Veterinary Drill Bits & Drivers

Jindal Medi Surge Veterinary orthopedic drill bits & drivers are used for veterinary trauma surgery and are typically used to drill the bone to accommodate threaded device or screw for fixation. Orthopedic drills are mostly used in cruciate ligament reconstruction and basically drilling associated with a rise in temperature by converting mechanical energy into thermal energy of adjacent bone and soft tissues. Veterinary orthopedic drills are mostly in bone reconstruction surgeries to treat injured bones. Veterinary orthopedic drill-bits normally ranges from 0.5mm to several millimeters. Typical veterinary orthopedic drills consist of the shaft, flutes, chisel edge and cutting edges. All are made from medical grade stainless steel only.

Drill Bit Plain Shank Cannulated (S.S.420B 48+Hrc)

Drill Bit Quick Coupling Cannulated (S.S.420B 48+Hrc)

Drill Bit Plain Shank (S.S.420J 48+Hrc)

Drill Bit Quick Coupling (S.S.420J 48+Hrc)

Anti Skid Drill Bit S.S. Quick Coupling (S.S.420J 48+Hrc)

Anti Skid Drill Bit S.S. Plain Shank (S.S.420J 48+Hrc)

T Bar Counter Sink (S.S.420 48+Hrc)

Screw Drivers