Pins for External Fixators

An external fixator is a metal frame that holds bones in place. It has pins that go through the skin and into the bone. External fixation is also used in limb lengthening. Typically, the bone is cut diagonally in a surgical procedure. External fixator pins or wires are placed on each side of the split and the external metal apparatus is used to very gradually pull the two sides of the bone apart over a long period of time. Bone will gradually grow into the small gap through distraction osteogenesis. In most cases it may be necessary for the external fixator to be in place for many weeks or even months. Most fractures heal in between 6 and 12 weeks. Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturers of Orthopedic Pins for External Fixators made from medical grade stainless steel & titanium.

Tapered Threaded Pins Cortical Shaft 6.0mm Tapered 6.0 To 5.0mm

Tapered Threaded Pins Cortical Shaft 4.5mm Tapered 4.5 To 3.5mm