. Gun

JSC-10  Chisel/Gouse

JSC-11  Calf Puller

JSC-12  Chital Forceps 10"

JSC-13  Cold Branding Set 0 To 9

JSC-14  Cold Branding Set A To Z

JSD-1    Dehorner Electric

JSD-2    Dehorner Electric Heavy

JSD-3    Dehorner Non-Electric

JSD-5    Dystocia Hook with Rod Two Pieces

JSD-A5 Dystocia Hook with Rod One Pieces

JSD-6         Dystocia Hook Blunt/Sharp 2" Mid SS

JSD-7    Dystocia Hook Sharp 6" Mid SS

JSD-8    Dystocia Set

JSD-9    Dystocia Set Heavy

JSD-10  Docking Machine for Tail

JSD-11P Dangri PVC Full Sleeve

JSD-11PW Dangri PVC Woolen Full Sleeve

JSD-12 Drenching Bottle Aluminum

JSD-13         Drenching Gun

JSD-14 Drenching Tube

JSD-15 Dressing Drum 11'' X 5''

JSD-15A Dressing Drum 6'' X 6''

JSE-1    De Beaker Machine Poultry

JSE-2    Embryotomy Knife

JSE-4    Eye Speculum

JSE-5     Egg Candler

JSE-6         Elastrator Forceps

JSF-1    FMD Vaccinator–Premium 50 ML (1-5 ML)

JSF-2    FMD Vaccinator– Premium 30 ML (1-5ML)

JSF-3    Firing Iron Set of Three

JSF-4    Feeding Milk Bottle

JSF-4A  Nipple Feeding Milk Bottle

JSF-5    Funnel GI

JSF-6         Funnel PE

JSG-1    Goblet Plastic Any Size

JSG-11 Goblet Plastic 10 X 118 

JSG-12         Goblet Plastic 13 X 118 

JSG-13 Goblet Plastic 17 X 118 

JSG-14         Goblet Plastic 23 X 118 

JSG-15 Goblet Plastic 35 X 118 

JSG-16 Goblet Plastic 65 X 118 

JSG-17 Goblet Plastic 20 X 118 Hexagonal 

JSG-2         Gum Boot

JSH-11 Hoof Cutter

JSH-12 Hoof Trimmer

JSH-13 Hot Branding Set 0 To 9

JSH-14 Hot Branding Set A To Z

JSH-15 Hoof Rasp

JSH-16 Hoof Pincer

JSH-17 Hoof Knife

JSH-18 Hoof Tester 12" 

JSH-19 Hoof Cutter Double Action

JSI-1      I.U. Catheter Brass

JSI-2         I.U. Catheter SS Superior

JSI-3         Irrigator Can

JSI-4      Iron Absorber For Animal Stomach

JSK-1    Kidney Tray 6"

JSK-1A Kidney Tray 8"

JSK-1B Kidney Tray 10"

JSL-1     Lactometer

JSL-2     L/N to Measuring Stick 75 CM Plastic

JSL-2     L/N to Measuring Stick 100 CM Plastic

JSM-1   Metal Detector Veterinary

JSM-2   Milk Siphon Heavy

JSM-3   Milk Siphon Simple

JSM-4   Mouth Gag Butler

JSM-5   Mouth Gag for Dog

JSM-6   Mouth Gag Vernil

JSM-7   Mouth Gag Wooden

JSM-8   Mayo Scissor St./Crd. 6-1/2”

JSM-9         Mayo Scissor St./Crd. 7-1/2”

JSM-12 Mosquito Artery Forceps St./Cvd 4,5”

JSM-13 Mare Catheter

JSM-14 Metzenbaum Scissor St./Cvd 7”

JSN-1    Needle Holder 6"

JSN-2    Needle Holder 8"

JSN-3    Nail Cutter for Dog

JSN-3A Nail Cutter for Dog Heavy

JSN-4    Needle 18 X 3/4 Plastic Hub

JSP-1    Plastic Ear Tag Small 58mm X 69mm

JSP- A1 Plastic Ear Tag Small 35 X 45 MM

JSP- B1 Plastic Ear Tag Small 42 X 50 MM

JSP-C1         Plastic Ear Tag Open Head 42 X 50 MM

JSP-D1 Plastic Ear Tag Large 75 x 115mm

JSP-2         Poultry Vaccinator Reg. 0.25 ML 1.5 ML

JSP-A2  Poultry Vaccinator Adj. 1 to 5 ML

JSP-B2 Poultry Vaccinator Man. 0.2 to 0.75 ML

JSP-C2 Poultry Vaccinator Adj. 0.1 To 1 ML

JSP-3    Probing

JSP-4    P.M. Set Large Animal

JSP-5    P.M. Set Small Animal

JSP-6    Cow Pregnancy Cassette

JSPI       Pocket Inst. Set

JSR-1    R.P. Needle 10 G X 4”

