Rail External Fixators Adult

Jindal Medi Surge Orthopedic Rail External Fixator Adult. These modern devices actually enhance bone formation by means of weight bearing and intermittent axial loading at fractures. These devices allow the treatment of patients with complex bony defects and permit conversion from static to dynamic mode by activating integral telescopic facility in terms of CD unit. These modern external fixator devices have been conceptualized using blood less surgery technique and minimal disruption of soft tissues that contribute to external callus formation. It offers range comprises Rail, End Clamp, Central Clamp, Swivel Clamp, Graduated Swivel Clamp, T-Ball & Socket Clamp, T-Clamp, CD Unit, Dyna Ring Clamp, Sandwich Plate Etc.The Rail Fixation system consists of an assembly of clamps (usually two or three), which can slide on a rigid rail and can be connected by compression distraction units. The Rail Fixation System may be used for the fracture fixation, for correcting diaphyseal deformities, metaphyseal deformities with or without shortening, correction of bony or soft tissue deformities, limb lengthening, for treating nonunion and malunion and bone transport application. In comminuted fractures with bone loss and in situation of nonunion or malunion, with or without some degree of osteoporosis, the Rail Fixation System may be used to obtain maximum stability, since the construction of the device enable the positions of the clamps for the bone screw to be varied over the whole length of the bone, depending upon the length of rail used. All products are made from medical grade raw material only.

Rail Length 240mm

Rail Length 300mm

Rail Length 350mm

Rail Length 400mm

Central Clamp

End Clamp

Ball Joint Coupling Clamp

T Ball Joint Coupling Clamp

T Clamp

Swivel Clamp

Graduated Swivel Clamp

CD Unit Length 40mm

CD Unit Length 60mm

CD Unit Length 80mm

CD Unit Length 100mm

Sandwich Plate

Bolt For Sandwich Plate

Lengthening Fixator Small

Lengthening Fixator Medium

Lengthening Fixator Large

Dyna Clamp

Dynamic Fixator With Ball & Socket Joint Small

Dynamic Fixator With Ball & Socket Joint Medium

Dynamic Fixator With Ball & Socket Joint Large

Dynamic Fixator For Elbow Small

Dynamic Fixator For Elbow Big

Dynamic Fixator For Pelvis

Penning Fixator

T Type Pelvic External Fixator

Ankle Clamp

Dynamic Ankle Fixator

Multiplaner Clamp

Pertrochanteric Clamp

Dummy Clamp

Qualis Fixator (Wrist)

Mono Rail Adult

Finger Fixator Straight

Finger Fixator 'T' Type

Finger Fixator Hinge Horizontal

Finger Fixator Hinge Vertical

Sandwich Clamp

Template For End & Central Clamp

Template For Swivel Clamp

Allen Key 5.0mm / 6.0mm Tip

Drill Bit Q.C. End 3.2mm Dia 200mm Length

Drill Bit Q.C. End 4.8mm Dia 200mm Length

Hto Clamp (With Pins)

Schanz Pin Tapered

Schanz Pin H.A. Coated (Hydroxyapatite Coating For Faster Bone Growth)