Rail External Fixators Pediatric

The Rail Fixation system consists of an assembly of clamps (usually two or three), which can slide on a rigid rail and can be connected by compression distraction units. The Rail Fixation System may be used for the fracture fixation, for correcting diaphyseal deformities, metaphyseal deformities with or without shortening,correction of bony or soft tissue deformities, limb lengthening, for treating nonunion and malunion and bone transport application. In comminuted fractures with bone loss and in situation of nonunion or malunion, with or without some degree of osteoporosis, the Rail Fixation System may be used to obtain maximum stability, since the construction of the device enable the positions of the clamps for the bone screw to be varied over the whole length of the bone, depending upon the length of rail used. The Rail Fixation System is designed primarily for segmental (multilevel) surgery. Here, the three main indications for its use are: bone loss, with or without shortening; shortening with deformity, and extreme shortening. The system provides for correction in these situations through the techniques of bone transport,compression-distraction and bifocal lengthening. Jindal Medi Surge (JMS) are manufacturer of Orthopedic Rail External Fixators Pediatric made from medical grade raw material only.

Pediatric End Clamp

Pediatric Central Clamp

Pediatric Swivel Clamp

Pediatric Rail 150mm

Pediatric Rail 200mm

Pediatric Rail 250mm

Pediatric Rail 300mm

Pediatric Rail 350mm

Pediatric Rail 400mm

Pediatric Ball & Socket Clamp

Pediatric Sandwich Clamp

Pediatric Template For End & Central Clamp

Pediatric C D Unit 40mm

Pediatric C D Unit 60mm

Pediatric C D Unit 80mm

Pediatric C D Unit 100mm

Mini Rail With Scale For 2.0mm & 2.5mm Schanz Pin 35mm Length

Mini Rail With Scale For 2.0mm & 2.5mm Schanz Pin 55mm Length

Mini Rail With Scale For 2.0mm & 2.5mm Schanz Pin 75mm Length

Mini Rail With Scale For 2.0mm & 2.5mm Schanz Pin 100mm Length

Mini Hand Rail