JSR-2            R.P. Needle 12 G X 4”

JSR-3    Rumenotomy Set

JSR-4    Rumenotomy Set Mach into Lock “s

JSS-1    Scalpel 6"

JSS-2    Scalpel 8"

JSS-3     Scissor St./Crd. 6"

JSS-4    Scissor St./Crd. 8"

JSS-5    Spay Hook 6.5"

JSS-6    Scissor St. 6" Imported

JSS-7    Scissor St./Crd. 4"

JSS-8     Simple Forceps 6"

JSS-9    Simple Forceps 8"

JSS-9A  Simple Forceps 10"

JSS-10  Simple Forceps 12”

JSS-111 Sterilizer 8" 

JSS-112 Sterilizer 10" 

JSS-113 Sterilizer 12" 

JSS-114 Sterilizer 14" 

JSS-115 Sterilizer 16' 

JSS-12  Straw Cutter

JSS-13  Suture Needle Curved

JSS-14  Suture Needle Straight

JSS-15  Sponge Forceps 10” Straight

JSS-15A Sponge Forceps 12” Straight

JSS-16  Straw Hold. Forceps 12" No Lock St./Cvd.

JSS-17  Straw Holding Forceps 18 " No Lock

JSS-18  Sinus Forceps 10"

JSS-19  Sinus Forceps 8"

JSS-20  Sinus Forceps 6"

JSS-21  Surgical Set 18 Pieces

JSS-21A Surgical Set 16 Pieces

JSS-21B Surgical Set Large Animal 21 Pieces

JSS-21C Surgical Set Small Animal 21 Pieces

JSS-22  Surgical Kit–24 Pieces

JSS-23  Suture Thread Nylon/Silk/Cotton

JSS-24A Straw Hold. Forceps 8"ST/CRD No Lock

JSS-24  Straw Hold. Forceps 10"ST/CRD No Lock

JSS-25  Sib Holder

JSS-26  Stomach Tube for Large Animal

JSS-27  Stomach Tube for Small Animal

JSS-28  Spiral Needle Set Of 3

JSS-29  Shearing Clipping Machine Electric

JSS-30  Shearing Clipping Machine Manual

JSS-30A Shearing Clipping Scissor

JSS-31  Stethoscope

JSS-32  Syringe Adjustable Plastic Steel 50 Ml

JSS-32B Syringe Adjustable Plastic Steel 20 Ml

JSS-33  Anti-Suckling For Cattle

JSS-34  Suture Removable Scissor 6"

JSS-35  Sperm Collection Cup 5 Ml

JST-1     T Handle Wire Saw

JST-2        Tag Applicator for Metal Tag

JST-3     Tag Applicator for Plastic Tag

JST-4     Tag applicator Pin for Plastic Tag

JST-5     Tag Brass 17 M.M

JST-6     Tag Brass 22 M.M

JST-7     Teat Cannula

JST-8     Teat Opener

JST-9     Teat Dilator with Screw

JST-10  Teat Knife

JST-11  Teat Plug Base Metal

JST-11A Teat Plug Base Plastic

JST-12  Tharmos Flask 500 ML

JST-13  Teat Plug Plastic Superior

JST-14  Teat Plug Ring Metal

JST-15  Teat Slitter 2 Blade

JST-A15 Teat Slitter 2 Blade (Danish Pattern)

JST-16  Teat Tumour Extractor 1 Ring

JST-17  Teat Tumour Extractor 3 Ring

JST-18  Teat Tumour Extractor 3 Ring with Spring

JST-19  Teat Dip Cup

JST-20  Tooth Cutter 10”

JST-20A Tooth Cutter 18”

JST-21  Tooth Forceps 6"

