Spine Surgery Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge has been established as a supplier of high quality surgical instrumentation for years. We present our catalogue detailing our range of instrumentation for Spinal Surgery. These specialist instruments are manufactured to the highest possible standards with the most modern processes. STANDARDS - Jindal Medi Surge is certified to meet standards. Recognised as a mark of excellence applicable to our management systems, processes, procedures and surgical instruments. We are subject to continual assessment of these procedures to ensure standards are maintained by an independent outside notified body. All Spinal orthopedic instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel.

Punch Forceps Small Up Cutting

Punch Forceps Small Down Cutting

Punch Forceps Large Up Cutting

Punch Forceps Large Down Cutting

Punch Forceps 45°Angle Up Cutting

Punch Forceps 45° Angle Down Cutting

Disc Forceps Straight

Disc Forceps Upward

Disc Forceps Downward

Backmann Adson Retractor

Nerve Root Retractor Straight

Nerve Root Retractor 45° Angle

Nerve Root Retractor 90° Angle

Nerve Root DiSSector

Mcdowel’S Dissector

Durer Elevator Double End Straight

Durer Elevator Double End Curved

Durer Elevator Single End Straight

Durer Elevator Single End Curved

Cobs Elevator

Capner'S Gouge Straight

Capner'S Gouge Curved

Capner'S Gouge Deep Curved

Bender For Hart Shell