Orthopedic Screw Locking/Non-Locking Implant

At Jindal Medi Surge, A bone screw is a metal implant inserted into the bone. Screws are used to immobilize fractured bone segments to aid in the healing process, and as an adjunct to surgery to help hold implants in place. We manufacture both Locking and Non-Locking Screw Implants made from medical grade SS316L, SS316LVM & Titanium Alloy.


Orthopedic Locking _ Non-Locking Screw Implants-JMS.pdf


Orthopedic Screw Locking_Non-Locking Implant Prices-JMS.pdf



Cortical Screw 1.5mm Dia. S.S. Hexagonal

4118.006 Length 6mm

4118.007 Length 6mm

4118.008 Length 8mm

4118.009 Length 9mm

4118.01 Length 10mm

4118.011 Length 11mm

4118.012 Length 12mm

4118.014 Length 14mm

4118.016 Length 16mm

4118.018 Length 18mm

4118.02 Length 20mm

Cortical Screw 1.5mm Dia. Titanium Hexagonal

4118.006T Length 6mm

4118.007T Length 7mm

4118.008T Length 8mm

4118.009T Length 9mm

4118.01T Length 10mm

4118.011T Length 11mm

4118.012T Length 12mm

4118.014T Length 14mm

4118.016T Length 16mm

4118.018T Length 18mm

4118.02T Length 20mm

Cortical Screw 1.5mm Dia. Hexagonal Self Tapping S.S.

4118.206 Length 6mm

4118.207 Length 7mm

4118.208 Length 8mm

4118.209 Length 9mm

4118.21 Length 10mm

4118.211 Length 11mm

4118.212 Length 12mm

4118.214 Length 14mm

4118.216 Length 16mm

4118.218 Length 18mm

4118.22 Length 20mm

Cortical Screw 1.5mm Dia. Hexagonal Self Tapping Titanium

4118.206T Length 6mm

4118.207T Length 7mm

4118.208T Length 8mm

4118.209T Length 9mm

4118.210T Length 10mm

4118.211T Length 11mm

4118.212T Length 12mm

4118.214T Length 14mm

4118.216T Length 16mm

4118.218T Length 18mm

4118.220T Length 20mm

Cortical Screw 1.5mm Dia. Titanium CROSS HEAD

4118C.006T Length 6mm

4118C.007T Length 7mm

4118C.008T Length 8mm

4118C.009T Length 9mm

4118C.01T Length 10mm

4118C.011T Length 11mm

4118C.012T Length 12mm

4118C.014T Length 14mm

4118C.016T Length 16mm

4118C.018T Length 18mm

4118C.02T Length 20mm

Cortical Screw 2.0mm Dia. S.S.

4118.106 Length 6mm

4118.107 Length 7mm

4118.108 Length 8mm

4118.109 Length 9mm

4118.110 Length 10mm

4118.111 Length 11mm

4118.112 Length 12mm

4118.114 Length 14mm

4118.116 Length 16mm

4118.118 Length 18mm

4118.12 Length 20mm

4118.122 Length 22mm

4118.124 Length 24mm

Cortical Screw 2.0mm Dia. Titanium

4118.106T Length 6mm

4118.107T Length 7mm

4118.108T Length 8mm

4118.109T Length 9mm

4118.11T Length 10mm

4118.111T Length 11mm

4118.112T Length 12mm

4118.114T Length 14mm

4118.116T Length 16mm

4118.118T Length 18mm

4118.12T Length 20mm

4118.122T Length 22mm

4118.124T Length 24mm

Cortical Screw 2.0mm Dia.Self Tapping S.S.

4118ST.106 Length 6mm

4118ST.107 Length 7mm

4118ST.108 Length 8mm

4118ST.109 Length 9mm

4118ST.11 Length 10mm

4118ST.111 Length 11mm

4118ST.112 Length 12mm

4118ST.114 Length 14mm

4118ST.116 Length 16mm

4118ST.118 Length 18mm

4118ST.12 Length 20mm

4118ST.122 Length 22mm

4118ST.124 Length 24mm

Cortical Screw 2.0mm Dia. Self Tapping Titanium

4118ST.106T Length 6mm

4118ST.107T Length 7mm

4118ST.108T Length 8mm

4118ST.109T Length 9mm

4118ST.11T Length 10mm

4118ST.111T Length 11mm

4118ST.112T Length 12mm

4118ST.114T Length 14mm

4118ST.116T Length 16mm

4118ST.118T Length 18mm

4118ST.12T Length 20mm

4118ST.122T Length 22mm

4118ST.124T Length 24mm

Cortical Screw 2.0mm Dia. Titanium CROSS HEAD

4118C.106T Length 6mm

4118C.107T Length 7mm

4118C.108T Length 8mm

4118C.109T Length 9mm

4118C.11T Length 10mm

4118C.111T Length 11mm

4118C.112T Length 12mm

4118C.114T Length 14mm

4118C.116T Length 16mm

4118C.118T Length 18mm

4118C.12T Length 20mm

4118C.122T Length 22mm

4118C.124T Length 24mm

Cortical Screw 2.4mm Dia S.S.

424N.006 Length 6mm

424N.007 Length 7mm

424N.008 Length 8mm

424N.009 Length 9mm

424N.010 Length 10mm

424N.011 Length 11mm

424N.012 Length 12mm

424N.014 Length 14mm

424N.016 Length 16mm

424N.018 Length 18mm

424N.020 Length 20mm

424N.022 Length 22mm

424N.024 Length 24mm

424N.026 Length 26mm

424N.028 Length 28mm

424N.030 Length 30mm

Cortical Screw 2.4mm Dia Titanium

424NT.006 Length 6mm

424NT.007 Length 7mm

424NT.008 Length 8mm

424NT.009 Length 9mm

424NT.010 Length 10mm

424NT.011 Length 11mm

424NT.012 Length 12mm

424NT.014 Length 14mm

424NT.016 Length 16mm

424NT.018 Length 18mm

424NT.020 Length 20mm

424NT.022 Length 22mm

424NT.024 Length 24mm

424NT.026 Length 26mm

424NT.028 Length 28mm

424NT.030 Length 30mm

Cortical Screw 2.4mm Dia. Self Tapping S.S.

424.006 Length 6mm

424.007 Length 7mm

424.008 Length 8mm

424.009 Length 9mm

424.010 Length 10mm

424.011 Length 11mm

424.012 Length 12mm

424.014 Length 14mm

424.016 Length 16mm

424.018 Length 18mm

424.020 Length 20mm

424.022 Length 22mm

424.024 Length 24mm

424.026 Length 26mm

424.028 Length 28mm

424.03 Length 30mm

Cortical Screw 2.4mm Dia. Self Tapping Titnaium

424T.006 Length 6mm

424T.007 Length 7mm

424T.008 Length 8mm

424T.009 Length 9mm

424T.010 Length 10mm

424T.011 Length 11mm

424T.012 Length 12mm

424T.014 Length 14mm

424T.016 Length 16mm

424T.018 Length 18mm

424T.02 Length 20mm

424T.022 Length 22mm

424T.024 Length 24mm

424T.026 Length 26mm

424T.028 Length 28mm

424T.030 Length 30mm

Cortical Screw 2.7mm Dia. S.S.

4101.006 Length 6mm

4101.007 Length 7mm

4101.008 Length 8mm

4101.009 Length 9mm

4101.01 Length 10mm

4101.012 Length 12mm

4101.014 Length 14mm

4101.016 Length 16mm

4101.018 Length 18mm

4101.02 Length 20mm

4101.022 Length 22mm

4101.024 Length 24mm

4101.026 Length 26mm

4101.028 Length 28mm

4101.03 Length 30mm

4101.032 Length 32mm

4101.034 Length 34mm

4101.036 Length 36mm

4101.038 Length 38mm

4101.04 Length 40mm

Cortical Screw 2.7mm Dia. Titanium

4101T.006 Length 6mm

4101T.007 Length 7mm

4101T.008 Length 8mm

4101T.009 Length 9mm

4101T.010 Length 10mm

4101T.012 Length 12mm

4101T.014 Length 14mm

4101T.016 Length 16mm

4101T.018 Length 18mm

4101T.020 Length 20mm

4101T.022 Length 22mm

4101T.024 Length 24mm

4101T.026 Length 26mm

4101T.028 Length 28mm

4101T.030 Length 30mm

4101T.032 Length 32mm

4101T.034 Length 34mm

4101T.036 Length 36mm

4101T.038 Length 38mm

4101T.040 Length 40mm

Cortical Screw 2.7mm Dia. Self Taping S.S.

