Ent & Plastic Surgery Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge surgical is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter offering a wide range of Ent & plastic surgery instruments

Tuning Fork S.S    

Aural Speculam  

Self Retractor Aural Speculam    


Metal Syringe 

Foren Body Remover

Eustachian Cathetor  

Jabson Probe

Ear Currette    

Probe With Eye  

Wilde Forceps     

Aural Forceps Fagge   

Tilly Forceps 

Hartman Forceps   

Aural Snare  

Suction Tip Mastroid   

Cut Out Adaptor   

Crocodile Forceps   

Crocodile Scissor  

Crocodile Cup Forcep 

Siegles Speculum Set 

Aural Syringe Rubber 

Scoop & Hook

Myringotome Knife 

Waugh Dressing Forceps 

Retractor Self Retaining Mastroid 

  • Mallet Ent 

Sinus Forceps 

Chisel Ostetome & Gouges 1 To 12 mm  

Rongeur Double Action

Kerrison Punch Up & Down Cutting 

Mustroid Suction Tube

Zoeliner Merro Suction Tube 

Molison Retractor & Mustroid

Jansen Retractor

Single Hook  

Skin Hook 

Ent Set Imported

Ent Set Indian     

Otoscope Imported

Otoscope Indian     

Ophthalmoscope Imported