JST-22  Tooth Rasp

JST-23  Tray with Lid 10 X 12 SS

JST-23A Tray with Lid 10 X 8 SS

JST-24  Tray with Lid 8 X 6 SS

JST-25       Trocar Cannula 8" Metal

JST-A25 Trocar Cannula 8" Wooden Handle

JST-26  Trocar Cannula 4" Metal

JST-27  Trocar Set Four

JST-28  Thermometer Simple

JST-29  Thermometer Oval

JST-30  Thermometer Digital Flexible

JST-30A Thermometer Infrared For Animal

JST-31  Thermometer Digital Non-Flexible

JST-32  Thermometer Prismatic

JST-33  Tattooing Set

JST-34  Teat Surgery Kit

JST-35  Towel Clamp 6”

JST-35A Towel Clamp 3.5”

JST-36  Thaw Monitor

JST-37  Thawing Unit

JST-38  Tweezers Forceps for Straw Holding 7''

JST-38A Tweezers Forceps for Straw Holding 10''

JSV-A1  Vaginal Speculum 6”

JSV-A3  Vaginal Speculum 8”

JSV-A2         Vaginal Speculum 10”

JSV-1    Vaginal Speculum 12”

JSV-2    Vaginal Speculum 14”

JSV-3    Visit Bag Nylon

JSV-3A  Visit Bag Nylon Heavy

JSV-4    Visit Bag Lather

JSV-5    Veterinary (BRUHNERS) Needle 9”

JSV-7    Vaginal Clamp 6"

JSV-8    Vaginal Clamp 4"

JSW-2   Weight Measuring Tape

JSW-3   Whelping Forceps 9”

JSW-5   Whelping Forceps 10”

JSW-4   Whelping Forceps 12”

JCVS 1  Artificial Insemination Sterility Section

JCVS 39 Artificial Vagina For Bulls With Raised Rim At Both Ends Fitted     With Combine Air And Water Filter Valve Size 8 12 14

JCVS 40 Latex Linner With Rolled End For Bulla.V. Size. 22"

JCVS 41 Latex Linner For Sheep 12"

JCVS 42 Latex Collecting Cone For Bull. 9"

JCVS 43 Latex Collecting Cone For Sheep. 6"

JCVS 44 Semen Collection Tube With Rim Graduated 10Cc / 15Cc (Glass).

JCVS 45 Insulating Bag For Semen Collection.

JCVS 46 Rubber Junction To TaKE Insemination Pipette & Syringe.

JCVS 47 Insemination (Catheter) Pipette Glass.

JCVS 48 Vaginal Speculam Improved Russian Pattern With Locking 

                         Arrangement Size 8101214

JCVS 49 Swab Holder For Holding Rag Dipped In Alcohol 918

JCVS 50 Obstetric Gloves Latex.

JCVS 51 Obstetric Sleeve Arm Latex With Attached Glove & Band.

JCVS 52 Microscope Glass Slide.

JCVS 53 Microscope Cover Slip Square Or Round.

JCVS 54 Sterilizer Suitable For A.I. Work.

JCVS 55 Field Microscope For A.I. Work.

JCVS 2 Castration Pliers

JCVS 56 Castrator Forged Steel For Small Animals 9" A B - NON 


JCVS 57 Castrator Forged Steel For Large Animals 19" A B - NON 


JCVS 56 Castrator Forged Steel For Small Animals 9" A B - INDIAN

JCVS 57 Castrator Forged Steel For Large Animals 19" A B - INDIAN

JCVS 58 Elastator

JCVS 59 Elastator Plastic

JCVS 60 Emasculator

JCVS 61 Elastator Rings

JCVS 62 Castration Knife.

JCVS 63 Castration Clamp For Horse.

JCVS 64 Castration Clamp For Sheep.

JCVS 3 Animal Identification

JCVS 65 Tag MarKEr Pen

JCVS 66 Tag Reader

JCVS 67 Rfid Tag

JCVS 68 Ear Tag Pliers

JCVS 69 Tattooing Set.

JCVS 70 Ear Tags Aluminum Enodised Strip Type With Number

JCVS 71 Ear Tag Forcep For Above

JCVS 72 Ear Tag Brass Button Type.

JCVS 73 Ear Tag Forcep For Above.

JCVS 74 Ear Tags Plastic

JCVS 75 Ear Tag Forcep For Above. A B

JCVS 76 Tattooing Ink 50Ml Bottle.

