Orthopedic Spinal Implants

Jindal Medi Surge Orthopedic Spinal implants are devices surgeons use during surgery to treat deformity, stabilize and strengthen the spine, and facilitate fusion. Disorders treated using spinal implants include degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis, and fracture. Spinal Implants are made of materials that are biocompatible or body-friendly and capable of providing optimal spinal stabilization and strength. In general, the types of implants may be classified as fusion and non-fusion. Fusion implants are combined with bone graft. Non-fusion implants are used without bone graft. Examples of fusion implants: rods, plates, screws, plates, interbody cages. Examples of non-fusion implants: growth sparing devices, artificial discs. Jindal Medi Surge Spinal Implants & Instruments are made from different materials such as titanium, titanium-alloy, stainless steel, and Peek. Titanium implants are strong, lightweight and can be imaged using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Devices are manufactured in different sizes and shapes and some, such as rods, can be contoured during surgery to fit the patient’s anatomy. Many implants, such as cervical plates, are low profile meaning they are not bulky and lay flatter against the spine’s anatomy. Pedicle screws may be coated with a material to stimulate fusion. We provide implants that are most suitable for each patient. We are also involved in the research and development of new implants that will carry the field forward in the coming years.


Orthopedic Spinal Implant Catalog-JMS.pdf


Orthopedic Spinal Implant Prices-JMS.pdf


Monoaxial Pedicle Screw (With Inner Nut)

