Locking Femur Bone Plates

Jindal Medi Surge Orthopedic Femur Locking Bone Plate System is developed for repairing multifragmentary fractures, nonunions and malunions, periprosthetic fractures, fractures in normal or osteopenic bone and osteotomies of distal femur. The design of the plates and unique instruments provide the comfortable operation conditions and create a fit that no additional bending and are helpful for metaphyseal/diaphyseal reduction. Multiple bone screw option of the anatomic plates provide to fix the multifragmentary fractures easily and correctly. The tapered plate shaft design allow for a minimally invasive technique with submuscular passage of the plate. The Femur Locking Plate System has a wide option for the screw diameters and the sizes. All the screw diameter has the same screw head shape and surgeon can choice to use any of the screw diameter between 3.5mm and 5.5mm anytime. The screw head and plate interface is designed as low profile and it minimizes potential for irritation or impingement of soft tissue. All plates are made from medical grade stainless steel & titanium alloy.

Locking Proximal Femur Plate (Left & Right Leg) 5.0L / 4.5C

Proximal Femur Hook Plate LCP 5.0mm

Locking Distal Femur Plate Right & Left Leg

Lateral Distal Femur LCP Plate 5.0mm (Tomofix)