4101.040S Length 6mm

4101.008S Length 8mm

4101.010S Length 10mm

4101.012S Length 12mm

4101.014S Length 14mm

4101.016S Length 16mm

4101.018S Length 18mm

4101.020S Length 20mm

4101.022S Length 22mm

4101.024S Length 24mm

4101.026S Length 26mm

4101.028S Length 28mm

4101.030S Length 30mm

4101.032S Length 32mm

4101.034S Length 34mm

4101.036S Length 36mm

4101.038S Length 38mm

4101.040S Length 40mm

Cortical Screw 2.7mm Dia. Self Taping Titanium

4101.0401 Length 6mm

4101.0402 Length 8mm

4101.0403 Length 10mm

4101.0404 Length 12mm

4101.0405 Length 14mm

4101.0406 Length 16mm

4101.0407 Length 18mm

4101.0408 Length 20mm

4101.0409 Length 22mm

4101.041 Length 24mm

4101.0411 Length 26mm

4101.0412 Length 28mm

4101.0413 Length 30mm

4101.0414 Length 32mm

4101.0415 Length 34mm

4101.0416 Length 36mm

4101.0417 Length 38mm

4101.0418 Length 40mm

Cortical Screw 3.5mm Dia. S.S.

4102.010 Length 10mm

4102.012 Length 12mm

4102.014 Length 14mm

4102.016 Length 16mm

4102.018 Length 18mm

4102.020 Length 20mm

4102.022 Length 22mm

4102.024 Length 24mm

4102.026 Length 26mm

4102.028 Length 28mm

4102.030 Length 30mm

4102.032 Length 32mm

4102.034 Length 34mm

4102.034 Length 35mm

4102.036 Length 36mm

4102.038 Length 38mm

4102.040 Length 40mm

4102.040 Length 42mm

4102.040 Length 44mm

4102.045 Length 45mm

4102.045 Length 46mm

4102.045 Length 48mm

4102.050 Length 50mm

4102.055 Length 55mm

4102.060 Length 60mm

4102.061 Length 65mm

4102.062 Length 70mm

4102.063 Length 75mm

4102.064 Length 80mm

4102.065 Length 85mm

4102.066 Length 90mm

Cortical Screw 3.5mm Dia. Titanium

4102T.010 Length 10mm

4102T.012 Length 12mm

4102T.014 Length 14mm

4102T.016 Length 16mm

4102T.018 Length 18mm

4102T.020 Length 20mm

4102T.022 Length 22mm

4102T.024 Length 24mm

4102T.026 Length 26mm

4102T.028 Length 28mm

4102T.030 Length 30mm

4102T.032 Length 32mm

4102T.034 Length 34mm

4102T.0341 Length 35mm

4102T.036 Length 36mm

4102T.038 Length 38mm

4102T.040 Length 40mm

4102T.0401 Length 42mm

4102T.0402 Length 44mm

4102T.045 Length 45mm

4102T.0451 Length 46mm

4102T.0452 Length 48mm

4102T.050 Length 50mm

4102T.055 Length 55mm

4102T.060 Length 60mm

4102T.061 Length 65mm

4102T.062 Length 70mm

4102T.063 Length 75mm

4102T.064 Length 80mm

4102T.065 Length 85mm

4102T.066 Length 90mm

Cortical Screw 3.5mm Dia. Self Tapping S.S.

4102.21 Length 10mm

4102.212 Length 12mm

4102.214 Length 14mm

4102.216 Length 16mm

4102.218 Length 18mm

4102.220 Length 20mm

4102.222 Length 22mm

4102.224 Length 24mm

4102.226 Length 26mm

4102.228 Length 28mm

4102.230 Length 30mm

4102.232 Length 32mm

4102.234 Length 34mm

4102.236 Length 36mm

4102.238 Length 38mm

4102.240 Length 40mm

4102.245 Length 45mm

4102.250 Length 50mm

4102.255 Length 55mm

4102.260 Length 60mm

4102.261 Length 65mm

4102.262 Length 70mm

4102.263 Length 75mm

4102.264 Length 80mm

4102.265 Length 85mm

4102.266 Length 90mm

Cortical Screw 3.5mm Dia. Self Tapping Titanium

4102.2601 Length 10mm

4102.2602 Length 12mm

4102.2603 Length 14mm

4102.2604 Length 16mm

4102.2605 Length 18mm

4102.2606 Length 20mm

4102.2607 Length 22mm

4102.2608 Length 24mm

4102.2609 Length 26mm

4102.261 Length 28mm

4102.2611 Length 30mm

4102.2612 Length 32mm

4102.2613 Length 34mm

4102.2614 Length 36mm

4102.2615 Length 38mm

4102.2616 Length 40mm

4102.2617 Length 45mm

4102.2618 Length 50mm

4102.2619 Length 55mm

4102.262 Length 60mm

4102.2621 Length 65mm

4102.2622 Length 70mm

4102.2623 Length 75mm

4102.2624 Length 80mm

4102.2625 Length 85mm

4102.2626 Length 90mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Short Thread S.S.

4103.0618 Length 10mm

4103.0619 Length 12mm

4103.062 Length 14mm

4103.0621 Length 16mm

4103.0622 Length 18mm

4103.0623 Length 20mm

4103.0624 Length 22mm

4103.0625 Length 24mm

4103.0626 Length 26mm

4103.0627 Length 28mm

4103.0628 Length 30mm

4103.0629 Length 35mm

4103.063 Length 40mm

4103.0631 Length 45mm

4103.0632 Length 50mm

4103.0633 Length 55mm

4103.0634 Length 60mm

4103.0635 65mm

4103.0636 70mm

4103.0637 75mm

4103.0638 80mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Short Thread Titanium

4103T.0618 Length 10mm

4103T.0619 Length 12mm

4103T.0620 Length 14mm

4103T.0621 Length 16mm

4103T.0622 Length 18mm

4103T.0623 Length 20mm

4103T.0624 Length 22mm

4103T.0625 Length 24mm

4103T.0626 Length 26mm

4103T.0627 Length 28mm

4103T.0628 Length 30mm

4103T.0629 Length 35mm

4103T.0630 Length 40mm

4103T.0631 Length 45mm

4103T.0632 Length 50mm

4103T.0633 Length 55mm

4103T.0634 Length 60mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Short Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4103ST.0618 Length 10mm

4103ST.0619 Length 12mm

4103ST.062 Length 14mm

4103ST.0621 Length 16mm

4103ST.0622 Length 18mm

4103ST.0623 Length 20mm

4103ST.0624 Length 22mm

4103ST.0625 Length 24mm

4103ST.0626 Length 26mm

4103ST.0627 Length 28mm

4103ST.0628 Length 30mm

4103ST.0629 Length 35mm

4103ST.063 Length 40mm

4103ST.0631 Length 45mm

4103ST.0632 Length 50mm

4103ST.0633 Length 55mm

4103ST.0634 Length 60mm

4103ST.0635 65mm

4103ST.0636 70mm

4103ST.0637 75mm

4103ST.0638 80mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Short Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4103STT.0618 Length 10mm

4103STT.0619 Length 12mm

4103STT.0620 Length 14mm

4103STT.0621 Length 16mm

4103STT.0622 Length 18mm

4103STT.0623 Length 20mm

4103STT.0624 Length 22mm

4103STT.0625 Length 24mm

4103STT.0626 Length 26mm

4103STT.0627 Length 28mm

4103STT.0628 Length 30mm

4103STT.0629 Length 35mm

4103STT.0630 Length 40mm

4103STT.0631 Length 45mm

4103STT.0632 Length 50mm

4103STT.0633 Length 55mm

4103STT.0634 Length 60mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

4103.010 Length 10mm

4103.012 Length 12mm

4103.014 Length 14mm

4103.016 Length 16mm

4103.018 Length 18mm

4103.020 Length 20mm

4103.022 Length 22mm

4103.024 Length 24mm

4103.026 Length 26mm

4103.028 Length 28mm

4103.030 Length 30mm

4103.035 Length 35mm

4103.040 Length 40mm

4103.045 Length 45mm

4103.050 Length 50mm

4103.055 Length 55mm

4103.060 Length 60mm

4103.061 Length 65mm

4103.062 Length 70mm

4103.063 Length 75mm

4103.064 Length 80mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

4103T.010 Length 10mm

4103T.012 Length 12mm

4103T.014 Length 14mm

4103T.016 Length 16mm

4103T.018 Length 18mm

4103T.020 Length 20mm

4103T.022 Length 22mm

4103T.024 Length 24mm

4103T.026 Length 26mm

4103T.028 Length 28mm

4103T.030 Length 30mm

4103T.035 Length 35mm

4103T.040 Length 40mm

4103T.045 Length 45mm

4103T.050 Length 50mm

4103T.055 Length 55mm

4103T.060 Length 60mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Full Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4103ST.01 Length 10mm

