Veterinary KE Clamps

Jindal Medi Surge KE External Fixation Clamps are Versatile system that has stood the test of time, Recent recommendations include the use of positive or raised profile pins, Traditional or standard KE clamps & Plus clamps used with positive / negative profile pins, Standard KE clamps can only be used with one size pin, The new KE Plus Clamp can be used with positive profile and various-sized pins. All Orthopedic Veterinary KE Clamps are made from medical grade stainless steel.

Large Single KE+ Clamp 5.16'' Bars / 6.5mm Pins

Medium Single KE+ Clamp 3.16'' Bars / 5.0mm Pins

Small Single KE+ Clamp 1.8'' Bars / 3.5mm Pins

Rotulas Meynard Clamp

Large Split Clamp Single 5.16'' Bars

Medium Split Clamp Single 3.16'' Bars

Small Split Clamp Single 1.8'' Bars

Large KE Single Clamp 5.16'' Bars / 4.0mm Pins

Medium KE Single Clamp 3.16'' Bars / 3.2mm Pins

Small KE Single Clamp 1.8'' Bars / 2.4mm Pins

Large Double Clamp 5.16'' Bars

Medium Double Clamp 3.16'' Bars

Small Double Clamp 1.8'' Bars

Quick Release Handle