Artificial Insemination Sterility Section

Artificial Vagina For Bulls With Raised Rim At Both Ends Fitted With Combine Air And Water Filter Valve Size 8 12 14

Latex Linner With Rolled End For Bulla.V. Size. 22"

Latex Linner For Sheep 12"

Latex Collecting Cone For Bull. 9"

Latex Collecting Cone For Sheep. 6"

Semen Collection Tube With Rim Graduated 10Cc / 15Cc (Glass).

Insulating Bag For Semen Collection.

Rubber Junction To TaKE Insemination Pipette & Syringe.

Insemination (Catheter) Pipette Glass.

Vaginal Speculam Improved Russian Pattern With Locking Arrangement Size 8101214

Swab Holder For Holding Rag Dipped In Alcohol 918

Obstetric Gloves Latex.

Obstetric Sleeve Arm Latex With Attached Glove & Band.

Microscope Glass Slide.

Microscope Cover Slip Square Or Round.

Sterilizer Suitable For A.I. Work.

Field Microscope For A.I. Work.