Knee Surgery Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge Orthopaedic surgical instrumentation for offers functionality, precision, ergonomy and efficiency in the OR. Advantages- Safe and correct assembly, Routine processes are facilitated by uniform handles, coupling and colour coding. The reduction of the instrument volume leads to a higher work efficiency in the operating room as also in the preparation. Addressing of different philosophies, e.g Tibia or Femur First, intra- or extramedullary orientation, minimal invasion or standard access. Reduction of OR-steps via simplified and reduced instrumentation. Workload reduction for the OR-team and for the employees in the CSSD (Central Sterilisation and Storage Department) via lower modularity and through instruments that are easy to handle. All knee surgery orthopedic instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel only.

Blount Knee Retractor

Martin’S Cartilage Clamp

Meniscus Forceps

Smillie’S Knee Joint Retractor Set Of Six

Smillie Meniscus Knife Set Of Three

Charnley’S Compression Clamp