Square Nail Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturer of Orthopedic Square Nail Instruments , These are metallic rods and only implant that are square in cross section and thus called square nails . They are used in forearm bone fractures . There is one type each for radius and ulna. Ulna square nail – pointed tip and the other end fashioned to attach to insertion devices. Radius square nail – blunt tip with slight curved shape and rest the same as ulna nail. ulna nail is pointed while radius nail has characteristic shape. Radius nail – fracture radius , preferably in proximal half fractures. Ulna nail – fracture ulna, preferably distal half fractures. That is because of differing entry site of each type of nail. Radius nail has distal entry either through styloid process or through Lister’s tubercle ; that is why proximal radius fracture where medullary cavity is narrower are best fixed with that nail. Ulna nail is introduced through olecranon into the straight ulna bone and similarly distal narrower part fixed better with it. All instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel.

Impactor For Square Nails

Square Nail Reamer

Square Nail Extractor Hook