Titanium Elastic Nails Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge Titanium Elastic Nail Instruments Set contains instruments required for the management of diaphyseal and certain metaphyseal/ epiphyseal fractures of long bones in children and young adults. Instruments for fractures of long bones in children and young adults. Our Orthopedic Instruments Set comprises many of items which are manufacture by superior medical grade of stainless steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber etc. These are the tools specifically designed to carry out different actions and to achieve various purposes during a surgery or an operation we are paying our best efforts which meets the same quality standards of all orthopedic instruments as needed. We are keeping wide range of instruments items in instruments set to ensures that Doctors get almost all required items during surgery for Titanium Elastic Nail Instruments Set.

Inserter For Elastic Nail

Hammer Guide

Awl For Elastic Nail

Detachable Slide Hammer 400 Gms.

F Tool

Locking Plier For Elastic Nail

Pin Wrench

Beveled Tamp

Standard Tamp

Rod Cutter