4.SI501.25   4.5 X 25mm

4.SI501.26   4.5 X 30mm

4.SI501.27   4.5 X 35mm

4.SI501.28   4.5 X 40mm

4.SI501.29   4.5 X 45mm

4.SI501.30   5.5 X 30mm

4.SI501.31   5.5 X 35mm

4.SI501.32   5.5 X 40mm

4.SI501.33   5.5 X 45mm

4.SI501.34   5.5 X 50mm

4.SI501.35         6.5 X 30mm

4.SI501.36   6.5 X 35mm

4.SI501.37   6.5 X 40mm

4.SI501.38   6.5 X 45mm

4.SI501.39   6.5 X 50mm

Polyaxial Pedicle Screw (With Inner Nut) Single Thread

4.SI502.25   4.5 X 25mm

4.SI502.26   4.5 X 30mm

4.SI502.27   4.5 X 35mm

4.SI502.28   4.5 X 40mm

4.SI502.29   4.5 X 45mm

4.SI502.30   5.5 X 30mm

4.SI502.31   5.5 X 35mm

4.SI502.32   5.5 X 40mm

4.SI502.33   5.5 X 45mm

4.SI502.34   5.5 X 50mm

4.SI502.35   6.5 X 30mm

4.SI502.36   6.5 X 35mm

4.SI502.37   6.5 X 40mm

4.SI502.38   6.5 X 45mm

4.SI502.39   6.5 X 50mm

Polyaxial Pedicle Screw (With Inner Nut) Double Thread

4.DI502.25  4.5 X 25mm

4.DI502.26  4.5 X 30mm

4.DI502.27  4.5 X 35mm

4.DI502.28  4.5 X 40mm

4.DI502.29  4.5 X 45mm

4.DI502.30  5.5 X 30mm

4.DI502.31  5.5 X 35mm

4.DI502.32  5.5 X 40mm

4.DI502.33  5.5 X 45mm

4.DI502.34  5.5 X 50mm

4.DI502.35  6.5 X 30mm

4.DI502.36  6.5 X 35mm

4.DI502.37  6.5 X 40mm

4.DI502.38  6.5 X 45mm

4.DI502.39  6.5 X 50mm

Polyaxial Pedicle Screw (With Inner Nut) Four Thread

4.FI502.25   4.5 X 25mm

4.FI502.26   4.5 X 30mm

4.FI502.27   4.5 X 35mm

4.FI502.28   4.5 X 40mm

4.FI502.29   4.5 X 45mm

4.FI502.30   5.5 X 30mm

4.FI502.31   5.5 X 35mm

4.FI502.32   5.5 X 40mm

4.FI502.33   5.5 X 45mm

4.FI502.34   5.5 X 50mm

4.FI502.35   6.5 X 30mm

4.FI502.36   6.5 X 35mm

4.FI502.37   6.5 X 40mm

4.FI502.38   6.5 X 45mm

4.FI502.39   6.5 X 50mm

Reduction Monoaxial Screw

4M.SI503.31 4.5 X 30mm

4M.SI503.32 4.5 X 35mm

4M.SI503.33 4.5 X 40mm

4M.SI503.34 4.5 X 45mm

4M.SI503.35 4.5 X 50mm

4M.SI503.36 5.5 X 30mm

4M.SI503.37 5.5 X 35mm

4M.SI503.38 5.5 X 40mm

4M.SI503.39 5.5 X 45mm

4M.SI503.40 5.5 X 50mm

4M.SI503.41 6.5 X 30mm

4M.SI503.42 6.5 X 35mm

4M.SI503.43 6.5 X 40mm

4M.SI503.44 6.5 X 45mm

4M.SI503.45 6.5 X 50mm