4103ST.012 Length 12mm

4103ST.014 Length 14mm

4103ST.016 Length 16mm

4103ST.018 Length 18mm

4103ST.02 Length 20mm

4103ST.022 Length 22mm

4103ST.024 Length 24mm

4103ST.026 Length 26mm

4103ST.028 Length 28mm

4103ST.03 Length 30mm

4103ST.035 Length 35mm

4103ST.04 Length 40mm

4103ST.045 Length 45mm

4103ST.05 Length 50mm

4103ST.055 Length 55mm

4103ST.06 Length 60mm

4103ST.061 Length 65mm

4103ST.062 Length 70mm

4103ST.063 Length 75mm

4103ST.064 Length 80mm

Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Full Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4103STT.010 Length 10mm

4103STT.012 Length 12mm

4103STT.014 Length 14mm

4103STT.016 Length 16mm

4103STT.018 Length 18mm

4103STT.020 Length 20mm

4103STT.022 Length 22mm

4103STT.024 Length 24mm

4103STT.026 Length 26mm

4103STT.028 Length 28mm

4103STT.030 Length 30mm

4103STT.035 Length 35mm

4103STT.040 Length 40mm

4103STT.045 Length 45mm

4103STT.050 Length 50mm

4103STT.055 Length 55mm

4103STT.060 Length 60mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Short Thread S.S.

41163.01 Length 10mm

41163.012 Length 12mm

41163.014 Length 14mm

41163.016 Length 16mm

41163.018 Length 18mm

41163.02 Length 20mm

41163.022 Length 22mm

41163.024 Length 24mm

41163.026 Length 26mm

41163.028 Length 28mm

41163.03 Length 30mm

41163.032 Length 32mm

41163.034 Length 34mm

41163.035 Length 35mm

41163.036 Length 36mm

41163.038 Length 38mm

41163.04 Length 40mm

41163.042 Length 42mm

41163.044 Length 44mm

41163.046 Length 46mm

41163.048 Length 48mm

41163.05 Length 50mm

41163.052 Length 52mm

41163.054 Length 54mm

41163.055 Length 55mm

41163.056 Length 56mm

41163.058 Length 58mm

41163.06 Length 60mm

41163.0601 Length 62mm

41163.0602 Length 64mm

41163.065 Length 65mm

41163.0651 Length 66mm

41163.0652 Length 68mm

41163.0653 Length 70mm

41163.072 Length 72mm

41163.0721 Length 74mm

41163.0722 75mm

41163.0723 80mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Short Thread Titanium

41163.01 Length 10mm

41163.012 Length 12mm

41163.014 Length 14mm

41163.016 Length 16mm

41163.018 Length 18mm

41163.02 Length 20mm

41163.022 Length 22mm

41163.024 Length 24mm

41163.026 Length 26mm

41163.028 Length 28mm

41163.03 Length 30mm

41163.032 Length 32mm

41163.034 Length 34mm

41163.036 Length 36mm

41163.037 40mm

41163.038 45mm

41163.039 50mm

41163.04 55mm

41163.041 60mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

41163.21 Length 10mm

41163.212 Length 12mm

41163.214 Length 14mm

41163.216 Length 16mm

41163.218 Length 18mm

41163.22 Length 20mm

41163.222 Length 22mm

41163.224 Length 24mm

41163.226 Length 26mm

41163.228 Length 28mm

41163.23 Length 30mm

41163.232 Length 32mm

41163.234 Length 34mm

41163.236 Length 36mm

41163.238 Length 38mm

41163.24 Length 40mm

41163.242 Length 42mm

41163.244 Length 44mm

41163.246 Length 46mm

41163.248 Length 48mm

41163.25 Length 50mm

41163.252 Length 52mm

41163.254 Length 54mm

41163.255 Length 55mm

41163.256 Length 56mm

41163.258 Length 58mm

41163.26 Length 60mm

41163.262 Length 62mm

41163.264 Length 64mm

41163.265 Length 65mm

41163.27 Length 70mm

41163.272 Length 72mm

41163.273 Length 75mm

41163.274 Length 80mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 3.5mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

41163.21T Length 10mm

41163.212T Length 12mm

41163.214T Length 14mm

41163.216T Length 16mm

41163.218T Length 18mm

41163.22T Length 20mm

41163.222T Length 22mm

41163.224T Length 24mm

41163.226T Length 26mm

41163.228T Length 28mm

41163.23T Length 30mm

41163.232T Length 32mm

41163.234T Length 34mm

41163.236T Length 36mm

41163.238T Length 38mm

41163.24T Length 40mm

41163.242T Length 42mm

41163.244T Length 44mm

41163.246T Length 46mm

41163.248T Length 48mm

41163.25T Length 50mm

41163.255T Length 55mm

41163.26T Length 60mm

Malleolar Screw 3.5mm Dia. S.S.

41073.025 Length 25mm

41073.03 Length 30mm

41073.035 Length 35mm

41073.04 Length 40mm

41073.045 Length 45mm

41073.05 Length 50mm

41073.055 Length 55mm

41073.06 Length 60mm

41073.065 Length 65mm

41073.07 Length 70mm

41073.075 Length 75mm

41073.08 Length 80mm

41073.0801 Length 85mm

Malleolar Screw 3.5mm Dia. S.S.

41073T.025 Length 25mm

41073T.030 Length 30mm

41073T.035 Length 35mm

41073T.040 Length 40mm

41073T.045 Length 45mm

41073T.050 Length 50mm

41073T.055 Length 55mm

41073T.060 Length 60mm

41073T.065 Length 65mm

41073T.070 Length 70mm

41073T.075 Length 75mm

41073T.080 Length 80mm

41073T.0801 Length 85mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Short Thread S.S.

4104.010 Length 10mm

4104.012 Length 12mm

4104.014 Length 14mm

4104.016 Length 16mm

4104.018 Length 18mm

4104.020 Length 20mm

4104.022 Length 22mm

4104.024 Length 24mm

4104.026 Length 26mm

4104.028 Length 28mm

4104.030 Length 30mm

4104.035 Length 35mm

4104.040 Length 40mm

4104.045 Length 45mm

4104.050 Length 50mm

4104.055 Length 55mm

4104.060 Length 60mm

4104.06001 Length 65mm

4104.06002 Length 70mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Short Thread Titanium

4104.0601 Length 10mm

4104.0602 Length 12mm

4104.0603 Length 14mm

4104.0604 Length 16mm

4104.0605 Length 18mm

4104.0606 Length 20mm

4104.0607 Length 22mm

4104.0608 Length 24mm

4104.0609 Length 26mm

4104.061 Length 28mm

4104.0611 Length 30mm

4104.0612 Length 35mm

4104.0613 Length 40mm

4104.0614 Length 45mm

4104.0615 Length 50mm

4104.0616 Length 55mm

4104.0617 Length 60mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Short Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4104ST.010 Length 10mm

4104ST.012 Length 12mm

4104ST.014 Length 14mm

4104ST.016 Length 16mm

4104ST.018 Length 18mm

4104ST.020 Length 20mm

4104ST.022 Length 22mm

4104ST.024 Length 24mm

4104ST.026 Length 26mm

4104ST.028 Length 28mm

4104ST.030 Length 30mm

4104ST.035 Length 35mm

4104ST.040 Length 40mm

4104ST.045 Length 45mm

4104ST.050 Length 50mm

4104ST.055 Length 55mm

4104ST.060 Length 60mm

4104ST.06001 Length 65mm

4104ST.06002 Length 70mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Short Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4104ST.0601 Length 10mm

