Orthopedic Carbon Fiber External Fixators

We at Jindal Medi Surge use research to create Orthopedic Carbon Fiber External Fixators in a wide range. Affordable generic orthopedic fixates are used in surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of human skeleton and its soft tissues. Over the years we have won the trust of healthcare professionals and patients across the world. A wide range of our products ensures that people get almost everything required under one roof. External Fixator are made from medical grade Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. Jindal Medi Surge has a wide range of External Fixators made from Carbon Fiber Material (which is a great alternative to Stainless Steel as it is lighter & stronger). Our products are precisely engineered & are used for External Fixation in Humans (Adult / Pediatric) & Veterinary. 


Orthopedic Carbon Fiber External Fixators Catalogue-JMS.pdf


Orthopedic Carbon Fiber External Fixator Prices-JMS.pdf


Carbon Fiber Rings

Carbon Full Rings (Adult)

11.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

11.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

11.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

11.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

11.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

11.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

11.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

11.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

11.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

11.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

11.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

11.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

11.260207 260mm Id 300mm Od

Carbon 3/4 Rings (Adult)

34.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

34.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

34.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

34.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

34.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

34.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

34.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

34.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

34.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

34.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

34.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

34.240207 240mm

34.260207 260mm

Carbon 5/8 Rings (Adult)

58.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

58.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

58.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

58.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

58.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

58.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

58.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

58.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

58.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

58.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

58.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

58.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

58.260207 260mm

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Carbon Half Rings (Adult)

12.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

12.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

12.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

12.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

12.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

12.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

12.150207 150mm ID-190mm OD

12.160207 160mm ID-200mm OD

12.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

12.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

12.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

12.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

12.260207 260mm Id 300mm Od

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Carbon Half Rings (Pediatric)

12.0801658 80mm Id 112mm Od

12.0901658 90mm Id 122mm Od

12.1001658 100mm Id 132mm Od

12.1201658 120mm Id 152mm Od

Carbon 5/8 Rings (Pediatric)

58.0801658 80mm Id 112mm Od

58.0901658 90mm Id 122mm Od

58.1001658 100mm Id 132mm Od

58.1201658 120mm Id 152mm Od

Carbon 3/4 Ring (Pediatric)

34.0801658 80mm Id 112mm Od

34.0901658 90mm Id 122mm Od

34.1001658 100mm Id 132mm Od

34.1201658 120mm Id 152mm Od

Carbon 3/8 Ring (Adult)

38.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

38.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

38.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

38.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

38.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

38.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

38.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

38.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

38.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

38.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

38.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

38.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

38.260207 260mm

Carbon 1/4 Rings (Adult)

14.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

14.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

14.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

14.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

14.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

14.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

14.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

14.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

14.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

14.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

14.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

14.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

14.260207 260mm

Carbon Italian Arch 90 Degree

90.120257 120mm Id 170mm Od

90.140257 140mm Id 190mm Od

90.160257 160mm Id 210mm Od

90.180257 180mm Id 230mm Od

90.200257 200mm Id 250mm Od

Carbon Italian Arch 120 Degree

120.120257 120mm Id 170mm Od

120.140257 140mm Id 190mm Od

120.160257 160mm Id 210mm Od

120.180257 180mm Id 230mm Od

120.200257 200mm Id 250mm Od

Carbon Connecting Plates (Short Adult)

2.187 Two Holes

3.187 Three Holes

4.187 Four Holes

5.187 Five Holes

6.187 Six Holes

Carbon Connecting Plates (Short Pediatric)

2.1458 Two Holes

3.1458 Three Holes

4.1458 Four Holes

5.1458 Five Holes

6.1458 Six Holes

Carbon Connecting Plates (Long Adult)

11.187 Eleven Holes

16.187 Sixteen Holes

20.187 Twenty Holes

Carbon Connecting Plates (Long Pediatric)

10.1458 Ten Holes

15.1458 Fifteen Holes

20.1458 Twenty Holes

Spinal Arches (Veterinary)

14.0207 140mm Id 180mm Od

22.0207 220mm Id 260mm Od

Carbon Full Rings (Veterinary)

11.0501232 50mm Id 74mm Od

11.0661232 66mm Id 90mm Od

11.0701232 70mm Id 94mm Od

11.0841547 84mm Id 114mm Od

11.1001347 100mm Id 126mm Od

11.1181563 118mm Id 148mm Od

Carbon 5/8 Rings (Veterinary)

58.0501232 50mm Id 74mm Od

58.0661232 66mm Id 90mm Od

58.0701232 70mm Id 94mm Od

58.0841547 84mm Id 114mm Od

58.1001347 100mm Id 126mm Od

58.1181563 118mm Id 148mm Od

Carbon 3/8 Ring (Veterinary)

38.050156 50mm Id80mm Od

38.066156 66mm Id

38.070156 70mm Id10mm Od

38.084165 84mm Id114<mm Od

38.100156 100mm Id130mm Od

38.181156 118mm Id150mm Od

Carbon Foot Rings Short (Adult)

8.0207S 80mm Id

10.0207S 100mm Id

12.0207S 120mm Id

14.0207S 140mm Id

16.0207S 160mm Id

18.0207S 180mm Id

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Carbon Foot Rings Long (Adult)

14.0207L 140mm Id

16.0207L 160mm Id

18.0207L 180mm Id

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Carbon Foot Ring (Pediatric)

8.0156 80mm Id

10.0156 100mm Id

Carbon Hybrid 5/8 Rings

58.1402312 140mm Id 186mm Od

58.1602312 160mm Id 206mm Od

58.1802312 180mm Id 226mm Od

58.2002312 200mm Id 246mm Od

58.2202312 220mm Id 286mm Od

Carbon 2/3 Rings (Adult)

