Pediatric Locking Plates

Jindal Medi Surge Pediatric Orthopedic Locking Plate System is designed for stable fixation of varus, valgus or rotational osteotomies and trauma applications in pediatric orthopaedics and is designed to meet the specific requirements of pediatric orthopaedic surgery. The Pediatric LCP Plate system offers a wide range of locking compression plates along with a surgical technique specifically developed for the pediatric patient. The Pediatric LCP Plates have a universal design for the left and right femur. The head of the plate features threaded holes for locking screws that either angle into the femoral neck or angle parallel to the growth plate in the distal femur in place of the traditional angled blade. Plate shafts feature limited-contact profiles and Combi holes. The Combi hole combines a dynamic compression unit hole with a locking screw hole. Combi holes provide the choice of axial compression and locking capability throughout the length of the plate shaft. All implants are made from medical grade stainless steel & titanium alloy.

Pediatric LCP Plates 90° Condylar Distal Femur Osteotomies

Pediatric LCP Plates 100° Varus Osteotomies

Pediatric LCP Plates 110° Varus Osteotomies

Pediatric LCP Locking Plate 120°

Pediatric LCP Locking Plate 150°

Pediatric LCP Plates 130° Fractures

Pediatric LCP Plates 140° Valgus Osteotomies

Pediatric LCP Plates 150° Valgus Osteotomies

LCP Pediatric Hip Plate For Proximal Femur Varus Osteotomies

LCP Pediatric Hip Plate For Proximal Femur Valgization Osteotomies

LCP Pediatric Hip Plate For Fracturers & Derotation Osteotomies

LCP Pediatric Condylar Plate For Distal Femur Supracondylar Fracturers & Deformities