PFN Nails

PFN Short Nail (130 & 135 Degree)

PFN Long Nail (130 & 135 Degree)

PFNA-2 Nail 9mm Dia.

PFNA-2 Nail 10mm Dia.

PFNA-2 Nail 11mm Dia.

PFNA-2 Nail 12mm Dia.

PFNA-2 Lag Screw

PFN-II Nail Set

Insertion Handle

Distal Jig For PFN II

Proximal Jig For PFN II

Conical Bolt




Nail Removal Bolt

Guide Wire Forcep


Protection Sleeve

Trocar Sleeve

Slotted Hammer

Positioning Rod Sleeve


PFN II Blade Sleeve Commpression Nut

Screw Driver For PFN II Blade

Guide Wire 2.5mm

Long Screw Driver 4.5mm

Drill Bit 4mm

Connector Extractor Rod

Extractor Rod For PFN II Blade

Extractor For PFN II Blade

Proximal Reamer

Reamer For PFN IIa Blade

Drill Bit Flate Tip

Medulary Tube

Depth Gauge

Quick Coupling T-Handle

Key For PFN Blade

Drill And Protection Solapur Sleeve

Cannulated Bone Awl

Spanner For Conical Bolt

Bone Awl

PFNA - II Box With Three Tray Graphical