Orthopedic Battery Power Tools

Jindal Medi Surge's [JMS] Orthopedic battery-powered tools, often referred to as orthopedic power instruments, are surgical instruments designed for orthopedic procedures that require cutting, shaping, or drilling bone. These tools are battery-operated for ease of use, mobility, and precision in surgical settings. Common orthopedic battery power tools include: Orthopedic Drills: Battery-powered drills are used for drilling holes into bones, typically during procedures like fracture fixation or joint reconstruction. Saws: Orthopedic power saws are used for cutting and shaping bone during procedures like osteotomies (bone cuts) or amputations. Reamers: Reamers are used for enlarging bone canals or tunnels during procedures like joint replacement surgery. They come in various sizes and are used to create space for prosthetic components. Surgical Drivers: These tools are used to insert screws or other implants into bone. They come with different attachments for various screw types and sizes. Burrs: Orthopedic burrs are used for shaping and smoothing bone surfaces. They are often used in procedures like joint resurfacing or bone sculpting. Surgical Saws: These are used to cut bone during procedures, such as limb amputations or bone grafting. Battery Packs: Battery packs provide power to the instruments and are usually rechargeable. The type of battery pack may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific tool. Chargers: Battery-powered tools require chargers to recharge their battery packs between surgeries. Orthopedic battery power tools are designed to be ergonomic, precise, and reliable. Surgeons use these tools to perform a wide range of orthopedic procedures with greater efficiency and reduced physical strain. The choice of specific tools depends on the type of surgery and the surgeon's preferences. These instruments are typically used in conjunction with other orthopedic instruments and devices to complete a procedure successfully.


Orthopedic Battery Power Tool Catalog-JMS.pdf


Orthopedic Battery Power Tool Prices-JMS.pdf



JB2.1 Motor

JB2.2 Bone Drill Chuck

JB2.3 Cannulated Drill chuck

JB2.4 Oscilating Saw Chuck

JB2.5 Acetabulum Reaming Drill Chuck

JB2.6 Reciprocating Saw Chuck

JB2.7 Sternum Saw Chuck

JB2.8 Cranial Drill Chuck

JB2.9 Cranial Bur

JB2.10 K Wire Drill Chuck



Battery (P of 2)

Sterlization Channel






JB2-02D Quick Coupling Cannulated Drill Set (Zimmer or AO type)

JB2-03 Oscillating Saw Set (Stryker compatible)

JB2-04D Acetabulum Reaming Drill Set (Zimmer type)

JB2-02D Coupling Cannulated Drill Set (Zimmer or AO type)

JB2-01 Bone Drill Set


JB3.1 Motor

JB3.2 Bone Drill Chuck

JB3.3 Cannulated Drill chuck

JB3.4 Oscilating Saw Chuck

JB3.5 Acetabulum Reaming Drill Chuck

JB3.6 Reciprocating Saw Chuck

JB3.7 Sternum Saw Chuck

JB3.8 Cranial Drill Chuck

JB3.9 Cranial Bur

JB3.10 K Wire Drill Chuck



Battery (P of 2)

Sterlization Channel






JB3-02D Quick Coupling Cannulated Drill Set (Zimmer or AO type)

JB3-03 Oscillating Saw Set (Stryker compatible)

JB3-04D Acetabulum Reaming Drill Set (Zimmer type)


A power tools multifunction orthopedic set is a collection of surgical instruments and tools used in orthopedic surgery. These sets are designed to assist orthopedic surgeons in various procedures, such as bone cutting, shaping, and fixation, with the use of powered instruments, often referred to as orthopedic power tools. These power tools are electric or pneumatic and provide precise control and efficiency during surgical procedures. Key components and tools typically included in a power tools multifunction orthopedic set may consist of: Orthopedic Drills: These are used for drilling holes in bones to create tunnels for screws or other fixation devices. Saws: Orthopedic saws are designed to cut bones, and they come in different configurations, such as reciprocating saws and oscillating saws. Reamers: Reamers are used to shape bone surfaces, such as preparing a bone cavity to receive an implant or prosthesis. Burrs: Orthopedic burrs are rotary instruments used for precise bone shaping and removal, often used in joint surgeries. Surgical Drivers: These tools are used for inserting and tightening screws, plates, and other fixation devices. Surgical Handpieces: Handpieces are the components of the power tools that hold the attachments (drills, saws, reamers, etc.) and connect to the power source. Attachments and Accessories: Various attachments and accessories are available for different surgical needs and applications. These can include different drill bits, saw blades, and reamer heads. Sterilization and Storage Containers: Sets often include containers for sterilization and storage to maintain the integrity and sterility of the instruments. Power Source: A power tools multifunction orthopedic set may include the necessary power source, which could be an electric or pneumatic motor that powers the surgical instruments. These sets are used in a wide range of orthopedic surgeries, including joint replacements, fracture fixation, spine surgery, and more. The choice of tools and attachments depends on the specific surgical procedure and the surgeon's preferences. Using powered instruments can improve precision, reduce surgical time, and enhance the overall efficiency of orthopedic surgeries. However, it's important that these tools are handled by trained professionals to ensure patient safety and the best surgical outcomes.