Post Mortem Instruments

Cartilage Knife 4.5"

Amputation Knife 8"

Brain Knife 10"

Bowl Scissor

Post Mortem Scissor

Allise Tissue Forcep 2X3 Teeth

Disecting Forcep 8"

Mallet Round

Chisel 8½" X 3/4"

Chisel 8½" X 1"

Chisel 8½" X1¼"

Spine Wrench

Bone Cutting Scissor

Steel Tape (3 Meter)

Amputation Saw 12"

Pipe Saw 12"

Blow Pipe 10"

Retractor 4 Prong

Probe 6"/8"

Bone Holding 12"

Operation Table For Dogs And Small Animals Made Of Iron With S.S Top

Bone Cutter S.S 6" 8"

Amputation Knife S.S

Bone Holding Forcep.

Post Mortem Chisel

Plaster Saw Engle'S

Bowl Scissor S.S.

Post Mortem Scissor S.Sv

Post Mortem Hammer.

Unbilical Hernia Clamps

Post Mortem Gloves Assorted Size

Bone Shear

Plaster Shear Bohler'S