Ortho Telescopic Frame System

Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturers of Ortho Telescopic Frame System (made from medical grade raw material) is an advanced extension of traditional Ring Fixator as a single step solution for treating complex deformities and fractures. Frame consists of proximal and distal supports connected by six telescopic rods of special construction (strut). For additional rigidity additional stabilizing supports can be used as required. Range of parameters taken from the frame and x-rays are inserted into the specially designed software. The software gives the user a mathematically precise prescription on what changes of length must be made to each strut to achieve the desired correction of deformity. Thus, Frame with software eliminates the need of making multiple complex calculations for location of Hinges and distraction of threaded rods used in traditional Ilizarov device. It has the best reduction and fixation capabilities in comparison with its closest competitors. Wide range of indications: Long bones deformities of any complexity, Two level bone deformities Complex foot deformities, Severe contractures and old subluxations of large joints, Extra articular fractures of long bones. Special Features: Reduced Surgery Time, Lesser Inventory, Single stage correction for Multiplanar Deformity & Fracture Reduction, No predetermined places for Strut Fixations, Dual Mode Struts – Fast & Gradual Correction Mode, Advanced use friendly software.

150/ 205mm Struts Telescopic Graduated (Expandable From 150mm To 205mm)

100mm Threaded Rods

2.9mm Thick 250mm Length Wires (Thick)

1 Hole Flat Coupler (Hinge Male)

4 Hole Flat Coupler (Post Male)

4 Hole Square Coupler (Pin Clamp/ Wrenchoqube)

Slotted Bolt (Large Slot For 2.9mm Wires)

Plain (Connection) Bolt 20mm

Strut (Shoulder) Bolt



Nylon Nut

½ Ring 150mm (Mtl. Ai. Hard Anodized)

Full Ring 150mm (Mtl. Ai. Hard Anodized)

Foot Plate Solid 150mm (Mtl. Ai. Hard Anodized)

Spanners(Open And Ring End)

Flat Screwdriver Small 10mm Tip (Levering Strut Locks And Wires) (Small Straight Osteotome With Handle?)

Small Pliers Flat Nose ~150mm Length (Gripping Wires And Struts)

Ratchet Spanner For 10mm Nuts (Rapid Tightening Of Nuts)