JCVS 77 Branding Iron Set Figure 0 To 9 And Letters A To Z Complete Set.

JCVS 4 Veterinary Syringes

JCVS 78 Syringe All Glass Size 2Cc 5Cc 10Cc 20Cc 50Cc

JCVS 79 Syringe Nylon Size 2Cc 5Cc 10Cc 20Cc 50Cc

JCVS 80 Auto Syringe With Doze Adjustment 1 To 5Ml. Size. 10Cc 20Cc 30Cc

JCVS 5 General Veterinary Instruments

687 Pig Holder With Auto Lock

688 Pig Holder

JCVS 81 Veterinary Needle For Large Animals. Size No. 16G 18G*1"

JCVS 82 Veterinary Needle For Small Animals Size No. 20 To 24 G 1"

JCVS 83 PocKEt Instrument Set Complete In A Pouch A B

JCVS 84 Drenching Bottle Army Pattern (Metal).

JCVS 85 Thygesen’S Pattern Embryotome Set Complete.

JCVS 86 Wire Saw With Two Handle Complete Set.

JCVS 87 Veterinary Thermometer Clinical.

JCVS 88 Thermometer 110°C 200°C 250° C 300°C

JCVS 89 Stomach Tube Rubber.

JCVS 90 Stomach Tube P.V.C Transparent.

JCVS 91 Douche Tube Rubber

JCVS 92 Douche Tube Plastic.

JCVS 93 Stethoscope Plastic Duel Type For Vety Use.

JCVS 94 Surgeon Gloves Latex

JCVS 95 Post Mortem Gloves

JCVS 96 Ointment Spatula With Metal Handle

JCVS 97 Butcher KnifeVeterinary

JCVS 98 Butcher SawVeterinary.

JCVS 99 Apron Cotton.

JCVS 100 Apron Plastic.

JCVS 101 Ice Gel Pack.

JCVS 102 Doctor Bag.

JCVS 103 Operation Table For Dog And Small Animals. (S.S. Top)

JCVS 104 Operation Table For Dog And Small Animals. (Painted Top.)

JCVS 105 Instrument And Dressing Trolly ( S.S. Top) With Railing

JCVS 106 Revolving Stool S.S. Top.

JCVS 107 I.V. Stand

JCVS 6 General Surgical Instruments

JCVS 108 Artery Forcep Spencerwell'S Straight / Curved 5" 6" 7" 8"

JCVS 109 Scissors Dressing Straight / Curved 5" 6" 8"

JCVS 110 Dissecting Forcep Plain S.S. 6" 8"

JCVS 111 Dissecting Forcep With Teeth S.S 6"8"

JCVS 112 Dressing Forcep With Catch 6"

JCVS 113 Cheatle Forcep Stainless Steel 8" 10"

JCVS 114 Spong Holder Stainless Steel 9*1/2"

JCVS 115 Babcock Forcep Stainless Steel 6" 8"

JCVS 116 Dressing Probe S.S

JCVS 117 Director Exploring Needle And Probe Combine

JCVS 118 Mayo'S Scissor Straight Or Curved Size 14" 17"20"

JCVS 119 Abcess Knife Veterinary S.S.

JCVS 120 Scalpel Veterinary Straight 17 Cm Long 2" Blade S.S.

JCVS 121 Needle Holder S.S Size 6" 8"

JCVS 122 Needle Suturing Straight Or Curved Pkt Of 6

JCVS 123 Suture Thread Nylon Silk Coton

JCVS 124 B.P Knife Handle No. 3 Or 4 S.S.

JCVS 125 B.P. Blade Assorted No.S For Above Handles

JCVS 126 Ointment Spatula Stainless Steel 8".

JCVS 127 Towel Clip Cross Action S.S.

JCVS 128 Horseley'S Trephiness Set Of 3 With Detachable Handle In A Case.

JCVS 7 Obstetrical & Gynecological Instruments

JCVS 129 Obstetrical Instrument Set: Complete In A Bag Or Metal Case Containing


Extension Piece

Sharp Hook Probe Point

Rope Carriers

Freyberger'S Hooks

Obermayor'S Hooks

Embroytome Knife.

Calving Rope

Douch Tubing

Soap Case

Stoppard Bottles

JCVS 130 Obstetric ChainChrome Plated

JCVS 131 Obstetric Hook/Obstetric Eye Hook

JCVS 132 Mouth Gag (Cattle)

JCVS 133 Embryotomy Knife

JCVS 134 Cattle Probang Spiral Wire In Plastic JacKEt Metal Mounts And Stillete.

