Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Products

" NEOMETISS " is a registered brand owned Jindal Medi Surge for Orthopedic rehabilitation products designed to support individuals recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, surgeries, or conditions. These products aim to enhance mobility, provide support, and assist in the rehabilitation process. Here are some common orthopedic rehabilitation products and aids: Orthopedic Braces and Supports: Knee Braces: Provide stability and support for the knee joint, commonly used after knee injuries or surgeries. Ankle Braces: Stabilize the ankle joint and can be used for conditions like sprains or after ankle surgeries. Back Braces: Offer support to the spine and lower back, often used for back pain, herniated discs, or after spinal surgeries. Wrist Braces: Provide support for the wrist and are used in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or after wrist injuries. Orthopedic Splints: Custom or Prefabricated Splints: Used to immobilize and protect injured limbs or joints during the initial phases of healing. Orthopedic Walking Aids: Crutches: Assist individuals with walking when weight-bearing on one or both legs is limited. Canes: Provide additional support and balance for individuals with mild to moderate mobility challenges. Walkers: Sturdy frames with handgrips and support for those who need more stability during walking. Orthopedic Shoes and Insoles: Orthopedic Shoes: Designed to provide better support, stability, and comfort for individuals with foot or ankle issues. Orthotic Insoles: Custom or over-the-counter insoles that can be inserted into regular shoes to provide arch support and alleviate foot pain. Exercise and Rehabilitation Equipment: Therapy Bands and Tubing: Elastic bands used for resistance training to improve strength and flexibility. Exercise Balls: Assist in balance training, core strengthening, and rehabilitation exercises. Balance Boards: Improve balance and proprioception, often used in ankle and knee rehabilitation. Cold and Hot Therapy Products: Cold Packs/Ice Packs: Used to reduce swelling and numb pain in acute injuries. Hot Packs: Provide heat therapy to relax muscles and improve blood circulation, commonly used for chronic pain or stiffness. Orthopedic Pillows and Cushions: Cervical Pillows: Support the neck and head, often used for neck pain or after cervical spine surgery. Seat Cushions: Provide comfort and support for individuals with back pain, sciatica, or coccyx pain. Orthopedic Compression Garments: Compression Sleeves: Used to reduce swelling and improve circulation, commonly used in the treatment of conditions like lymphedema. These products are often recommended by healthcare professionals as part of a comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation plan. The choice of specific aids depends on the individual's condition, the nature of the injury or surgery, and the goals of rehabilitation.

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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Aids Catalog-JMS.pdf


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Product Prices-JMS.pdf



NBBB.001 Abdominal Support 9" S     M     L

NBBB.002 Abdominal Support 9"  Spl. Size XL  XXL

NBBB.003 Abdominal Belt 8" S     M     L

NBBB.004 Abdominal Belt 8" Spl. Size XL  XXL  XXXL

NBBB.005 LS Belt Lumbopore S    M    L

NBBB.006 LS Belt Lumbopore Spl. Size XL  XXL

NBBB.007 Lumbo Sacral Belt S    M    L

NBBB.008 Lumbo Sacral Belt Spl. Size XL  XXL  XXXL

NBBB.009 Contoured L.S. Support S    M    L

NBBB.010 Contoured L.S. Support  Spl. Size XL  XXL  XXXL

NBBB.011 Rib Belt S    M    L

NBBB.012 Rib Belt Spl. Size XL  XXL

NBBB.013 Chest Binder S    M    L

NBBB.014 Chest Binder Spl. Size XL  XXL  XXXL

NBBB.015 Ash Brace S        L

NBBB.016 Taylor's Brace S    M    L

NBBB.017 Taylor's Brace Spl. Size XL  XXL


NBBB.019 Hernia Belt S    M    L

NBBB.020 Hernia Belt Spl. Size XL  XXL

NBBB.021 Pregnancy Back Support S     M     L     XL


NCA.001 Collar Soft (Firm Density) CH     S      M      L

NCA.002 Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable S      M      L

NCA.003 Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia) Ethafoam S    M    L    XL

NCA.004 Cervical Collar Soft with support S    M    L    XL

NCA.005 Cervical Pillow Regular UNIVERSAL

NCA.006 Cervical Collar Hard  With Chin S      M      L


NFA.001 Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical)                         CH    S     M     L

NFA.002 Pouch Arm Sling  (Tropical)  Spl. Size XL  XXL

NFA.003 Universal Shoulder Immobiliser         CH  UNIVERSAL (28"

NFA.004 Universal Shoulder Immobiliser Spl. Size SPL SIZE (42" - 52")

NFA.005 Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser                   S    M    L    XL

NFA.006 Clavicle Brace with Buckle                         CH    S     M     L   XL

NFA.007 Clavicle Brace with Velcro                         CH    S     M     L

NFA.008 Clavicle Brace with Velcro Spl. Size         XL  XXL

NFA.009 Pouch Arm Sling (Baggy)                                CH    S     M     L

NFA.010 Pouch Arm Sling (Baggy) Spl. Size         XL  XXL

NFA.011 Cast Shoe (Rocker Sole)                             S      M      L

NFA.012 Cast Shoe Spl. Size (Rocker Sole)    XL


NAS.001 Ankle Binder elastic                                  S    M    L

NAS.002 Ankle Binder elastic Spl. Size                    XL

NAS.003 Ankle Brace                                                      CH     S    M    L

