Conventional Bone Screws

Jindal Medi Surge Conventional bone screws used for fracture fixation in orthopedic surgery continue to rely on the historic buttress thread design. While buttress screws generally provide solid resistance against unidirectional axial loading forces, their design suffers from several limitations, as the buttress thread does not adequately resist multi-axial forces. Furthermore, the buttress screw is prone to stripping at the bone-screw interface and can cause micro-fracturing of the surrounding bone due to its thread design. Standard buttress screws are therefore at risk of adverse postoperative outcomes secondary to failure of bone fixation. All Screws are made from Medical Grade Stainless Steel & Titanium raw-material.

Interference Screw With Head (Acl Screw)

Interference Screw Without Head (Acl Screw)

Steffee Screw 4.5mm

Steffee Screw 5.5mm

Steffee Screw 6.25mm

Steffee Screw 7.0mm

Herbert Screw Dia 2.5/3.5mm Short Thread

Herbert Screw Dia 3.5/4.5mm Short Thread

Herbert Screw Dia 3.0/4.0mm Short Thread