"Mastitis Detector This State The Art Instrument Unfailingly Detects SubClinical Mastitis In Is Earliest Visually Undetectable Stage. It Is A Valuble And Trustworthy Aid To Maintain A Healthy Herd And Higher Quality Milk Production.

The Mastitis Detector'S Sensors Detect And Analyse Minute Changes In The Electrical Resistance Of The Cow'S Milk Quality Milk Never Fails The Test Wheress Milk From A Quarter With Undetected Mastitis Will.

Using This Detector Is As Simple As Filling The Measurement Cup With A Few Squirts Of Milk Pressing The Switch And Taking The Reading.

The Large Number Display Allows For The Results To Be Read Easily Even In Poor Lighting Conditins. The Instrument Is Not Only Waterproof But Sufficiently Durable To Resist Even The Most Hostile Milking Are As And Conditions. In Addititon The Detector Has No Moving Parts Nor Does It Require Any Chemicals Inthe Testing Procedure.

Three Models Are Avilable Depending OnTheNeeds Demanded By The Various User Groups:

The Standard Detector Used For Quick OnTheSpot Testing.A Detector With Temperature Compensation(From 40°C To 5°C).A Detector With A Memory Function Which Allows The Storing Of All Four Quarter Readings When Teating Large Herds And Recording Of These Results Becomes A Problem."

Estrous Detector Determines The Most Fertile Moment For Breeding In Animals.

The Application Of The Most Advanced Technology Enables For The Breeder To Determine Very Precisely The Exact Momment Of The Estrous Cycle When The Ovulation TaKEs Place (Also In The Case Of So Called Silent Heat!!!).

The Estrous Detector Monitors Changes In Electrical Resistance Of The Vaginal Mucus. Measurements Are TaKEn Simply By Properly Inserting The Probe In The Vagina And Taking The Reading. No Prior Technical Knowledge On The Part Of The Operator Is Required.

The Big EasyToGrip Handle Ensures That The Instrument Is Not Easily KicKEd Out Of The User'S Hand And The EasyToRead Display MaKEs Reading The Results More Convenient.

One Or Two Daily Readings Over Several Successive Days Are Recommended For FailSafe Detection Of Estrous. There Are Also Available Versions For Cows Pigs Ewes As Well As Dogs."

" Pregnancy Detector This Is A Fully Portable Cost Effective Ultrasonic Instrument Which Identifies Whether Or Not An Animal Is Pregnant With Maximum Accuracy Animal And The Elimination Of Pregnatn Animals And The Elimination Of Labour And Feedingcasts Asscociated With Barren Sows And Ewes.

The Detector Determines Pregency By Locating Amniotic Fluid In The Uterus. The Testing Procedure Is Easily Implemented By Simply Pressing The Ultrasonic Probe Aginst The Animal'S Skin. When Pregnancy Is Detected The Instrument Signls This Not Only With A Rapidly Flashing Indicator But Also With A HighFrequency Acoustic Signal. Only One Button Is Used For Operation.

Detectors Are Available In Two Models:

For Sows Where Teasting Can Be Performed Between 15 And 75 Days After Breeding Or Insemination With Best Results Being Achieved Between 25 And 30Days."

"Pregnancy Detector For Sheep'S

The Pregnancy Detector For Sheep Can Be Used Between Days 60 To 120 Days After Mating. The Most Objective Time Recommended For Accurate Diagnosis Is From 90 Days After Mating When The FluidFilled Enlarged Uterus Drops Closer To The Abdominal Wall."

"Pregnancy Detector For Pig

Pregnancy Detector For Pigs Can Be Used Between Days 15 To 75 Days After Breeding. The Most Effective Time Recommended For Accurate Diagnosis Is About 2530 Days After Breeding."

"Pregnancy Detector For Dog

Pregnancy Detector For Dogs Can Be Used Between Days 25 To 28 Days After Mating Or Insemination. The Most Effective Time Recommended For Accurate Diagnosis Is About 40 Days After Mating Or Insemination"

" Metal Detectors Highly Sensitive Light Weight And Simple To Operate

Search Probe Is Mounted On Aluminum 3Section Adjustable Telescopic Rod

Pitch Of Sound Is Directly Proportional To Size And Proximity Of Metal

Sensitivity Control For Locating Metals Of All Sizes

Auto CalibrationDoes Not Require Zero Adjustment

Long Lasting PiezoElectric Internal Transducer

Headphone Is Also Provided To Exclude External Noise

Reliable PulseInduction Technology

Fast And Accurate Location Of Buried Metals

ReChargeable Ni/Mh Batteries With BuiltIn Smps Charger"

"Construction Abs Moulded Search Head Powder Coated Cabinets.

Power 2 × 1.2 Volt NiCd/Dry Cells.

Detection Audio Signal Through Piezo Electric Buzzer.

Indication On & Low Battery Through Common Led."