Veterinary Locking Plates

Jindal Medi Surge manufactures Locking Plates in Veterinary Orthopedics in a comprehensive and state-of-the-art system covering all aspects of using locking plates to treat orthopedic conditions in dogs, cats, and large animals. We Offers a proven approach to using locking plates in veterinary practice. We offers the widest selection of compression, TPLO, CBLO, DPO/TPO, TTA and limb salvage plates with the widest selection of cortical, cancellous, auto-locking and headless compression screws to fit nearly any plating system in the marketplace. All implants are made from medical grade raw material only.

TPLO Locking Plates Titnaium Broad Left & Right

TPLO Locking Plates Titnaium Narrow Left & Right

TPLO Plate 3.5mm S.S. Small Left & Right

TPLO Plate 3.5mm S.S. Narrow Left & Right

TPLO Plate 3.5mm S.S. Broad Left & Right