Skull Surgery Instruments

Operating from India, Jindal Medi Surge Corporation is engaged in the manufacture and export of orthopedic skull surgery instruments, hudson brace, scoville trephine, gigli saw wire and gigli saw handle. We are one of the most reliable organizations in our sphere catering to various hospitals. All instruments are from medical grade stainless steel only.

Gigli Saw Wire Ordinary

Gigli Saw Wire Fine

Gigli Saw Handle Pair

Gigli Saw Introducer

Crutch Field Tong With Two Burrs Small

Crutch Field Tong With Two Burrs Medium

Crutch Field Tong With Two Burrs Large

Spare Burrs For Crutch Field Tong

Gardener Wells Traction Tongs

Gardener Wells Traction Tongs (Full Set) With Weight

Hudson Brace

Hudson Conical Burr 9mm 11mm 13mm 16mm

Hudson Spherical Burr 11mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm

Hudson Perforator 11mm 13mm 16mm