4104ST.0602 Length 12mm

4104ST.0603 Length 14mm

4104ST.0604 Length 16mm

4104ST.0605 Length 18mm

4104ST.0606 Length 20mm

4104ST.0607 Length 22mm

4104ST.0608 Length 24mm

4104ST.0609 Length 26mm

4104ST.061 Length 28mm

4104ST.0611 Length 30mm

4104ST.0612 Length 35mm

4104ST.0613 Length 40mm

4104ST.0614 Length 45mm

4104ST.0615 Length 50mm

4104ST.0616 Length 55mm

4104ST.0617 Length 60mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

4105.01 Length 10mm

4105.012 Length 12mm

4105.014 Length 14mm

4105.016 Length 16mm

4105.018 Length 18mm

4105.02 Length 20mm

4105.022 Length 22mm

4105.024 Length 24mm

4105.026 Length 26mm

4105.028 Length 28mm

4105.03 Length 30mm

4105.032 Length 32mm

4105.035 Length 35mm

4105.04 Length 40mm

4105.045 Length 45mm

4105.05 Length 50mm

4105.055 Length 55mm

4105.06 Length 60mm

4105.06001 Length 65mm

4105.06002 Length 70mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

4105.0601 Length 10mm

4105.060 Length 12mm

4105.060 Length 14mm

4105.060 Length 16mm

4105.061 Length 18mm

4105.061 Length 20mm

4105.061 Length 22mm

4105.061 Length 24mm

4105.061 Length 26mm

4105.061 Length 28mm

4105.061 Length 30mm

4105.061 Length 32mm

4105.061 Length 35mm

4105.061 Length 40mm

4105.061 Length 45mm

4105.062 Length 50mm

4105.062 Length 55mm

4105.062 Length 60mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Full Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4105ST.01 Length 10mm

4105ST.012 Length 12mm

4105ST.014 Length 14mm

4105ST.016 Length 16mm

4105ST.018 Length 18mm

4105ST.02 Length 20mm

4105ST.022 Length 22mm

4105ST.024 Length 24mm

4105ST.026 Length 26mm

4105ST.028 Length 28mm

4105ST.03 Length 30mm

4105ST.032 Length 32mm

4105ST.035 Length 35mm

4105ST.04 Length 40mm

4105ST.045 Length 45mm

4105ST.05 Length 50mm

4105ST.055 Length 55mm

4105ST.06 Length 60mm

4105ST.06001 Length 65mm

4105ST.06002 Length 70mm

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Full Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4105ST.0601 Length 10mm

4105ST.0602 Length 12mm

4105ST.0603 Length 14mm

4105ST.0604 Length 16mm

4105ST.0605 Length 18mm

4105ST.0606 Length 20mm

4105ST.0607 Length 22mm

4105ST.0608 Length 24mm

4105ST.0609 Length 26mm

4105ST.061 Length 28mm

4105ST.0611 Length 30mm

4105ST.06111 Length 32mm

4105ST.0612 Length 35mm

4105ST.0613 Length 40mm

4105ST.0614 Length 45mm

4105ST.0615 Length 50mm

4105ST.0616 Length 55mm

4105ST.0617 Length 60mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Short Thread S.S.

4116.01 Length 10mm

4116.012 Length 12mm

4116.014 Length 14mm

4116.016 Length 16mm

4116.018 Length 18mm

4116.02 Length 20mm

4116.022 Length 22mm

4116.024 Length 24mm

4116.026 Length 26mm

4116.028 Length 28mm

4116.03 Length 30mm

4116.032 Length 32mm

4116.034 Length 34mm

4116.035 Length 35mm

4116.036 Length 36mm

4116.038 Length 38mm

4116.04 Length 40mm

4116.042 Length 42mm

4116.044 Length 44mm

4116.046 Length 46mm

4116.048 Length 48mm

4116.05 Length 50mm

4116.052 Length 52mm

4116.054 Length 54mm

4116.055 Length 55mm

4116.056 Length 56mm

4116.058 Length 58mm

4116.06 Length 60mm

4116.0601 Length 62mm

4116.0602 Length 64mm

4116.065 Length 65mm

4116.0651 Length 66mm

4116.0652 Length 68mm

4116.0653 Length 70mm

4116.072 Length 72mm

4116.0721 Length 74mm

4116.0722 75mm

4116.0723 80mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Short Thread Titanium

4116.01 Length 10mm

4116.012 Length 12mm

4116.014 Length 14mm

4116.016 Length 16mm

4116.018 Length 18mm

4116.02 Length 20mm

4116.022 Length 22mm

4116.024 Length 24mm

4116.026 Length 26mm

4116.028 Length 28mm

4116.03 Length 30mm

4116.032 Length 32mm

4116.034 Length 34mm

4116.036 Length 36mm

4116.037 40mm

4116.038 45mm

4116.039 50mm

4116.040 55mm

4116.041 60mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

4116.210 Length 10mm

4116.212 Length 12mm

4116.214 Length 14mm

4116.216 Length 16mm

4116.218 Length 18mm

4116.220 Length 20mm

4116.222 Length 22mm

4116.224 Length 24mm

4116.226 Length 26mm

4116.228 Length 28mm

4116.230 Length 30mm

4116.232 Length 32mm

4116.234 Length 34mm

4116.236 Length 36mm

4116.238 Length 38mm

4116.24 Length 40mm

4116.242 Length 42mm

4116.244 Length 44mm

4116.246 Length 46mm

4116.248 Length 48mm

4116.25 Length 50mm

4116.252 Length 52mm

4116.254 Length 54mm

4116.255 Length 55mm

4116.256 Length 56mm

4116.258 Length 58mm

4116.26 Length 60mm

4116.262 Length 62mm

4116.264 Length 64mm

4116.265 Length 65mm

4116.27 Length 70mm

4116.272 Length 72mm

4116.273 75mm

4116.274 80mm

Small Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

4116.21T Length 10mm

4116.212T Length 12mm

4116.214T Length 14mm

4116.216T Length 16mm

4116.218T Length 18mm

4116.22T Length 20mm

4116.222T Length 22mm

4116.224T Length 24mm

4116.226T Length 26mm

4116.228T Length 28mm

4116.23T Length 30mm

4116.232T Length 32mm

4116.234T Length 34mm

4116.236T Length 36mm

4116.238T Length 38mm

4116.24T Length 40mm

4116.242T Length 42mm

4116.244T Length 44mm

4116.246T Length 46mm

4116.248T Length 48mm

4116.25T Length 50mm

4116.255T Length 55mm

4116.26T Length 60mm

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Dia. S.S.

4106.0121 Length 10mm

4106.012 Length 12mm

4106.014 Length 14mm

4106.016 Length 16mm

4106.018 Length 18mm

4106.02 Length 20mm

4106.022 Length 22mm

4106.024 Length 24mm

4106.026 Length 26mm

4106.028 Length 28mm

4106.03 Length 30mm

4106.032 Length 32mm

4106.034 Length 34mm

4106.036 Length 36mm

4106.038 Length 38mm

4106.04 Length 40mm

4106.042 Length 42mm

4106.044 Length 44mm

4106.046 Length 46mm

4106.048 Length 48mm

4106.05 Length 50mm

4106.052 Length 52mm

4106.054 Length 54mm

4106.056 Length 56mm

4106.058 Length 58mm

4106.06 Length 60mm

4106.062 Length 62mm

4106.064 Length 64mm

4106.066 Length 66mm

4106.068 Length 68mm

4106.07 Length 70mm

4106.072 Length 72mm

4106.074 Length 74mm

4106.075 Length 75mm

4106.076 Length 80mm

4106.077 Length 85mm

4106.078 Length 90mm

4106.079 Length 95mm

4106.08 Length 100mm

4106.081 Length 105mm

4106.082 Length 110mm

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Dia. Titanium

4106T.0121 Length 10mm

4106T.012 Length 12mm

4106T.014 Length 14mm

4106T.016 Length 16mm

4106T.018 Length 18mm

4106T.020 Length 20mm

4106T.022 Length 22mm

4106T.024 Length 24mm

4106T.026 Length 26mm

4106T.028 Length 28mm

4106T.030 Length 30mm

4106T.032 Length 32mm

4106T.034 Length 34mm

4106T.036 Length 36mm

4106T.038 Length 38mm

4106T.040 Length 40mm

4106T.042 Length 42mm

4106T.044 Length 44mm

4106T.046 Length 46mm

4106T.048 Length 48mm

4106T.050 Length 50mm

4106T.052 Length 52mm

4106T.054 Length 54mm

4106T.056 Length 56mm

4106T.058 Length 58mm

4106T.060 Length 60mm

4106T.062 Length 62mm

4106T.064 Length 64mm

4106T.066 Length 66mm

4106T.068 Length 68mm

4106T.070 Length 70mm

4106T.072 Length 72mm

4106T.074 Length 74mm

4106T.075 Length 75mm

4106T.076 Length 80mm

4106T.077 Length 85mm

4106T.078 Length 90mm

4106T.079 Length 95mm

4106T.080 Length 100mm

4106T.081 Length 105mm

4106T.082 Length 110mm

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Dia. Self Tapping S.S.

