Mini Fragment Orthopedic Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturer of Mini Fragment Implants & Instruments in India. Internal fixation of fractures in the foot and the hand has gained favour in recent years. The goal of providing the stability required for early postoperative mobilization in large bones also applies to smaller bones. The same basic principles of stable internal fixation and open reduction apply, only the size of implants varies. The trend toward using small implants has led to the development of many different sizes and types. All the instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel. The implants are delicate as are the instruments required for their application. They are designed to be handled with skill, not the force.

Mini Depth Gauge

Mini Self Retaining Retractor For Fingers

Mini Self Retaining Retractor For Metacarpals

Mini Self Retaining Retractor For Metacarpals With Hinge

Mini Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide For 1.5mm Drill Bit

Mini Plate Bender Pair

Mini Screw Holding Forceps For 1.5 & 2.0mm Screws

Hollow Mill For 1.5mm & 2.0mm Screws

Mini Plate Holding Forceps

Mini Plate & Bone Holding Forceps

Mini Reduction Forceps Serrated

Mini Reduction Forceps Pointed

Mini Periosteal Elevator

Mini Chisels

Bone Chisel Lambotte 15mm Straight 240mm

Mini Osteotomes

Mini Gouge

Mini Hohmann Retractors

Nut Hanger

Washer Hanger