Locking Calcaneal Bone Plates

Calcaneus fracture: Intra-articular & Extra-articular, Multiple Fragment Fractures of Calcaneus, Tongue-type Calcaneus Fractures, Calcaneus fracture: Joint depression, Poor heel position and shape, Displaced articular involvement. These plates are designed for both Right and Left sides. Plate features: Bending tabs give support to plantar fragments and anterior process. Lateral application. Holes with threaded offer a fixed-angle construct to buttress the articular surfaces of the calcaneus. Permit multiple points of fixation to buttress small fragments. Locking plates provides anatomical reduction. It means adaptation of fracture fragments to restore normal anatomy. stability in fixation: It gives stability in fixation as required by the nature of fracture. Plate provides optimal compression and stability. Plate preserves blood supply to soft tissues and bone. All Jindal Medi Surge orthopedic locking calcaneal bone plates are made from medical grade stainless steel & titanium.

Locking Calcaneal Plate 3.5mm (Standard Design)

Locking Calcaneal Plate 3.5mm (Ao Design)