Reduction Polyaxial Screw

4.SI503.31   4.5 X 30mm

4.SI503.32          4.5 X 35mm

4.SI503.33   4.5 X 40mm

4.SI503.34   4.5 X 45mm

4.SI503.35   4.5 X 50mm

4.SI503.36   5.5 X 30mm

4.SI503.37   5.5 X 35mm

4.SI503.38   5.5 X 40mm

4.SI503.39   5.5 X 45mm

4.SI503.40   5.5 X 50mm

4.SI503.41   6.5 X 30mm

4.SI503.42   6.5 X 35mm

4.SI503.43   6.5 X 40mm

4.SI503.44   6.5 X 45mm

4.SI503.45   6.5 X 50mm

Fenestrated Screw

4F.001           5.5 x 30mm

4F.002                 5.5 x 35mm

4F.003                 5.5 x 40mm

4F.004           6.5 x 35mm

4F.005           6.5 x 40mm

4F.006           6.5 x 45mm

4.SI504 Spine Rod 3mm Dia.

4.SI504.60   60mm

4.SI504.61   70mm

4.SI504.62   80mm

4.SI504.63   120mm

4.SI504.64   150mm

4.SI504.65   200mm

4.SI504.66   250mm

4.SI504.67   350mm

4.SI504.68   420mm

Spine Rod 5.5mm Dia.

4.SI504.69   60mm

4.SI504.70   70mm

4.SI504.71   80mm

4.SI504.72   120mm

4.SI504.73   150mm

4.SI504.74   200mm

4.SI504.75   250mm

4.SI504.76   350mm

4.SI504.77   420mm

Spine Rod 6.0mm Dia.

4.SI504.780 60mm

4.SI504.781 70mm

4.SI504.782 80mm

4.SI504.783 120mm

4.SI504.784 150mm

4.SI504.785 200mm

4.SI504.786 250mm

4.SI504.787 350mm

4.SI504.788 420mm

4.SI505 Eco Cage


4.SI506 Expandable Cage

4.SI506.08   Ø10mm 20mm X 25mm

4.SI506.09   Ø10mm 25mm X 35mm

4.SI506.10   Ø10mm 35mm X 55mm

4.SI506.11   Ø10mm 55mm X 75mm

4.SI506.12   Ø12mm 20mm X 25mm

4.SI506.13   Ø12mm 25mm X 35mm

4.SI506.14   Ø12mm 35mm X 55mm

4.SI506.15   Ø12mm 55mm X 75mm

4.SI506.16   Ø14mm 20mm X 25mm

4.SI506.17   Ø14mm 25mm X 35mm

4.SI506.18   Ø14mm 35mm X 55mm

4.SI506.19   Ø14mm 55mm X 75mm

4.SI506.20   Ø16mm 20mm X 25mm

4.SI506.21   Ø16mm 25mm X 35mm

4.SI506.22   Ø16mm 35mm X 55mm

4.SI506.23   Ø16mm 55mm X 75mm

4.SI506.24   Ø18mm 20mm X 25mm

4.SI506.25   Ø18mm 25mm X 35mm

4.SI506.26   Ø18mm 35mm X 55mm

4.SI506.27   Ø18mm 55mm X 75mm

4.SI506.28   Ø20mm 20mm X 25mm

4.SI506.29   Ø20mm 25mm X 35mm

4.SI506.30   Ø20mm 35mm X 55mm

4.SI506.31   Ø20mm 55mm X 75mm

Mesh Cage (Round Hole)

