General Veterinary Instruments

Pig Holder With Auto Lock

Pig Holder

Veterinary Needle For Large Animals. Size No. 16G 18G*1"

Veterinary Needle For Small Animals Size No. 20 To 24 G 1"

Pocket Instrument Set Complete In A Pouch A B

Drenching Bottle Army Pattern (Metal).

Thygesen’S Pattern Embryotome Set Complete.

Wire Saw With Two Handle Complete Set.

Veterinary Thermometer Clinical.

Thermometer 110°C 200°C 250° C 300°C

Stomach Tube Rubber.

Stomach Tube P.V.C Transparent.

Douche Tube Rubber

Douche Tube Plastic.

Stethoscope Plastic Duel Type For Vety Use.

Surgeon Gloves Latex

Post Mortem Gloves

Ointment Spatula With Metal Handle

Butcher Knife Veterinary

Butcher Saw Veterinary.

Apron Cotton.

Apron Plastic.

Ice Gel Pack.

Doctor Bag.

Operation Table For Dog And Small Animals. (S.S. Top)

Operation Table For Dog And Small Animals. (Painted Top.)

Instrument And Dressing Trolly ( S.S. Top) With Railing

Revolving Stool S.S. Top.

I.V. Stand