4106.214 Length 14mm

4106.216 Length 16mm

4106.218 Length 18mm

4106.220 Length 20mm

4106.222 Length 22mm

4106.224 Length 24mm

4106.226 Length 26mm

4106.228 Length 28mm

4106.230 Length 30mm

4106.232 Length 32mm

4106.234 Length 34mm

4106.236 Length 36mm

4106.238 Length 38mm

4106.240 Length 40mm

4106.242 Length 42mm

4106.244 Length 44mm

4106.246 Length 46mm

4106.248 Length 48mm

4106.25 Length 50mm

4106.252 Length 52mm

4106.254 Length 54mm

4106.256 Length 56mm

4106.258 Length 58mm

4106.26 Length 60mm

4106.264 Length 64mm

4106.266 Length 66mm

4106.268 Length 68mm

4106.27 Length 70mm

4106.272 Length 72mm

4106.274 Length 74mm

4106.275 Length 75mm

4106.276 Length 80mm

4106.277 Length 85mm

4106.278 Length 90mm

4106.279 Length 95mm

4106.28 Length 100mm

4106.281 Length 105mm

4106.282 Length 110mm

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Dia. Self Tapping Titanium

4102.2741 Length 14mm

4102.2742 Length 16mm

4102.2743 Length 18mm

4102.2744 Length 20mm

4102.2745 Length 22mm

4102.2746 Length 24mm

4102.2747 Length 26mm

4102.2748 Length 28mm

4102.2749 Length 30mm

4102.275 Length 32mm

4102.2751 Length 34mm

4102.2752 Length 36mm

4102.2753 Length 38mm

4102.2754 Length 40mm

4102.2755 Length 42mm

4102.2756 Length 44mm

4102.2757 Length 46mm

4102.2758 Length 48mm

4102.2759 Length 50mm

4102.276 Length 52mm

4102.2761 Length 54mm

4102.2762 Length 56mm

4102.2763 Length 58mm

4102.2764 Length 60mm

4102.2765 Length 64mm

4102.2766 Length 66mm

4102.2767 Length 68mm

4102.2768 Length 70mm

4102.2769 Length 72mm

4102.277 Length 74mm

4106.2771 Length 75mm

4106.2772 Length 80mm

4106.2773 Length 85mm

4106.2774 Length 90mm

4106.2775 Length 95mm

4106.2776 Length 100mm

4106.2777 Length 105mm

4106.2778 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.5mm Dia. Short Thread S.S.

4116.261 Length 10mm

4116.2611 Length 12mm

4116.2612 Length 14mm

4116.2613 Length 16mm

4116.2614 Length 18mm

4116.2615 Length 20mm

4116.2616 Length 22mm

4116.2617 Length 24mm

4116.2618 Length 26mm

4116.2619 Length 28mm

4116.262 Length 30mm

4116.2621 Length 32mm

4116.2622 Length 34mm

4116.2623 Length 35mm

4116.2624 Length 36mm

4116.2625 Length 38mm

4116.2626 Length 40mm

4116.2627 Length 42mm

4116.2628 Length 44mm

4116.2629 Length 46mm

4116.263 Length 48mm

4116.2631 Length 50mm

4116.2632 Length 52mm

4116.2633 Length 54mm

4116.2634 Length 56mm

4116.2635 Length 58mm

4116.2636 Length 60mm

4116.2637 Length 62mm

4116.2638 Length 64mm

4116.2639 Length 66mm

4116.264 Length 68mm

4116.2641 Length 70mm

4116.2642 Length 72mm

4116.2643 Length 74mm

4116.2644 Length 76mm

4116.2645 Length 78mm

4116.2646 Length 80mm

4116.26461 Length 80mm

4116.26462 85mm

4116.26463 90mm

4116.26464 95mm

4116.2647 105mm

4116.2648 110mm

4116.2649 115mm

4116.265 120mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.5mm Dia. Short Thread Titanium

4116T.261 Length 10mm

4116T.2611 Length 12mm

4116T.2612 Length 14mm

4116T.2613 Length 16mm

4116T.2614 Length 18mm

4116T.2615 Length 20mm

4116T.2616 Length 22mm

4116T.2617 Length 24mm

4116T.2618 Length 26mm

4116T.2619 Length 28mm

4116T.262 Length 30mm

4116T.2621 Length 32mm

4116T.2622 Length 34mm

4116T.2623 Length 35mm

4116T.2624 Length 36mm

4116T.2625 Length 38mm

4116T.2626 Length 40mm

4116T.2627 Length 42mm

4116T.2628 Length 44mm

4116T.2629 Length 46mm

4116T.263 Length 48mm

4116T.2631 Length 50mm

4116T.2632 Length 52mm

4116T.2633 Length 54mm

4116T.2634 Length 56mm

4116T.2635 Length 58mm

4116T.2636 Length 60mm

4116T.2637 Length 62mm

4116T.2638 Length 64mm

4116T.2639 Length 66mm

4116T.264 Length 68mm

4116T.2641 Length 70mm

4116T.2642 Length 72mm

4116T.2643 Length 74mm

4116T.2644 Length 76mm

4116T.2645 Length 78mm

4116T.2646 Length 80mm

4116T.2647 Length 85mm

4116T.26471 90mm

4116T.26472 95mm

4116T.26473 100mm

4116T.2648 105mm

4116T.2649 110mm

4116T.265 115mm

4116T.2651 120mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.5mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

4116.26231 Length 10mm

4116.26232 Length 12mm

4116.26233 Length 14mm

4116.26234 Length 16mm

4116.26235 Length 18mm

4116.26236 Length 20mm

4116.26237 Length 22mm

4116.26238 Length 24mm

4116.26239 Length 26mm

4116.2624 Length 28mm

4116.26241 Length 30mm

4116.26242 Length 32mm

4116.26243 Length 34mm

4116.26244 Length 36mm

4116.26245 Length 38mm

4116.26246 Length 40mm

4116.26247 Length 42mm

4116.26248 Length 44mm

4116.26249 Length 46mm

4116.2625 Length 48mm

4116.26251 Length 50mm

4116.26252 Length 52mm

4116.26253 Length 54mm

4116.26254 Length 55mm

4116.26255 Length 56mm

4116.26256 Length 58mm

4116.26257 Length 60mm

4116.26258 Length 65mm

4116.26259 Length 70mm

4116.2626 Length 72mm

4116.2627 75mm

4116.2628 80mm

4116.2629 85mm

4116.263 90mm

4116.2631 95mm

4116.2632 100mm

4116.26261 105mm

4116.26262 110mm

4116.26263 115mm

4116.26264 120mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 4.5mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

4116T.26231 Length 10mm

4116T.26232 Length 12mm

4116T.26233 Length 14mm

4116T.26234 Length 16mm

4116T.26235 Length 18mm

4116T.26236 Length 20mm

4116T.26237 Length 22mm

4116T.26238 Length 24mm

4116T.26239 Length 26mm

4116T.26240 Length 28mm

4116T.26241 Length 30mm

4116T.26242 Length 32mm

4116T.26243 Length 34mm

4116T.26244 Length 36mm

4116T.26245 Length 38mm

4116T.26246 Length 40mm

4116T.26247 Length 42mm

4116T.26248 Length 44mm

4116T.26249 Length 46mm

4116T.26250 Length 48mm

4116T.26251 Length 50mm

4116T.26252 Length 55mm

4116T.26253 Length 60mm

4116T.26254 Length 85mm

4116T.26254 90mm

4116T.262541 95mm

4116T.262542 100mm

4116T.26255 105mm

4116T.26256 110mm

4116T.26257 115mm

4116T.26258 120mm

Malleolar Screw 4.5mm Dia. S.S.