23.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

23.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

23.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

23.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

23.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

23.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

23.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

23.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

23.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

23.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

23.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

23.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

Carbon 1/3 Rings (Adult)

13.080207 80mm Id 120mm Od

13.100207 100mm Id 140mm Od

13.110207 110mm Id 150mm Od

13.120207 120mm Id 160mm Od

13.130207 130mm Id 170mm Od

13.140207 140mm Id 180mm Od

13.150207 150mm Id 190mm Od

13.160207 160mm Id 200mm Od

13.180207 180mm Id 220mm Od

13.200207 200mm Id 240mm Od

13.220207 220mm Id 260mm Od

13.240207 240mm Id 280mm Od

Carbon Half Rings (Customized Pro Design)

P1/2.160 160mm

P1/2.180 180mm

P1/2.200 200mm

Carbon Fiber Rods

Carbon Rods 4mm Diameter

4.008 4mm Dia 80mm Long

4.010 4mm Dia 100mm Long

4.0125 4mm Dia. 125mm Long

4.015 4mm Dia 150mm Long

4.016 4mm Dia 160mm Long

4.017 4mm Dia 175mm Long

4.020 4mm Dia 200mm Long

4.025 4mm Dia 250mm Long

4.030 4mm Dia 300mm Long

4.035 4mm Dia 350mm Long

4.040 4mm Dia 400mm Long

Carbon Rods 5mm Diameter

5.010 5mm Dia. 100mm Long

5.015 5mm Dia. 150mm Long

5.020 5mm Dia. 200mm Long

5.025 5mm Dia. 250mm Long

5.030 5mm Dia. 300mm Long

Carbon Rods 6mm Diameter

6.010 6mm Dia. 100mm Long

6.015 6mm Dia. 150mm Long

Carbon Rods 6.3mm Diameter

6.305 6.3mm Dia 50mm Long

6.310 6.3mm Dia 100mm Long

6.315 6.3mm Dia 150mm Long

6.320 6.3mm Dia 200mm Long

6.325 6.3mm Dia 250mm Long

6.330 6.3mm Dia 300mm Long

Carbon Rods 8mm Diameter

8.010 8mm Dia 100mm Long

8.015 8mm Dia 150mm Long

8.020 8mm Dia 200mm Long

8.025 8mm Dia 250mm Long

8.030 8mm Dia 300mm Long

8.035 8mm Dia 350mm Long

8.040 8mm Dia 400mm Long

Carbon Rods 9.5mm Diameter

9.505 9.5mm Dia 50mm Long

9.510 9.5mm Dia 100mm Long

9.515 9.5mm Dia 150mm Long

9.520 9.5mm Dia 200mm Long

9.525 9.5mm Dia 250mm Long

9.530 9.5mm Dia 300mm Long

9.535 9.5mm Dia 350mm Long

9.540 9.5mm Dia 400mm Long

Carbon Rods 10mm Diameter

10.010 9.5mm Dia 100mm Long

10.015 9.5mm Dia 150mm Long

10.020 9.5mm Dia 200mm Long

10.025 9.5mm Dia 250mm Long

10.030 9.5mm Dia 300mm Long

10.035 9.5mm Dia 350mm Long

10.040 9.5mm Dia 400mm Long

Carbon Rods 11mm Diameter

11.010 11mm Dia 100mm Long

11.015 11mm Dia 150mm Long

11.020 11mm Dia 200mm Long

11.025 11mm Dia 250mm Long

11.030 11mm Dia 300mm Long

11.035 11mm Dia 350mm Long

11.040 11mm Dia 400mm Long

11.045 11mm Dia 450mm Long

11.050 11mm Dia 500mm Long

11.051 11mm Dia 600mm Long

Carbon Rods 12mm Diameter

12.025 11mm Dia 100mm Long

12.030 11mm Dia 150mm Long

12.035 11mm Dia 200mm Long

Carbon Rods 14mm Diameter

CT140120 120mm

CT140160 160mm

CT140200 200mm

CT140240 240mm

CT140280 280mm

CT140320 320mm

CT140360 360mm

CT140400 400mm

Carbon Rods 16mm Diameter

16.0125 16mm Dia 125mm Long

16.0150 16mm Dia 150mm Long

16.0175 16mm Dia 175mm Long

Carbon Rods 20mm Diameter

20.042 20mm Dia 420mm Long

Carbon Rods 1/8 Inches Diameter

1/8.i075 1/8" Dia 75mm Long

1/8.i100 1/8" Dia 100mm Long

1/8.i150 1/8" Dia 150mm Long

Carbon Rods 3/16 Inches Diameter

3/16.i100 3/16" Dia 100mm Long

3/16.i150 3/16" Dia 150mm Long

3/16.i200 3/16" Dia 200mm Long

3/16.i250 3/16" Dia 250mm Long

Carbon Rods 5/16 Inches Diameter

5/16.i100 5/16" Dia 100mm Long

5/16.i150 5/16" Dia 150mm Long

5/16.i200 5/16" Dia 200mm Long

5/16.i250 5/16" Dia 250mm Long

Can Supply Carbon Fiber Rods As Your Required Size / Length / Diameter.

Carbon Semi Finished Nail Drilling Zig

J01 34mm W 25mm H 300mm L

J02 26mm W 26mm H

J03 34mm W 25mm H Curved

J04 Pfn

J05 Side Arm

J06 Arm Blank

J07 Saturn