NAS.004 Ankle Brace  Spl. Size                                           XL

NAS.005 Anklet (Pair)                                                       S    M    L

NAS.006 Anklet (Pair) Spl. Size                                       XL

NAS.007 F.Drop Splint Right/Left Fix (size- 0 to 7)     CH     S    M    L     XL

NAS.008 F.Drop Splint Right/Left Fix (size- 8 to 12)   8 to12

NAS.009 F.Drop Spilint Right/Left articulated       0 to 7

NAS.010 F.Drop Spilint Right/Left articulated       8 to12


NKS.001 Knee Cap (Pair)                                         S    M    L

NKS.002 Knee Cap (Pair) Spl. Size                       XL  XXL

NKS.003 Knee Cap (with Hinge)                                 S    M    L

NKS.004 Knee Cap (with Hinge) Spl. Size              XL  XXL

NKS.005 Knee Cap with Open Patellar Ring                  S   M    L

 (Single) neoprene                                                                      

NKS.006 Knee Cap with Open Patellar Ring (Single)      XL

 Spl. Size                                                                                     

NKS.007 Knee Immobilizer 19"                             S    M    L

NKS.008 Knee Immobilizer 19" Spl. Size                 XL  XXL

NKS.009 Knee Immobilizer 14"                                 S    M    L

NKS.010 Knee Immobilizer 14" Spl. Size                     XL  XXL

NKS.011 Thigh Support                                                     S    M    L

NKS.012 Thigh Support Spl. Size                               XL

NKS.013 Knee Immobilizer 22"                             S    M    L

NKS.014 Knee Immobilizer 22" Spl. Size                   XL  XXL

NKS.015 Knee Immobilizer CH


NAS2.001 Elastic Wrist Splint Right/Left S    M    L    XL

NAS2.002 Wrist & Forearm Splint Right/Left CH    S     M     L   XL

NAS2.003 Wrist Brace with Double Lock elastic S    M    L

NAS2.004 Wrist Brace with Thumb elastic UNIVERSAL

NAS2.005 Tennis Elbow Support S    M    L    XL

NAS2.006 Elbow Support S    M    L    XL

NAS2.007 Wrist Splint with Thumb cotten S    M    L    XL


NFS.001 Finger Cot                                                 S    M    L

NFS.002 Finger Ext. Splint                                  S    M    L

NFS.003 Frog Splint                                                     S    M    L

NFS.004 Mallet Finger Splint                              UNIVERSAL

NFS.005 Thumb Spica Splint                         UNIVERSAL


NPS.001 Skin Traction Set PUF LINER           AD    CH

NPS.002 Leg Traction Brace                                 S    M    L

NPS.003 Pelvic Traction Belt                               S    M    L

NPS.004 Pelvic Traction Belt Spl. Size          XL  XXL

NPS.005 Traction Weight Bag                         UNIVERSAL

NPS.006 Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag S    M    L    XL


NOS.001 Weight Cuff *                                       0.5 Kg

NOS.002 Weight Cuff *                                             1 Kg

NOS.003 Weight Cuff *                                             2 Kg

NOS.004 Ortho Stockinete 10 Mt. *                    50 mm

NOS.005 Ortho Stockinete 10 Mt. *            75 mm

NOS.006 Ortho Stockinete 10 Mt. *                   100 mm

NOS.007 Ortho Stockinete 10 Mt. *              125 mm

NOS.008 Back Rest ortho                                   UNIVERSAL

NOS.009 Heating Pad Ortho                                   UNIVERSAL (SIZE-


NNS.001 Knee Support Hinged (Neoprene)              S    M    L

NNS.002 Knee Support Hinged (Neoprene)                XL  XXL   XXXL

 Spl. Size                                                                              

NNS.003 Wrist Brace with Thumb (Neoprene)     UNIVERSAL

NNS.004 Wrist Wrap (Neoprene)                                     UNIVERSAL

NNS.005 Knee Wrap (Neoprene)                                      UNIVERSAL (14.8" -

NNS.006 Knee Wrap (Neoprene) Spl. Size     SPL SIZE (22" -

NNS.007 Shoulder Support (Neoprene)                     UNIVERSAL (26" -

NNS.008 Shoulder Support (Neoprene) Spl. Size     SPL SIZE (36" - 48")


NSS.001 Insole Full Silicone (Pair)                S    M    L    XL

NSS.002 Heel Cushion Silicone (Pair)         S    M    L    XL

NSS.003 Toe Separator Silicone (Pair)               S    M    L

NSS.004 Heel Cup Silicone (Pair)                   S    M    L

NSS.005 Arch  (Pair) Adult                                     S    M    L

NSS.006 Arch (Pair) Child                               CH1     CH2     CH3

NSS.007 Insole Silicone (Pair)                             S    M    L    XL

NSS.008 Arch Support  (Pair)                              CH    AD


NB.001 CRAP BANDAGE-  4cm X 4m

NB.002 CRAP BANDAGE-  6cm X 4m

NB.003 CRAP BANDAGE-  8cm X 4m

NB.004 CRAP BANDAGE-  10cm X 4m

NB.005 CRAP BANDAGE-  15cm X 4m