4.SI596.8     Mesh Cage 8mm X 100mm

4.SI596.9     Mesh Cage 9mm X 100mm

4.SI596.10         Mesh Cage 10mm X 100mm

4.SI596.11   Mesh Cage 11mm X 100mm

4.SI596.12   Mesh Cage 12mm X 100mm

4.SI596.13   Mesh Cage 13mm X 100mm

4.SI596.15   Mesh Cage 15mm X 100mm

4.SI596.16   Mesh Cage 16mm X 100mm

4.SI596.18   Mesh Cage 18mm X 100mm

Tlif Cage

4.SI507.07   Flat 7mm

4.SI507.08   Flat 8mm

4.SI507.09   Flat 9mm

4.SI507.10   Flat 10mm

4.SI507.11   Flat 11mm

4.SI507.12   Ø4 X 7mm

4.SI507.13   Ø4 X 8mm

4.SI507.14   Ø4 X 9mm

4.SI507.15   Ø4 X 10mm

4.SI507.16   Ø4 X 11mm

4.SI507.17   Ø8 X 7mm

4.SI507.18   Ø8 X 8mm

4.SI507.19   Ø8 X 9mm

4.SI507.20   Ø8 X 10mm

4.SI507.21   Ø8 X 11mm

4.SI507.22   Ø11 X 7mm

4.SI507.23   Ø11 X 8mm

4.SI507.24   Ø11 X 9mm

4.SI507.25   Ø11 X 10mm

4.SI507.26   Ø11 X 11mm

Plif Cage

4.SI508.08   8mm

4.SI508.09   9mm

4.SI508.10   10mm

4.SI508.11   11mm

4.SI508.12   12mm

4.SI509 Duo Cage

Dia; 4mm 8mm 11mm

4.SI514X      Xlif Cage


4.SI510.01          Transverse Connector

4.SI510.02   Connector Set With 2 Clamps & One Rod

4.SI510.03   Connector Set Small

4.SI510.04    Connector Set Medium

4.SI510.05   Connector Set Large

Cervical Cage

4.SI511        5.5mm

4.SI512              6.5mm

4.SI513              7.5mm

4.SI514              8.5mm

4.SI515              9.5mm

Cervical Cage With Plate Zero Profile

4.SI511.01   5mm

4.SI511.02   6mm

4.SI511.03     7mm

4.SI511.04   8mm

4.SI511.05   9mm

4.SI511.06   10mm

JST2.000.62 Cervical Cage With Plate Holder

Screws For Cervical Cage With Plate

4.SI511.041 14mm

4.SI511.042 16mm

4.SI511.043 18mm

4.SI511.044 20mm

Anterior Cervical Plate 4 Holes

4.SI512.21   21mm

4.SI512.22   22mm

4.SI512.221 23mm

4.SI512.23   24mm

4.SI512.231 25mm

4.SI512.24   26mm

4.SI512.241 27mm

4.SI512.25   28mm

4.SI512.26   30mm

Anterior Cervical Plate 6 Holes

4.SI512.31   32mm

4.SI512.32   32.50mm

4.SI512.33   35.00mm

4.SI512.34   37.50mm

4.SI512.341 38mm

4.SI512.35   40.00mm

4.SI512.351 41mm

4.SI512.36   42.50mm

Anterior Cervical Plate 8 Holes

4.SI512.42   42.50mm

4.SI512.421 44mm

4.SI512.43   45.00mm

4.SI512.431 47mm

4.SI512.44   47.50mm

4.SI512.45   50.00mm

4.SI512.451 51mm

4.SI512.46   52.50mm

4.SI512.461 53mm

4.SI512.47   55.00mm

4.SI512.471 56mm

4.SI512.48   57.50mm

4.SI512.481 59mm

4.SI512.49   60.00mm

4.SI512.491 62mm

4.SI512.50   62.50mm

4.SI512.51   65.00mm

4.SI512.52   68mm

4.SI512.53   70mm

4.SI512.54   73mm

4.SI512.55   76mm

4.SI512.56   79mm

Anterior Cervical Bone Screw

4.SI516.10   10mm

4.SI516.11   12mm

4.SI516.12   14mm

4.SI516.13   16mm

4.SI516.14   18mm

4.35mm Revision Graft Screw

4.SI599.14   14mm

4.SI599.15   16mm

4.SI599.16   18mm

Cervical Impact Fusion Cage 14mm

4.SI598.05   5mm

4.SI598.06   6mm

4.SI598.07   7mm

4.SI598.08   8mm

Cervical Impact Fusion Cage 16mm

4.SI597.05   5mm

4.SI597.06   6mm

4.SI597.07   7mm

4.SI597.08   8mm

4.SI517 Cervical Lock Screw

Endo Button - Sterile

JEB.10          10mm

JEB.11          15mm

JEB.12          20mm

JEB.13          25mm

JEB.14          30mm

Lateral Mass Plate & Screw

Occiput T Plate

4.SI5171         32mm

4.SI5172      38mm

Lateral Mass Screw (With Inner Nut)