JCVS 135 Cow CatheterMetal.

JCVS 136 Trocar And Canula Metal Handle. Small / Large Size.

JCVS 137 Bull Holder With Thumb Spring.

JCVS 138 Bull Nose Punch.

JCVS 139 Clipping Scissor Curved Blade And Crank Bent S.S.

JCVS 140 Thygesen'S Pattern Embryotome Complete With Wire Saw.

JCVS 141 Bull Nose Ring Stainless Steel 3"

JCVS 142 Bull Nose Ring Aluminum 3"

JCVS 8 Post Mortem Instruments

JCVS 143 Post Mortem Instruments

Cartilage Knife 4.5"

Amputation Knife 8"

Brain Knife 10"

Bowl Scissor

Post Mortem Scissor

Allise Tissue Forcep 2X3 Teeth

Disecting Forcep 8"

Mallet Round

Chisel 8½" X 3/4"

Chisel 8½" X 1"

Chisel 8½" X1¼"

Spine Wrench

Bone Cutting Scissor

Steel Tape (3 Meter)

Amputation Saw 12"

Pipe Saw 12"

Blow Pipe 10"

Retractor4 Prong

Probe 6"/8"

Bone Holding 12"

JCVS 144 Operation Table For Dogs And Small Animals Made Of Iron With S.S Top

JCVS 145 Bone Cutter S.S 6" 8"

JCVS 146 Amputation Knife S.S. Amputation Knife S.S.

JCVS 147 Bone Holding Forcep.

JCVS 148 Post Mortem Chisel

JCVS 149 Plaster Saw Engle'S

JCVS 150 Bowl Scissor S.S.

JCVS 151 Post Mortem Scissor S.Sv

JCVS 152 Post Mortem Hammer.

JCVS 153 Unbilical Hernia Clamps

JCVS 154 Post Mortem Gloves Assorted Size

JCVS 155 Bone Shear

JCVS 156 Plaster Shear Bohler'S

JCVS 9       Bovine Section

JCVS 689 Calf Puller

JCVS 157 Long Fine Teat Bistoury Sharp Pointed Or Probe Pointed 20 Cm Long S.S

JCVS 158 Hug'S Teat Lancet

JCVS 159 Teat Knife Mclean For Servering The Sphincter. Muscle.

JCVS 160 Teat Knife Trifin

JCVS 161 Teat Slitter With Twin Blade.

JCVS 162 Barrett'S Papillatome For Removal Of Growth From The Duct Of The Cow Teat.

JCVS 163 Teat Instrument Hudson'S 2 Size Dilators And 1 Introducer.

JCVS 164 Teat Dilator With Screw Pattern

JCVS 165 Teat Scissor With Slitting Blade.

JCVS 167 Teat Opener Groved (American Pattern)

JCVS 168 Teat Plug With Ring And SelfRetaining.Plastic

JCVS 169 Teat Plug Metal

JCVS 170 Teat Plug Plastic.

JCVS 171 Teat Injection Tubes For Penicillin.

JCVS 172 15.Teat Canula For Penicillin.

JCVS 173 Milk Syphon Ordinary

JCVS 174 Milk Syphon SelfRetaining And Adjustable.

JCVS 175 Teat Memory Set In A Case Containing 9 Items.

JCVS 176 Rumentomy Outfit Cattle Complete Set.

JCVS 177 Dehorner Electric.

JCVS 178 Dehorner Non Electric

JCVS 179 Animal AwaKEner

JCVS 180 Vaginoscope Metal With Light Arrangement

JCVS 10 Equine Section

JCVS 181 Tooth Shear Thompsone Heavy Pattern.

JCVS 182 Tooth Chisel With Guard.

JCVS 183 Tooth Rasp Set Of 3.

JCVS 184 Tooth Cutter Molar Danish Pattern

JCVS 185 Stomach Tube P.Vc. Veterinary 10 Feet Long

JCVS 186 Catheter For Mare Metal.

JCVS 187 Catheter For Mare P.V.C

JCVS 188 Catheter For Horse Metal

JCVS 189 Catheter For Horse P.V.C

JCVS 190 Bailing Gun For Horse With Spring.

