Cervical Surgery Instrument

Depending on your condition and the type of surgery being performed. These include anterior plates, posterior plates, posterior wiring, anterior interbody cages and cervical braces used after surgery. Plates – The function of plates, whether anterior or posterior, is the same. The plate is installed to provide stability and rigidity to the spine. Anterior plates are installed on the front of the spine, while posterior plates are installed on the back. In both cases, small screws will be used to affix the plate to the two levels being fused (vertebras). Between the plate(s), the surgeon will add donor bone (a graft). By using plates to secure the two levels (or more), the fusion process is encouraged, and eventually both upper and lower levels as well as the bone graft will become a single, immovable unit. Contact us To learn more about orthopedic cervical surgery instrumentation made from medical grade raw material.

Cervical Adjustable Tap 4mm

Cervical Adjustable Drill 2.4mm

Cervical Drill 2.4mm

Cervical Lock Screw Driver ( Q.C )

Cervical Screw Holding Screw Driver ( Q.C )

Cervical Plate Holder

Cervical Screw Holding Sleeve

Cervical Pin Distractor

Cervical Q.C Handle For Small Casper Pin

Cervical Awl

Cervical Quick Coupling Handle

Cervical Holder For Big Casper Pin

Cervical Plate Bender

Cervical Drill Sleeve

Cervical Small Casper Pin

Cervical Big Casper Pin

Cervical Instrument Box

Cervical Implants Box