4.SI5172.01 3.5 x 12mm

4.SI5172.02 3.5 x 14mm

4.SI5172.03 3.5 x 16mm

4.SI5172.04 3.5 x 18mm

4.SI5172.05 3.5 x 20mm

4.SI5172.06 3.5 x 22mm

4.SI5172.07 3.5 x 24mm

4.SI5172.08 3.5 x 26mm

4.SI5172.09 3.5 x 28mm

4.SI5172.10 3.5 x 30mm

4.SI5172.11 3.5 x 32mm

4.SI5172.12 3.5 x 34mm

4.SI5172.13 3.5 x 36mm

4.SI5172.14 3.5 x 38mm

4.SI5172.15 3.5 x 40mm

4.SI5172.16 4.0 x 12mm

4.SI5172.17 4.0 x 14mm

4.SI5172.18 4.0 x 16mm

4.SI5172.19 4.0 x 18mm

4.SI5172.20 4.0 x 20mm

4.SI5172.21 4.0 x 22mm

4.SI5172.22 4.0 x 24mm

4.SI5172.23 4.0 x 26mm

4.SI5172.24 4.0 x 28mm

4.SI5172.25 4.0 x 30mm

4.SI5172.26 4.0 x 32mm

4.SI5172.27 4.0 x 34mm

4.SI5172.28 4.0 x 36mm

4.SI5172.29 4.0 x 38mm

4.SI5172.30 4.0 x 40mm



138126.725 7.0 X 25 MM

138126.825 8.0 X 25 MM

138126.925 9.0 X 25 MM

138126.1025 10.0 X 25 MM

138126.1125 11.0 X 25 MM

138126.1225 12.0 X 25 MM

138126.1325 13.0 X 25 MM


138126.73   7.0 X 30 MM

138126.83   8.0 X 30 MM

138126.93   9.0 X 30 MM

138126.103 10.0 X 30 MM

138126.113 11.0 X 30 MM

138126.123 12.0 X 30 MM


138124.005 5 MM

138124.006 6 MM

138124.007 7 MM

138124.008 8 MM


138125.005 5 MM

138125.006 6 MM

138125.007 7 MM

138125.008 8 MM


138104.005 5 MM

138104.006 6 MM

138104.007 7 MM

138104.008 8 MM


138105.005 5 MM

138105.006 6 MM

138105.007 7 MM

138105.008 8 MM


13878.005   5 MM

13878.006   6 MM

13878.007   7 MM

13878.008   8 MM

Instruments Sets

J4.SI513      Spine Instrument Set With Box

J1.01             Monoaxial Screw Driver

J1.02             Polyaxial Screw Driver

J1.03             Pedicle Probe Straight

J1.04               Pedicle Probe Curved

J1.05              Screwdriver

J1.06             Inner Holder

J1.07                    Rod Pusher Straight

J1.08                    Rod Pusher Curved

J1.09             Pedicle Awl

J1.10             Pedicle Fork

J1.11             Feeler Straight With Rounded Tip

J1.12              Holding Forceps For Rods

J1.13                   Bending Iron Left

J1.14              Bending Iron Right

J1.15               Tap For Bone Screws 4.5mm

J1.16              Tap For Bone Screws 5.5mm

J1.17             Tap For Bone Screws 6.5mm

J1.18              Aanti Torque

J1.19             Distraction Forceps

J1.20             Compression Forceps

J1.21               Rod Bender

J1.22             Rod Holding Forceps

J1.23             Vice Gripe

J1.24             Rod Persuader

J1.25              Box For Spine Pedicale Screw Instrument Set

JST.003        Instrument Set For Expandable Cage

JST.004        Instrument Set For Mesh Cage

JST.005        Instrument Set For Plif / Tlif

JST1.000            Instrument Set For ( Lateral Mass Screw )

JST1.000.1 Pedicle Probe Straight

JST1.000.2 Pedicle Probe Curved

JST1.000.3       Screwdriver

JST1.000.4 Polyaxial Screw Driver

JST1.000.5 Inner Holder

JST1.000.6 Rod Pusher Straight

JST1.000.7 Rod Pusher Curved

JST1.000.8         Q.C Handle

JST1.000.9 Pedicle Awl

JST1.000.10 Pedicle Fork

JST1.000.11 Feeler Straight With Rounded Tip

JST1.000.12 Holding Forceps For Rods

JST1.000.13 Bending Iron Left

JST1.000.14 Bending Iron Right

JST1.000.15 Tap For Bone Screws 3.5mm

JST1.000.16 Tap For Bone Screws 4.0mm

JST1.000.17 Flexible Drill Holder

JST1.000.18 Drill Sleeve With Scale For 2.5mm

JST1.000.19 Drill Sleeve With Scale For 3.5mm

JST1.000.20 Aanti Torque

JST1.000.21 Distraction Forceps

JST1.000.22 Compression Forceps

JST1.000.23 Rod Bender

JST1.000.24 Rod Holding Forceps

JST1.000.25 Quick Coupling Drill Bit 2.5mm X 70mm

JST1.000.26 Quick Coupling Drill Bit 3.5mm X 70mm

JST1.000.27 Quick Coupling Drill Bit With Stoper 2.5mm X 175mm

JST1.000.28 Quick Coupling Drill Bit With Stoper 3.5mm X 175mm

JST1.000.29 Box For Lateral Mass Instruments & Implants

JST2.000     Cervical Instrument Set

JST2.000.1 Cervical Adjustable Tap 4mm

JST2.000.2 Cervical Adjustable Drill 2.4mm

JST2.000.3 Cervical Drill 2.4mm

JST2.000.4 Cervical Lock Screw Driver ( Q.C )

JST2.000.5 Cervical Screw Holding Screw Driver ( Q.C )

JST2.000.6 Cervical Plate Holder

JST2.000.7 Cervical Screw Holding Sleeve

JST2.000.8 Cervical Pin Distractor

JST2.000.9 Cervical Q.C Handle For Small Casper Pin

JST2.000.10 Cervical Awl

JST2.000.11 Cervical Quick Coupling Handle

JST2.000.12 Cervical Holder For Big Casper Pin

JST2.000.13 Cervical Plate Bender

JST2.000.14 Cervical Drill Sleeve

JST2.000.15 Cervical Small Casper Pin

JST2.000.16 Cervical Big Casper Pin

JST2.000.17 Cervical Instrument Box

JST2.000.18 Cervical Implants Box