Rail External Fixators Adult

Rail Length 240mm

Rail Length 300mm

Rail Length 350mm

Rail Length 400mm

Central Clamp

End Clamp

Ball Joint Coupling Clamp

T Ball Joint Coupling Clamp

T Clamp

Swivel Clamp

Graduated Swivel Clamp

CD Unit Length 40mm

CD Unit Length 60mm

CD Unit Length 80mm

CD Unit Length 100mm

Sandwich Plate

Bolt For Sandwich Plate

Lengthening Fixator Small

Lengthening Fixator Medium

Lengthening Fixator Large

Dyna Clamp

Dynamic Fixator With Ball & Socket Joint Small

Dynamic Fixator With Ball & Socket Joint Medium

Dynamic Fixator With Ball & Socket Joint Large

Dynamic Fixator For Elbow Small

Dynamic Fixator For Elbow Big

Dynamic Fixator For Pelvis

Penning Fixator

T Type Pelvic External Fixator

Ankle Clamp

Dynamic Ankle Fixator

Multiplaner Clamp

Pertrochanteric Clamp

Dummy Clamp

Qualis Fixator (Wrist)

Mono Rail Adult

Finger Fixator Straight

Finger Fixator 'T' Type

Finger Fixator Hinge Horizontal

Finger Fixator Hinge Vertical

Sandwich Clamp

Template For End & Central Clamp

Template For Swivel Clamp

Allen Key 5.0mm / 6.0mm Tip

Drill Bit Q.C. End 3.2mm Dia 200mm Length

Drill Bit Q.C. End 4.8mm Dia 200mm Length

Hto Clamp (With Pins)

Schanz Pin Tapered

Schanz Pin H.A. Coated (Hydroxyapatite Coating For Faster Bone Growth)