4107.025 Length 25mm

4107.03 Length 30mm

4107.035 Length 35mm

4107.04 Length 40mm

4107.045 Length 45mm

4107.05 Length 50mm

4107.055 Length 55mm

4107.06 Length 60mm

4107.065 Length 65mm

4107.07 Length 70mm

4107.075 Length 75mm

4107.08 Length 80mm

4107.0801 Length 85mm

Malleolar Screw 4.5mm Dia. S.S.

4107T.025 Length 25mm

4107T.030 Length 30mm

4107T.035 Length 35mm

4107T.040 Length 40mm

4107T.045 Length 45mm

4107T.050 Length 50mm

4107T.055 Length 55mm

4107T.060 Length 60mm

4107T.065 Length 65mm

4107T.070 Length 70mm

4107T.075 Length 75mm

4107T.080 Length 80mm

4107T.0801 Length 85mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 16mm Thread S.S.

4108.025 Length 25mm

4108.030 Length 30mm

4108.035 Length 35mm

4108.040 Length 40mm

4108.045 Length 45mm

4108.050 Length 50mm

4108.055 Length 55mm

4108.060 Length 60mm

4108.065 Length 65mm

4108.070 Length 70mm

4108.075 Length 75mm

4108.080 Length 80mm

4108.085 Length 85mm

4108.090 Length 90mm

4108.095 Length 95mm

4108.100 Length 100mm

4108.105 Length 105mm

4108.110 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 16mm Thread Titanium

4108.1101 Length 25mm

4108.1102 Length 30mm

4108.1103 Length 35mm

4108.1104 Length 40mm

4108.1105 Length 45mm

4108.1106 Length 50mm

4108.1107 Length 55mm

4108.1108 Length 60mm

4108.1109 Length 65mm

4108.111 Length 70mm

4108.1111 Length 75mm

4108.1112 Length 80mm

4108.1113 Length 85mm

4108.1114 Length 90mm

4108.1115 Length 95mm

4108.1116 Length 100mm

4108.1117 Length 105mm

4108.1118 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 16mm Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4108ST.025 Length 25mm

4108ST.030 Length 30mm

4108ST.035 Length 35mm

4108ST.040 Length 40mm

4108ST.045 Length 45mm

4108ST.050 Length 50mm

4108ST.055 Length 55mm

4108ST.060 Length 60mm

4108ST.065 Length 65mm

4108ST.070 Length 70mm

4108ST.075 Length 75mm

4108ST.080 Length 80mm

4108ST.085 Length 85mm

4108ST.090 Length 90mm

4108ST.095 Length 95mm

4108ST.100 Length 100mm

4108ST.105 Length 105mm

4108ST.110 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 16mm Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4108ST.1101 Length 25mm

4108ST.1102 Length 30mm

4108ST.1103 Length 35mm

4108ST.1104 Length 40mm

4108ST.1105 Length 45mm

4108ST.1106 Length 50mm

4108ST.1107 Length 55mm

4108ST.1108 Length 60mm

4108ST.1109 Length 65mm

4108ST.111 Length 70mm

4108ST.1111 Length 75mm

4108ST.1112 Length 80mm

4108ST.1113 Length 85mm

4108ST.1114 Length 90mm

4108ST.1115 Length 95mm

4108ST.1116 Length 100mm

4108ST.1117 Length 105mm

4108ST.1118 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 16mm Thread S.S.

4108.1119 Length 25mm

4108.112 Length 30mm

4108.1121 Length 35mm

4108.1122 Length 40mm

4108.1123 Length 45mm

4108.1124 Length 50mm

4108.1125 Length 55mm

4108.1126 Length 60mm

4108.1127 Length 65mm

4108.1128 Length 70mm

4108.1129 Length 75mm

4108.113 Length 80mm

4108.1131 Length 85mm

4108.1132 Length 90mm

4108.1133 Length 95mm

4108.1134 Length 100mm

4108.1135 Length 105mm

4108.1136 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 16mm Thread Titanium

4108T.1119 Length 25mm

4108T.1120 Length 30mm

4108T.1121 Length 35mm

4108T.1122 Length 40mm

4108T.1123 Length 45mm

4108T.1124 Length 50mm

4108T.1125 Length 55mm

4108T.1126 Length 60mm

4108T.1127 Length 65mm

4108T.1128 Length 70mm

4108T.1129 Length 75mm

4108T.1130 Length 80mm

4108T.1131 Length 85mm

4108T.1132 Length 90mm

4108T.1133 Length 95mm

4108T.1134 Length 100mm

4108T.1135 Length 105mm

4108T.1136 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 32mm Thread S.S.

4109.034 Length 30mm

4109.035 Length 35mm

4109.040 Length 40mm

4109.045 Length 45mm

4109.050 Length 50mm

4109.055 Length 55mm

4109.060 Length 60mm

4109.065 Length 65mm

4109.070 Length 70mm

4109.075 Length 75mm

4109.080 Length 80mm

4109.085 Length 85mm

4109.090 Length 90mm

4109.095 Length 95mm

4109.100 Length 100mm

4109.105 Length 105mm

4109.110 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 32mm Thread Titanium

4109.1101 Length 35mm

4109.1102 Length 40mm

4109.1103 Length 45mm

4109.1104 Length 50mm

4109.1105 Length 55mm

4109.1106 Length 60mm

4109.1107 Length 65mm

4109.1108 Length 70mm

4109.1109 Length 75mm

4109.111 Length 80mm

4109.1111 Length 85mm

4109.1112 Length 90mm

4109.1113 Length 95mm

4109.1114 Length 100mm

4109.1115 Length 105mm

4109.1116 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 32mm Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4109ST.034 Length 30mm

4109ST.035 Length 35mm

4109ST.040 Length 40mm

4109ST.045 Length 45mm

4109ST.050 Length 50mm

4109ST.055 Length 55mm

4109ST.060 Length 60mm

4109ST.065 Length 65mm

4109ST.070 Length 70mm

4109ST.075 Length 75mm

4109ST.080 Length 80mm

4109ST.085 Length 85mm

4109ST.090 Length 90mm

4109ST.095 Length 95mm

4109ST.100 Length 100mm

4109ST.105 Length 105mm

4109ST.110 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 32mm Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4109ST.1101 Length 35mm

4109ST.1102 Length 40mm

4109ST.1103 Length 45mm

4109ST.1104 Length 50mm

4109ST.1105 Length 55mm

4109ST.1106 Length 60mm

4109ST.1107 Length 65mm

4109ST.1108 Length 70mm

4109ST.1109 Length 75mm

4109ST.111 Length 80mm

4109ST.1111 Length 85mm

4109ST.1112 Length 90mm

4109ST.1113 Length 95mm

4109ST.1114 Length 100mm

4109ST.1115 Length 105mm

4109ST.1116 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 32mm Thread S.S.

4109.1117 Length 35mm

4109.1118 Length 40mm

4109.1119 Length 45mm

4109.112 Length 50mm

4109.1121 Length 55mm

4109.1122 Length 60mm

4109.1123 Length 65mm

4109.1124 Length 70mm

4109.1125 Length 75mm

4109.1126 Length 80mm

4109.1127 Length 85mm

4109.1128 Length 90mm

4109.1129 Length 95mm

4109.113 Length 100mm

4109.1131 Length 105mm

4109.1132 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. 32mm Thread Titanium

4109T.1117 Length 35mm

4109T.1118 Length 40mm

4109T.1119 Length 45mm

4109T.1120 Length 50mm

4109T.1121 Length 55mm

4109T.1122 Length 60mm

4109T.1123 Length 65mm

4109T.1124 Length 70mm

4109T.1125 Length 75mm

4109T.1126 Length 80mm

4109T.1127 Length 85mm

4109T.1128 Length 90mm

4109T.1129 Length 95mm

4109T.1130 Length 100mm

4109T.1131 Length 105mm

4109T.1132 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

4110.020 Length 20mm

4110.025 Length 25mm

4110.030 Length 30mm

4110.035 Length 35mm

4110.040 Length 40mm

4110.045 Length 45mm

4110.050 Length 50mm

4110.055 Length 55mm

4110.060 Length 60mm

4110.065 Length 65mm

4110.070 Length 70mm

4110.075 Length 75mm

4110.080 Length 80mm

4110.085 Length 85mm

4110.090 Length 90mm

4110.095 Length 95mm

4110.100 Length 100mm

4110.105 Length 105mm

4110.110 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

4110.11 Length 20mm

4110.1101 Length 25mm

4110.1102 Length 30mm

4110.1103 Length 35mm

4110.1104 Length 40mm

4110.1105 Length 45mm

4110.1106 Length 50mm

4110.1107 Length 55mm

4110.1108 Length 60mm

4110.1109 Length 65mm

4110.111 Length 70mm

4110.1111 Length 75mm

4110.1112 Length 80mm

4110.1113 Length 85mm

4110.1114 Length 90mm

4110.1115 Length 95mm

4110.1116 Length 100mm

4110.1117 Length 105mm

4110.1118 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. Full Thread Self Tapping S.S.

