Bovine Section

Calf Puller

Long Fine Teat Bistoury Sharp Pointed Or Probe Pointed 20 Cm Long S.S

Hug'S Teat Lancet

Teat Knife Mclean For Servering The Sphincter. Muscle.

Teat Knife Trifin

Teat Slitter With Twin Blade.

Barrett'S Papillatome For Removal Of Growth From The Duct Of The Cow Teat.

Teat Instrument Hudson'S 2 Size Dilators And 1 Introducer.

Teat Dilator With Screw Pattern

Teat Scissor With Slitting Blade.

Teat Opener Groved (American Pattern)

Teat Plug With Ring And Self Retaining.Plastic

Teat Plug Metal

Teat Plug Plastic.

Teat Injection Tubes For Penicillin.

15.Teat Cannula For Penicillin.

Milk Syphon Ordinary

Milk Syphon SelfRetaining And Adjustable.

Teat Memory Set In A Case Containing 9 Items.

Rumentomy Outfit Cattle Complete Set.

Dehorner Electric.

Dehorner Non Electric

Animal Awakener

Vaginoscope Metal With Light Arrangement