Scissor Forceps & Scalpels

Scissor and Forceps can be seen as an extension of the researchers fingers, Medical Grade Stainless Steel and precision. Here you will find a wide range of surgical instruments, with the Jindal Medi Surge brand Stille as our highest quality supplier of Surgical Instruments.

Scissor Cuticle Straight

Scissor Cuticle Curved

Irish Scissor Straight

Irish Scissor Curved

Scissor Pointed Straight

Scissor Pointed Curved

Scissor Blunt/Sharp Straight

Scissor Blunt/Sharp Curved

Mayo Scissors Straight

Mayo Scissors Curved

Metzenbaum Scissors Straight

Metzenbaum Scissors Curved

Bandage Scissors

Episiotomy Scissors

Suture Scissors Heath

Kilner Scissors Straight

Kilner Scissors Curved

Counter Scissor S.S

Counter Scissor Brass Handle

Dissecting Forceps Pointed

Dissecting Forceps Blunt

Dissecting Forceps 1 X 2 Teeth

Adison Forceps Plain Plain

Adison Forceps 1 X 2 Teeth

Tonsil Forceps Plain

Tonsil Forceps 1 X 2

Forceps Nm Micro

B.P Handle No.

Scalples With Blade


Amputation Knives

Brain Knife

Skin Grafting Handle