JCVS 191 Drawing Knife French Pattern.

JCVS 192 Hook Knife Wooden Handle.

JCVS 193 Farrier Set Of Tools In A Canvas Case With Strap Containing Harmer Buffer Rasp Pincer Hoof KnifeStone For Sharpening Hoof Knife Complete Set.

JCVS 194 Docking Machine.

JCVS 195 Mouth Gag Varnell'S With Regulating Screw & Jaw.

JCVS 196 Firing Iron Set Of 3.

JCVS 197 Hoof Testing Forcep.

JCVS 198 Stomach Pump Complete With Rubber Tube.

JCVS 199 Casting Rope Cotton 10 Meter With Leather Bound Ends.

JCVS 200 Wound Syringe With Extra Nozzle 4Oz

JCVS 201 Drenching Bottel Army Model.

JCVS 11 Canine & Ovine Section

JCVS 202 Pregnancy Detector For Dog

JCVS 203 Whelping Forcep S.S 9"12"

JCVS 204 Overictomy Hook Snoks'S Or Cavault S.S.

JCVS 205 Aural Forcep

JCVS 206 Long Throat Forcep S.S.

JCVS 207 Eye Speculum

JCVS 208 Dog Catheter Or Bitch Catheter Metal

JCVS 209 Dog Catheter Or Bitch Catheter Plastic

JCVS 210 Nipper For Dogs Claws S.S.

JCVS 211 Docking Puppies Tail Scissors S.S.

JCVS 212 Mouth Gag Gray'S Dog.

JCVS 213 Autoscope Set Of Speculum Complete With Battery

JCVS 214 Trocar & Canula. Metal Handle

JCVS 215 Lambing And Farrowing Forcep C.P.

JCVS 216 Foot Root Shear (Hoof Trimmers.)

JCVS 217 Syringe All Glass. Size 2Cc 5Cc 10Cc

JCVS 218 Syringe Nylon. Size 5Cc 10Cc 20Cc

JCVS 219 Syringe Disposable Pkt Of 100Pcs Size 2Cc 5Cc 10Cc

JCVS 220 Veterinary Thermometer Clinical.

JCVS 221 20. Surgeon Gloves Latex Sterilized NonSterilized

JCVS 222 Apron Cotton

JCVS 223 Operation Table For Dog And Small Animals (S.S Top)

JCVS 224 Operation Table For Dog And Small Animals (Painted Top)

JCVS 225 Instrument And Dressing Trolley (S.S Top) With Railing.

JCVS 226 I.V Stand.

JCVS 227 Artery Forcep Straight / Curved.

JCVS 228 Scissors Dressing Straight / Curved.

JCVS 229 Dissecting Forcep Plain S.S

JCVS 230 Dissecting Forcep Teeth S.S

JCVS 231 Dressing Forcep.

JCVS 232 Cheatle Forcep S.S

JCVS 233 Revolving Stool (S.S Top).

JCVS 234 Spong Holder S.S

JCVS 235 Babcock Forcep S.S

JCVS 236 Dressing Probe S.S

JCVS 237 Director Exploring Needle And Probe Combine.

JCVS 238 Mayo’S Scissor Straight / Curved

JCVS 239 Abcess Knife Veterinary S.S

JCVS 240 40. Needle Holder. S.S Size 6" 8"

JCVS 241 41. Needle Suturing Pkt Of 6Pcs. Straight / Curved

JCVS 242 Suture Thread.

JCVS 243 B.P Knife Handle S.S Size 3No 4No

JCVS 244 B.P Blade Assorted No.S For Above Handles.

JCVS 245 Ointment Spatula S.S.

JCVS 246 Towel Clip Cross Action S.S

JCVS 247 Face Mask Disposable. Pkt Of 100Pcs.

JCVS 248 Stethoscope With Bell & Diaphragm.

JCVS 249 Cabinet Instrument

JCVS 250 Oxygen Cylinder With Trolley Pressure Gauge & Mask.

JCVS 251 Suction Apparatus Complete. Manual Electric

JCVS 252 Electrocautery Apparatus.

JCVS 253 Electrical Fumigator.

JCVS 254 Scalp Vein Set. No. 222324

JCVS 255 Silk Thread

JCVS 256 Cotton 500Grms.

