Medical Tourniquets

Jindal Medi Surge's  medical tourniquet is a device used to control or restrict blood flow to a specific part of the body, typically an extremity like an arm or a leg. Tourniquets are commonly employed in medical settings, emergency situations, and military applications to stop excessive bleeding, especially in cases of severe injuries or trauma. The primary purpose of a tourniquet is to prevent the loss of blood and stabilize the patient until more definitive medical care can be administered. Key features and considerations related to medical tourniquets include: Materials: Tourniquets are often made of durable materials such as nylon or similar fabrics that can withstand tension and pressure. Closure Mechanism: Tourniquets typically have a closure mechanism, such as a buckle or a windlass, that allows for easy and secure fastening around the limb. The windlass design allows the tourniquet to be tightened to achieve the desired level of compression. Width and Length: The width and length of the tourniquet are important considerations to ensure proper application and effectiveness. Tourniquets should be wide enough to distribute pressure evenly and long enough to encircle the limb. Quick Application: In emergency situations, it is crucial for a tourniquet to be quickly and easily applied. Many modern tourniquets are designed for one-handed application to facilitate rapid deployment. Release Mechanism: A tourniquet should have a reliable and quick-release mechanism to allow for controlled removal once the patient receives professional medical care. Visibility and Marking: Some tourniquets are designed with bright colors for high visibility. Additionally, there may be markings on the tourniquet to indicate the time of application, helping healthcare providers manage the patient's care more effectively. Training and Education: Proper training is essential for individuals who may need to use a tourniquet in an emergency. Training programs emphasize correct application techniques to ensure safety and effectiveness. Single-Use vs. Reusable: Some tourniquets are designed for single-use and are disposed of after application, while others may be reusable after thorough cleaning and sterilization. Research and Standards: Tourniquet design is often influenced by ongoing research and clinical experience. There may be recognized standards or guidelines for tourniquet use and design, especially in the context of emergency medical care.


Medical Tourniquet Catalog-JMS.pdf



Orthopedic Tourniquet

4396.40471 Pneumatic Tourniquet Set Along with Hand Pump And Three Cuffs Dlx (With Pressure Pump On The Cuffs)

4396.40472 Spare Cuff Set (3Pcs)

4396.405.14 Spare Cuff 14 Inch length 5 Inch width

4396.405.15 Spare Cuff 23 Inch length 7 Inch width

4396.405.16 Spare Cuff 36 Inch length 7 Inch width

4396.40473 Spare Cuff Spare Pump With Gauge

JTQ01 Digital Tourniquet Machine.

1. Fully Automatic Microcontroller based control.

2. Pressure range : 50 to 400 mmhg.

3. Auto calibration on start up.

4. Upto 7 hrs battery backup.

5. AutoClavable Silicon Cuff (100 °C ).

6. Light Weight : 1.3 kgs.

7. Time range: 1 min to 5 hrs.

8. Alarm for time out and cuff error.

9. Pressure can be changed while in use. (Online Mode)

10.Battery Level indication.

11. Cuff error indication.

12. Single button press deflate.

13. Large user friendly display.

14. Pressure locked upon power off.

15. Input Power: 220v  hz (for charging)

Disposable Tourniquet

4396TT.001 Tourniquet Tubes 

OD 6mm / ID 3mm

Available in continuous roll lengths as well as cut pieces of 18Inch | 16Inch

4396TB.001 Tourniquet Bands

Available in continuous roll lengths as well as cut pieces of 18Inch | 16Inch

Esmarch Rubber Bandage

4396.404 (With Rope) 3'' X 72''

4396.4045 (With Rope) 4'' X 72''

4396.4046 (With Rope) 6'' X 72''

4396.4045P (With Rope) 4'' X 72'' Premium

4396.4046P (With Rope) 6'' X 72'' Premium

Latex Free Esmarch Bandage

4396LF.003 3 Inch

4396LF.004 4 Inch

4396LF.005 6 Inch

Available Colors - Green | Pink | Yellow | Orange | Sky Blue | Dark Blue