Interlocking Nails

Jindal Medi Surge Orthopedic Intramedullary interlocking nail Implants are secured in position by proximal and distal transfixing screws to provide bending, axial and torsional stability. Orthopaedic interlocking nail enables an early return to limb function with the additional advantage of minimal soft tissue morbidity. Due to curvature of the femur, shorter nails would ideally be required. In some cases, the femur may be restored in a slightly straighten alignment than it was before fracture. We are renowned Intramedullary Interlocking Nail Exporter & manufacturer. We provide nails in different lengths and diameter. These nails have a different number of screw holes to accommodate Locking bolts for fixation of the Nails at two ends. We offers Interlocking nails in material options of medical grade Stainless- steel or Titanium alloy.

Humerus Nail

Humerus Nail Cannulated

End Cap For Humerus Nail

UTN Nail

Interlocking Nail Femur (Kz)

End Cap For Interlocking Nail Femur

Interlocking Nail Tibia (Kz)

End Cap For Interlocking Nail Tibia

Interlocking Nail Instrument Set (Tibia & Femur)

Bone Awl 

Tissue Protactor

Reaming Rod 3.0mm Plain

Reaming Rod With Olive Stopper 3.0mm

Plastic Medullary Tube

Cannulated Socket Wrench 11mm

Cannulated Guide Rod


Proximal Jig Femur

Handle For Extractor

Hammering Device

Nail Connecting Bolt Femur

Proximal Jig Tibia 

Nail Connecting Bolt Tibia

Pin Wrench

Extra Large Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip

Holding Forceps For Reaming Rod

Depth Gauge (Extra Large)

Drill Bit Quick Coupling End Dia : 3.2mm X 200mm

Drill Bit Quick Coupling End Dia : 4.0mm X 4.5mm X 250mm

Protection Sleeve 8.0mm X 11mm

Drill Sleeve 3.2mm X 8.0mm

Drill Sleeve 4.5mm X 8.0mm


Optional Instruments

Internal Fracture Alignment Device

T - Handle With Chuck For Guide Rod & Reaming Rod

T-Handle For Flexible Reamer

Flexible Reamer Shaft With Fixed Reamer, Dia 8mm

Flexible Reamer Shaft 

Medullary Reamer Size : 8.5,9,9.5,10,10.5,11,11.5,12,12.5,13mm (Set Of 10Pcs)

Aluminum Box For Interlocking Instrument Set

Interlocking S. S. With One Tray