JCVS 12 Frozen Semen Artificial Insemination Equipment's

JCVS 257 Artificial Insemination Guns:

(I) For French Medium Straw (With Clip Locking)

(Ii) For Mini Straws.

(Iii) Universal A.I Gun To Be Used For Medium / Mini Straw (With Clip Locking)

JCVS 258 Sheaths For A.I. Guns :

A). For Use With A.I. Gun French Medium Design.

B). For Use With A.I. Gun Mini.

C). For Use With A.I Gun Universal Type

JCVS 259 A.I. Gun Container :

A). To Hold One A.I. Gun.

B). Replacement Stopper.

JCVS 260 Sheath Container:

A). To Hold 50 Sheaths.

B). Replacement Stopper.

JCVS 261 Thermos For Thawing With Dial Thermometer.

JCVS 262 Straws Cutting Scissor S.S.

JCVS 263 Straw Cutter Plastic

JCVS 264 Straw Holding Forceps S.S.

JCVS 265 Soap Strips.

JCVS 266 Insemination Gloves:

Disposable 5 Finger Type (Isi Design) Shoulder Length. In Poly Pack In A Box Pack

JCVS 267 Obstetric Full Sleeve Gloves (Latex)

JCVS 268 A. To Hold 50 French Medium Straws.

B. To Hold 10 Mini Straws

C. To Hold 50 Mini Straws

JCVS 269 Semen Collection Vials:

Plastic 1.5 C.C / 2 C.C / 5 C.C

JCVS 270 Goblet Holder.

JCVS 271 Goblet Lifting Forcep

JCVS 272 Liquid Nitrogen Measuring Stick (Dip Stick) Plastic Non Folding.

JCVS 273 Thaw Monitor

JCVS 274 Thawing Unit.

JCVS 275 Vaccine Carrier.

JCVS 276 Liquid Nitrogen Container.

JCVS 278 Thermometer (PocKEt Type)

JCVS 13 Teat Instrument Set

JCVS 279 Teat Injection Tube

JCVS 280 Teat Cannula

JCVS 281 Teat Dilator With Screw

JCVS 282 Teat Syphon Ordinary

JCVS 283 Teat Syphon Self Retaining

JCVS 284 Teat Opener Growed

JCVS 285 Teat Plug (Metal)

JCVS 286 Teat Plug (Plastic)

JCVS 287 Teat Slitter With Twin Blade

JCVS 288 Teat Tumor Extractor 3 Ring

JCVS 289 Teat Tumor Extractor Conical Hugs

JCVS 290 Teat Bistory

JCVS 291 Bag

JCVS 14 Mastitis Detector

JCVS 292 "This State The Art Instrument Unfailingly Detects Sub Clinical Mastitis In Is Earliest Visually Undetectable Stage. It Is A Valuable And Trustworthy Aid To Maintain A Healthy Herd And Higher Quality Milk Production.


The Mastitis Detector's Sensors Detect And Analyze Minute Changes In The Electrical Resistance Of The Cow's Milk Quality Milk Never Fails The Test Whereas Milk From A Quarter With Undetected Mastitis Will.


Using This Detector Is As Simple As Filling The Measurement Cup With A Few Squirts Of Milk Pressing The Switch And Taking The Reading.


The Large Number Display Allows For The Results To Be Read Easily Even In Poor Lighting Conditions. The Instrument Is Not Only Waterproof But Sufficiently Durable To Resist Even The Most Hostile Milking Are As And Conditions. In Addition The Detector Has No Moving Parts Nor Does It Require Any Chemicals In the Testing Procedure.


Three Models Are Available Depending On The Needs Demanded By The Various User Groups:

The Standard Detector Used For Quick On The Spot Testing.

A Detector With Temperature Compensation(From 40°C To 5°C).

A Detector With A Memory Function Which Allows The Storing Of All Four Quarter Readings When Treating Large Herds And Recording Of These Results Becomes A Problem."

JCVS 15 Estrous Detector

JCVS 293 "Determines The Most Fertile Moment For Breeding In Animals.


The Application Of The Most Advanced Technology Enables For The Breeder To Determine Very Precisely The Exact Moment Of The Estrous Cycle When The Ovulation Takes Place (Also In The Case Of So Called Silent Heat!!!).


The Estrous Detector Monitors Changes In Electrical Resistance Of The Vaginal Mucus. Measurements Are TaKEn Simply By Properly Inserting The Probe In The Vagina And Taking The Reading. No Prior Technical Knowledge On The Part Of The Operator Is Required.