4110ST.02 Length 20mm

4110ST.025 Length 25mm

4110ST.030 Length 30mm

4110ST.035 Length 35mm

4110ST.040 Length 40mm

4110ST.045 Length 45mm

4110ST.050 Length 50mm

4110ST.055 Length 55mm

4110ST.060 Length 60mm

4110ST.065 Length 65mm

4110ST.070 Length 70mm

4110ST.075 Length 75mm

4110ST.080 Length 80mm

4110ST.085 Length 85mm

4110ST.090 Length 90mm

4110ST.095 Length 95mm

4110ST.100 Length 100mm

4110ST.105 Length 105mm

4110ST.110 Length 110mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. Full Thread Self Tapping Titanium

4110ST.11 Length 20mm

4110ST.1101 Length 25mm

4110ST.1102 Length 30mm

4110ST.1103 Length 35mm

4110ST.1104 Length 40mm

4110ST.1105 Length 45mm

4110ST.1106 Length 50mm

4110ST.1107 Length 55mm

4110ST.1108 Length 60mm

4110ST.1109 Length 65mm

4110ST.111 Length 70mm

4110ST.1111 Length 75mm

4110ST.1112 Length 80mm

4110ST.1113 Length 85mm

4110ST.1114 Length 90mm

4110ST.1115 Length 95mm

4110ST.1116 Length 100mm

4110ST.1117 Length 105mm

4110ST.1118 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

4110.1119 Length 25mm

4110.112 Length 30mm

4110.1121 Length 35mm

4110.1122 Length 40mm

4110.1123 Length 45mm

4110.1124 Length 50mm

4110.1125 Length 55mm

4110.1126 Length 60mm

4110.1127 Length 65mm

4110.1128 Length 70mm

4110.1129 Length 75mm

4110.113 Length 80mm

4110.1131 Length 85mm

4110.1132 Length 90mm

4110.1133 Length 95mm

4110.1134 Length 100mm

4110.1135 Length 105mm

4110.1136 Length 110mm

Cannulated Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

4110T.1119 Length 25mm

4110T.1120 Length 30mm

4110T.1121 Length 35mm

4110T.1122 Length 40mm

4110T.1123 Length 45mm

4110T.1124 Length 50mm

4110T.1125 Length 55mm

4110T.1126 Length 65mm

4110T.1128 Length 70mm

4110T.1129 Length 75mm

4110T.1130 Length 80mm

4110T.1131 Length 85mm

4110T.1132 Length 90mm

4110T.1133 Length 95mm

4110T.1134 Length 100mm

4110T.1135 Length 105mm

4110T.1136 Length 110mm


Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Dia. 16mm Thread S.S.

4111.035 Length 35mm

4111.04 Length 40mm

4111.045 Length 45mm

4111.05 Length 50mm

4111.055 Length 55mm

4111.06 Length 60mm

4111.065 Length 65mm

4111.07 Length 70mm

4111.075 Length 75mm

4111.08 Length 80mm

4111.085 Length 85mm

4111.09 Length 90mm

4111.095 Length 95mm

4111.1 Length 100mm

4111.105 Length 105mm

4111.11 Length 110mm

4111.115 Length 115mm

4111.12 Length 120mm


Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Dia. 16mm Thread Titanium

4111.1201 Length 50mm

4111.1202 Length 55mm

4111.1203 Length 60mm

4111.1204 Length 65mm

4111.1205 Length 70mm

4111.1206 Length 75mm

4111.1207 Length 80mm

4111.1208 Length 85mm

4111.1209 Length 90mm

4111.121 Length 95mm

4111.1211 Length 100mm

4111.1212 Length 105mm

4111.1213 Length 110mm

4111.1214 Length 115mm

4111.1215 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Dia. 32mm Thread S.S.

4112.05 Length 50mm

4112.055 Length 55mm

4112.06 Length 60mm

4112.065 Length 65mm

4112.07 Length 70mm

4112.075 Length 75mm

4112.08 Length 80mm

4112.085 Length 85mm

4112.09 Length 90mm

4112.095 Length 95mm

4112.1 Length 100mm

4112.105 Length 105mm

4112.11 Length 110mm

4112.115 Length 115mm

4112.12 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Dia. 32mm Thread Titanium

4112.1201 Length 50mm

4112.1202 Length 55mm

4112.1203 Length 60mm

4112.1204 Length 65mm

4112.1205 Length 70mm

4112.1206 Length 75mm

4112.1207 Length 80mm

4112.1208 Length 85mm

4112.1209 Length 90mm

4112.121 Length 95mm

4112.1211 Length 100mm

4112.1212 Length 105mm

4112.1213 Length 110mm

4112.1214 Length 115mm

4112.1215 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

41121.05 Length 50mm

41121.055 Length 55mm

41121.06 Length 60mm

41121.065 Length 65mm

41121.07 Length 70mm

41121.075 Length 75mm

41121.08 Length 80mm

41121.085 Length 85mm

41121.09 Length 90mm

41121.095 Length 95mm

41121.1 Length 100mm

41121.105 Length 105mm

41121.11 Length 110mm

41121.115 Length 115mm

41121.12 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

41121.1201 Length 50mm

41121.1202 Length 55mm

41121.1203 Length 60mm

41121.1204 Length 65mm

41121.1205 Length 70mm

41121.1206 Length 75mm

41121.1207 Length 80mm

41121.1208 Length 85mm

41121.1209 Length 90mm

41121.121 Length 95mm

41121.1211 Length 100mm

41121.1212 Length 105mm

41121.1213 Length 110mm

41121.1214 Length 115mm

41121.1215 Length 120mm


Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.3mm Dia. 16mm Thread S.S.

41171.035 Length 35mm

41171.04 Length 40mm

41171.045 Length 45mm

41171.05 Length 50mm

41171.055 Length 55mm

41171.06 Length 60mm

41171.065 Length 65mm

41171.07 Length 70mm

41171.075 Length 75mm

41171.08 Length 80mm

41171.085 Length 85mm

41171.09 Length 90mm

41171.095 Length 95mm

41171.1 Length 100mm

41171.105 Length 105mm

41171.11 Length 110mm

41171.115 Length 115mm

41171.12 Length 120mm


Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.3mm Dia. 16mm Thread Titanium

41171.1201 Length 50mm

41171.1202 Length 55mm

41171.1203 Length 60mm

41171.1204 Length 65mm

41171.1205 Length 70mm

41171.1206 Length 75mm

41171.1207 Length 80mm

41171.1208 Length 85mm

41171.1209 Length 90mm

41171.121 Length 95mm

41171.1211 Length 100mm

41171.1212 Length 105mm

41171.1213 Length 110mm

41171.1214 Length 115mm

41171.1215 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.3mm Dia. 32mm Thread S.S.

41172.05 Length 50mm

41172.055 Length 55mm

41172.06 Length 60mm

41172.065 Length 65mm

41172.07 Length 70mm

41172.075 Length 75mm

41172.08 Length 80mm

41172.085 Length 85mm

41172.09 Length 90mm

41172.095 Length 95mm

41172.1 Length 100mm

41172.105 Length 105mm

41172.11 Length 110mm

41172.115 Length 115mm

41172.12 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.3mm Dia. 32mm Thread Titanium

41172.1201 Length 50mm

41172.1202 Length 55mm

41172.1203 Length 60mm

41172.1204 Length 65mm

41172.1205 Length 70mm

41172.1206 Length 75mm

41172.1207 Length 80mm

41172.1208 Length 85mm

41172.1209 Length 90mm

41172.121 Length 95mm

41172.1211 Length 100mm

41172.1212 Length 105mm

41172.1213 Length 110mm

41172.1214 Length 115mm

41172.1215 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.3mm Dia. Full Thread S.S.

