Locking Plates Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge Locking Instruments are required for Locking Plates. Features: Instruments for Locking Plates. Instruments are organised in general order of use. Instruments are fitted in Silicon Foam. Graphics of instruments are made in instruments Box to keep Instruments at their define places. Below are list of items in Locking Instruments Set. Instruments can be modified according to the customer’s requirement. All these instruments can be used several times. These instruments are Non Sterile. Our Orthopedic Instruments Set comprises many of items which are manufacture by superior medical grade of stainless steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber etc. These are the tools specifically designed to carry out different actions and to achieve various purposes during a surgery or an operation we are paying our best efforts which meets the same quality standards of all orthopedic instruments as needed.

Lcp Universal Drill Guide 4.5/ 5.0mm

Lcp Drill Sleeve 5.0mm For Drill Bit 4.3mm

Lcp Guide Sleeve For 2.0mm K. Wire

Lcp Bending Iron For ReConstruction Plate(Use In Pairs) 3.5 & 4.5mm Lcp Plate

Distal Femur Plate 4.5/ 5.0mm Left

Guiding Block For Lcp Distal Femur Plate 4.5/ 5.0mm Right

Lcp Universal Drill Guide 3.5mm

Lcp Drill Sleeve 3.5mm For Drill Bit 2.8mm

Lcp Centering Sleeve For K. Wire 1.6mm

Aiming Block For Proximal Humerus Plate

Centering Sleeve For K. Wire 1.25mm