Babcock Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge presents you a quality range of Surgical Instruments. These are fabricated from superior quality raw and offer high durability. We are widely acclaimed for the high dimensional accuracy and sturdy constructions of these instruments. We take care about the every step of manufacturing of these products. High durability, maximum reliability and high resistance from rust and corrosion are some of the specialty of these products.

Moynihan Cholecystectomy Forceps

Gall Bladder Forceps

Des Jardin Forceps

Bake Bile Duct Dilators


Pile Gun Set

Pile Forceps

Anal Dilator

Urethral Dilator Clutton

Urethral Dilator Boogie


Penile Clamp

Nsv Set

Male Cathetor

Bladder Sound