411721.05 Length 50mm

411721.055 Length 55mm

411721.06 Length 60mm

411721.065 Length 65mm

411721.07 Length 70mm

411721.075 Length 75mm

411721.08 Length 80mm

411721.085 Length 85mm

411721.09 Length 90mm

411721.095 Length 95mm

411721.1 Length 100mm

411721.105 Length 105mm

411721.11 Length 110mm

411721.115 Length 115mm

411721.12 Length 120mm

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.3mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

411721.1201 Length 50mm

411721.1202 Length 55mm

411721.1203 Length 60mm

411721.1204 Length 65mm

411721.1205 Length 70mm

411721.1206 Length 75mm

411721.1207 Length 80mm

411721.1208 Length 85mm

411721.1209 Length 90mm

411721.121 Length 95mm

411721.1211 Length 100mm

411721.1212 Length 105mm

411721.1213 Length 110mm

411721.1214 Length 115mm

411721.1215 Length 120mm

SHAFT SCREW FOR LC DCP 3.5 LENGTH (according to 6.5mm cancellous screw) SS

46535.001 30mm

46535.002 35mm

46535.003 40mm

46535.004 45mm

46535.005 50mm

SHAFT SCREW FOR LC DCP 4.5 LENGTH (according to 6.5mm cancellous screw) SS

46545.001 30mm

46545.002 35mm

46545.003 40mm

46545.004 45mm

46545.005 50mm

Steffee Screw 4.5mm S.S.

4198.124 24mm

4198.126 26mm

4198.128 28mm

4198.13 30mm

4198.132 32mm

4198.134 34mm

4198.136 36mm

4198.138 38mm

4198.14 40mm

4198.142 42mm

4198.144 44mm

4198.146 46mm

4198.148 48mm

4198.15 50mm

4198.152 52mm

4198.154 54mm

4198.156 56mm

4198.158 58mm

4198.16 60mm

Steffee Screw 5.5mm S.S.

4198.224 24mm

4198.226 26mm

4198.228 28mm

4198.23 30mm

4198.232 32mm

4198.234 34mm

4198.236 36mm

4198.238 38mm

4198.24 40mm

4198.242 42mm

4198.244 44mm

4198.246 46mm

4198.248 48mm

4198.25 50mm

4198.252 52mm

4198.254 54mm

4198.256 54mm

4198.258 58mm

4198.26 60mm

Steffee Screw 6.25mm S.S.

4198.324 24mm

4198.326 26mm

4198.328 28mm

4198.33 30mm

4198.332 32mm

4198.334 34mm

4198.336 36mm

4198.338 38mm

4198.34 40mm

4198.342 42mm

4198.344 44mm

44198.346 46mm

4198.348 48mm

4198.35 50mm

4198.352 52mm

4198.354 54mm

4198.356 56mm

4198.358 58mm

4198.36 60mm

Steffee Screw 7.0mm S.S.

4198.424 24mm

4198.426 26mm

4198.428 28mm

4198.43 30mm

4198.432 32mm

4198.434 34mm

4198.436 36mm

4198.438 38mm

4198.44 40mm

4198.442 42mm

4198.444 44mm

4198.446 46mm

4198.448 48mm

4198.45 48mm

4198.452 52mm

4198.454 54mm

4198.456 56mm

4198.458 58mm

4198.46 60mm

Herbert Screw Dia 2.5/3.5mm Short Thread SS

999S.00151 Length 15mm

999S.00152 Length 16mm

999S.00153 Length 17mm

999S.00154 Length 18mm

999S.00155 Length 19mm

999S.00156 Length 20mm

999S.00157 Length 21mm

999S.00158 Length 22mm

999S.00159 Length 23mm

999S.0016 Length 24mm

999S.00161 Length 25mm

999S.00162 Length 26mm

999S.00163 Length 27mm

999S.00164 Length 28mm

999S.00165 Length 29mm

999S.00166 Length 30mm

999S.00167 Length 32mm

999S.00168 Length 34mm

999S.00169 Length 36mm

999S.0017 Length 38mm

999S.00171 Length 40mm

Herbert Screw Dia 2.5/3.5mm Short Thread (Titanium)

999.00151 Length 15mm

999.00152 Length 16mm

999.00153 Length 17mm

999.00154 Length 18mm

999.00155 Length 19mm

999.00156 Length 20mm

999.00157 Length 21mm

999.00158 Length 22mm

999.00159 Length 23mm

999.0016 Length 24mm

999.00161 Length 25mm

999.00162 Length 26mm

999.00163 Length 27mm

999.00164 Length 28mm

999.00165 Length 29mm

999.00166 Length 30mm

999.00167 Length 32mm

999.00168 Length 34mm

999.00169 Length 36mm

999.0017 Length 38mm

999.00171 Length 40mm

Herbert Screw Dia 3.5/4.5mm Short Thread SS

999S.0015 Length 15mm

999S.0016 Length 16mm

999S.0017 Length 17mm

999S.0018 Length 18mm

999S.0019 Length 19mm

999S.002 Length 20mm

999S.0021 Length 21mm

999S.0022 Length 22mm

999S.0023 Length 23mm

999S.0024 Length 24mm

999S.0025 Length 25mm

999S.0026 Length 26mm

999S.0027 Length 27mm

999S.0028 Length 28mm

999S.0029 Length 29mm

999S.003 Length 30mm

999S.0031 Length 32mm

999S.0032 Length 34mm

999S.0033 Length 36mm

999S.0034 Length 38mm

999S.0035 Length 40mm

Herbert Screw Dia 3.5/4.5mm Short Thread (Titanium)

999.0015 Length 15mm

999.0016 Length 16mm

999.0017 Length 17mm

999.0018 Length 18mm

999.0019 Length 19mm

999.002 Length 20mm

999.0021 Length 21mm

999.0022 Length 22mm

999.0023 Length 23mm

999.0024 Length 24mm

999.0025 Length 25mm

999.0026 Length 26mm

999.0027 Length 27mm

999.0028 Length 28mm

999.0029 Length 29mm

999.003 Length 30mm

999.0031 Length 32mm

999.0032 Length 34mm

999.0033 Length 36mm

999.0034 Length 38mm

999.0035 Length 40mm

Herbert Screw Dia 3.0/4.0mm Short Thread SS

999S.0041 Length 15mm

999S.0042 Length 16mm

999S.0043 Length 17mm

999S.0044 Length 18mm

999S.0045 Length 19mm

999S.0046 Length 20mm

999S.0047 Length 21mm

999S.0048 Length 22mm

999S.0049 Length 23mm

999S.005 Length 24mm

999S.0051 Length 25mm

999S.0052 Length 26mm

999S.0053 Length 27mm

999S.0054 Length 28mm

999S.0055 Length 29mm

999S.0056 Length 30mm

999S.0057 Length 32mm

999S.0058 Length 34mm

999S.0059 Length 36mm

999S.006 Length 38mm

999S.0061 Length 40mm

Herbert Screw Dia 3.0/4.0mm Short Thread (Titanium)

999.0041 Length 15mm

999.0042 Length 16mm

999.0043 Length 17mm

999.0044 Length 18mm

999.0045 Length 19mm

999.0046 Length 20mm

999.0047 Length 21mm

999.0048 Length 22mm

999.0049 Length 23mm

999.005 Length 24mm

999.0051 Length 25mm

999.0052 Length 26mm

999.0053 Length 27mm

999.0054 Length 28mm

999.0055 Length 29mm

999.0056 Length 30mm

999.0057 Length 32mm

999.0058 Length 34mm

999.0059 Length 36mm

999.006 Length 38mm

999.0061 Length 40mm

999.00351 Cannulated Tap For Herbert Screw

999.00352 Cannulated Screw Driver For Herbert Screw

999.00353 Cannulated Tap For Herbert Screw

999.00354 Cannulated Drill Bit For Herbert Screw

999.00355 Guide Wire For Herbert Screw

Washer S.S.

4112.12151 For 3.5mm Screw

4112.12152 For 4.5mm Screw

4112.12153 For 4.0mm Screw

4115.000 For 6.5mm Cancellous Screw

4115.011 For 4.0mm Cancellous Screw

4115.025 For 7.0mm Cannulated Cancellous Screw


LCP 2.0mm Screws S.S.

5145S.008 8mm

5145S.009 9mm

5145S.010 10mm

5145S.011 11mm

5145S.012 12mm

5145S.013 14mm

5145S.014 16mm

5145S.015 18mm

5145S.016 20mm

5145S.017 22mm

5145S.018 24mm

5145S.019 26mm

5145S.020 28mm

5145S.021 30mm

LCP 2.0mm Screws - Titanium

5145T.008 8mm