Mini Fragment Plates

Jindal Medi Surge MFPs were originally designed for fixation of small bones or fracture fragments that are too small to be fixed by standard size implants. The ability of these plates to provide provisional fixation for larger fragments prior to applying definitive fixation by larger implants has long been recognized. Once applied provisionally, however, the option of leaving them in place after the application of definitive fixation is controversial. The perceived contribution of these plates to the bio-mechanical properties of the fixation construct often influences the decision to keep or remove the plates. All our orthopedic mini fragment bone plates are made from medical grade stainless steel & titanium raw-material.

Mini Straight Plate 2.0mm

DCP 2.0mm

Mini L Plate 2.0mm Left & Right

Mini T Plate 2.0mm

Mini Straight Plate 1.5mm Titanium

Mini L Plate 1.5mm Right & Left Titanium

Mini L Plate 1.5mm Oblique Right & Left Titanium

Mini T Plate 1.5mm Titanium