Frozen Semen Artificial Insemination Equipments

Artificial Insemination Guns:

(I) For French Medium Straw (With Clip Locking)

(Ii) For Mini Straws.

(Iii) Universal A.I Gun To Be Used For Medium / Mini Straw (With Clip Locking)

Sheaths For A.I. Guns :

A). For Use With A.I. Gun French Medium Design.

B). For Use With A.I. Gun Mini.

C). For Use With A.I Gun Universal Type

A.I. Gun Container :

A). To Hold One A.I. Gun.

B). Replacement Stopper.

Sheath Container:

A). To Hold 50 Sheaths.

B). Replacement Stopper.

Thermos For Thawing With Dial Thermometer.

Straws Cutting Scissor S.S.

Straw Cutter Plastic

Straw Holding Forceps S.S.

Soap Strips.

Insemination Gloves:

Disposable 5 Finger Type (Isi Design) Shoulder Length. In Poly Pack In A Box Pack

Obstetric Full Sleeve Gloves (Latex)

A. To Hold 50 French Medium Straws.

B. To Hold 10 Mini Straws

C. To Hold 50 Mini Straws

Semen Collection Vials:

Plastic 1.5 C.C / 2 C.C / 5 C.C

Goblet Holder.

Goblet Lifting Forcep

Liquid Nitrogen Measuring Stick (Dip Stick) Plastic Non Folding.

Thaw Monitor

Thawing Unit.

Vaccine Carrier.

Liquid Nitrogen Container.

Thermometer (Pocket Type)