The Big Easy To Grip Handle Ensures That The Instrument Is Not Easily Kicked Out Of The User's Hand And The Easy-to-read Display Makes Reading The Results More Convenient.


One Or Two Daily Readings Over Several Successive Days Are Recommended For Fail-safe Detection Of Estrous. There Are Also Available Versions For Cows Pigs Ewes As Well As Dogs."

JCVS 16 Pregnancy Detector

JCVS 294 "This Is A Fully Portable Cost Effective Ultrasonic Instrument Which Identifies Whether Or Not An Animal Is Pregnant With Maximum Accuracy Animal And The Elimination Of Pregnant Animals And The Elimination Of Labor And Feeding casts Associated With Barren Sows And Ewes.


The Detector Determines Pregnency By Locating Amniotic Fluid In The Uterus. The Testing Procedure Is Easily Implemented By Simply Pressing The Ultrasonic Probe Against The Animal's Skin. When Pregnancy Is Detected The Instrument Signals This Not Only With A Rapidly Flashing Indicator But Also With A High Frequency Acoustic Signal. Only One Button Is Used For Operation.


Detectors Are Available In Two Models:

For Sows Where Teasting Can Be Performed Between 15 And 75 Days After Breeding Or Insemination With Best Results Being Achieved Between 25 And 30Days."

JCVS 295 "Pregnancy Detector For Sheep'S 

The Pregnancy Detector For Sheep Can Be Used Between Days 60 To 120 Days After Mating. The Most Objective Time Recommended For Accurate Diagnosis Is From 90 Days After Mating When The FluidFilled Enlarged Uterus Drops Closer To The Abdominal Wall."

JCVS 296 "Pregnancy Detector For Pig 

Pregnancy Detector For Pigs Can Be Used Between Days 15 To 75 Days After Breeding. The Most Effective Time Recommended For Accurate Diagnosis Is About 2530 Days After Breeding."

JCVS 297 "Pregnancy Detector For Dog 

Pregnancy Detector For Dogs Can Be Used Between Days 25 To 28 Days After Mating Or Insemination. The Most Effective Time Recommended For Accurate Diagnosis Is About 40 Days After Mating Or Insemination"

JCVS 18 XRay Machine

JCVS 299 "Type : FullWave Rectified

Kv Out Put : 4100Kv(Two Kv Steps)

Ma Out Put : 40. 100Ma

Timer : 0.045.0 Sec(23 Steps)

Power Input : 200260 Volts 20 Amp

XRavtube : Dsa3100/25 Or Equivalent Is7620

Stand : Mobile Stand."

JCVS 19 Metal Detectors

JCVS 7095 "Highly Sensitive Light Weight And Simple To Operate

Search Probe Is Mounted On Aluminum 3Section Adjustable Telescopic Rod

Pitch Of Sound Is Directly Proportional To Size And Proximity Of Metal

Sensitivity Control For Locating Metals Of All Sizes

Auto CalibrationDoes Not Require Zero Adjustment

Long Lasting PiezoElectric Internal Transducer

Headphone Is Also Provided To Exclude External Noise

Reliable PulseInduction Technology

Fast And Accurate Location Of Buried Metals

ReChargeable Ni/Mh Batteries With BuiltIn Smps Charger"

JCVS 02 "Construction Abs Moulded Search Head Powder Coated Cabinets.

Power 2 × 1.2 Volt NiCd/Dry Cells.

Detection Audio Signal Through Piezo Electric Buzzer.

Indication On & Low Battery Through Common Led."

JCVS 21 Sheep Shearing

"This Powerful Shearing Machine Has A Patented Floating Fork System To Provide An Even Pressure Across The Comb And Cutter Using Less Pressure And Prolonging The Life Of The Comb And Cutter By Up To 50%.



Motor Power: 320 Watts

Speed: 2400 Dbs/Min

Length: 350mm

Weight: 1530 G

Noise Emission (Lpam): 80 Db (A)

Battery Clippers 12V


Patented Shearing System.

Thermal Overload Protection Switch.

Solid And Robust

Shears In Remote Locations.

Running Time Of 4 To 5 Hours With A Battery Of Over 50 Ah.

Comes Complete With Carry Case And Instruction Manual."