ACL / PCL Instrument

The Jindal Medi Surge ACL / PCL instrument set is a compact and easy-to-use system for ACL/PCL reconstruction. The system combines the instruments and Graft preparation station in one autoclavable case. The instrument set offers instruments required for both interference screw and button fixation. All orthopedic acl / pcl instruments are made from medical grade raw-material.

ACL Jig / PCL Jig Combined

ACL Femoral Aimer 5mm

ACL Tunnel Plug

ACL Combine Graft Sizer

ACL Tibial Reamer

Beath Pin Drill Tip

ACL Tunnel Dilator

ACL Flower Tip Reamer

Endoscopic Reamer

Tendon Stripper Open

Tendon Stripper Close

ACL Depth Gauge

PCL Elevator Curved

Glenoid Rasp Up

Glenoid Rasp Down

Femoral Aimer 7mm

Pointed Probe

Graft Master Board

Micro Fracture Awl 45 Degree

Graphical Case For Arthroscopy Instruments