General Instruments

Surgical instruments are specifically designed instruments that are clinically and accurately produced to help the surgeon in performing surgery. Various types of instruments are needed to perform a surgery. The different types of surgical instruments assist the professionals at different stages as and when required.

Jindal Medi Surge ensure that all the surgical instruments are specific in nature, made from the best steel, clinically cut to give the right cut at the required stage and are precise in nature. We manufacture all kinds of surgical instruments to provide your hospital all the needs at one stop with the best quality and the best prices. You may view all our products and place your orders as per the model numbers.

Mosquito Straight

Mosquito Curved

Artery Forceps Straight

Artery Forceps Curved

Kocher Artery Forceps Straight

Kocher Artery Forceps Curved

Allis Tissue

Needle Holder

Towel Forceps

Kelly Artery Forceps Straight

Kelly Artery Forceps Curved

Lane Tissue Forceps

Babcock Forceps

Gillies Needle Holder

Cheatle Forceps

Towel Clip

Tongue Tie

Mayo Safety Pin

Anerysum Needle

Spring Action Type Scissor

Spring Action Type Forceps

Spring Action Type Needle Holder