Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturers of orthopedic instruments used for kuntscher cloverleaf nails. this is a long metallic rod , hollow and with a longitudinal slot over its entire length and characteristic shape in its cut section , so it is Kuntscher ‘s Cloverleaf intramedullary nail .Kuntscher believed his nail to behave as elastic nail while inside the bone with ‘elastic impingement’ or radial compliance as the reason for its stability. Now the theory has been refuted and three point fixation is found to be the reason .it can be used Anterograde or Retrograde way . In the anterograde way the point of entry is Pyriform fossa and in the retrograde way the point of entry is fracture site.the nail maintains length , angulation and rotation by fixing at three points- proximal end, distal end, isthmus ( the part of bone where the medullary cavity is narrowest ). All instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel only.

K. Nail Driver

K. Nail Setting Device

K. Nail Extractor With Two Hooks

K. Nail Measuring Gauge

Diamond Pointed Awl

Guide Wire For K. Nail

K. Nail Reamer

Spare Hook For K.Nail Extractor

Slide Hammer For K Nail Extractor Set

Graphic Box

K Nail Scale

K Nail + Drill Reamer Scale

Locking Plier Large

Extraction Rod With Hammer For Plier