Equine Section

Tooth Shear Thompsone Heavy Pattern.

Tooth Chisel With Guard.

Tooth Rasp Set Of 3.

Tooth Cutter Molar Danish Pattern

Stomach Tube P.Vc. Veterinary 10 Feet Long

Catheter For Mare Metal.

Catheter For Mare P.V.C

Catheter For Horse Metal

Catheter For Horse P.V.C

Bailing Gun For Horse With Spring.

Drawing Knife French Pattern.

Hook Knife Wooden Handle.

Farrier Set Of Tools In A Canvas Case With Strap Containing Harmer Buffer Rasp Pincer Hoof KnifeStone For Sharpening Hoof Knife Complete Set.

Docking Machine.

Mouth Gag Varnell'S With Regulating Screw & Jaw.

Firing Iron Set Of 3.

Hoof Testing Forcep.

Stomach Pump Complete With Rubber Tube.

Casting Rope Cotton 10 Meter With Leather Bound Ends.

Wound Syringe With Extra Nozzle 4Oz

Drenching Bottel Army Model.