Pediatric Ilizarov External Fixators

External fixators are widely used in children in the elective and trauma settings. In elective cases, external fixators have a role in deformity correction and limb lengthening. In trauma, external fixation is indicated for skeletal stabilisation in open fractures, fractures associated with severe soft tissue injury including burns, where there is an associated vascular injury and in the polytraumatized child. Once applied, the fixator can be used as the definitive method to stabilise the fracture or subsequently converted to either an alternative fixator or to internal fixation. The use of external fixators in children is well established but certain factors specific to the paediatric population need to be considered if an external fixator is being utilised. Smaller diameter bones may limit the size of the half pin, the presence of a physics that can make half pin placement difficult – half pins should be placed at least 2 centimetres from the physis if possible. In children, the perceived unacceptability of external fixators to the child and / or their carers may limit its use. Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturers of Orthopedic pediatric ilizarov external fixators made from medical grade raw material.

Half Ring Pediatric

5/8 Rings Pediatric

Hinge Pediatric Male

Hinge Pediatric Female

Hinge Pediatric 90 Degree

Post Pediatric Male

Post Pediatric Female

Threaded Socket Pediatric

Wire Fixation Bolt Pediatric Slotted

Wire Fixation Bolt Pediatric Cannulated

Wrencho Cube Pediatric Pediatric

Short Connection Plate Pediatric

Threaded Rod Pediatric

Pediatric Nuts Bolts & Washers

Pediatric Nuts M5

Pediatric Square Nut

Pediatric Ring Connecting Bolts

Pediatric Spacing Washers

Pediatric Bushings

Pediatric Square Nut

Pediatric T Handle

Ilizarov Set Small S.S.

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