Jess Fixators

The human hand has evolved into an organ of exceptional prehensile function capable of highly complex movements and manipulation. Hands have got a very distinct and important role. It is an organ both for powerful grasp as in lifting heavy objects as well as delicate pinch and hook functions. Hand injury is extremely common and accounts for about 15% of the attendance at accidents and emergency departments. Fractures of metacarpals and phalanges are probably the most common fractures in the skeletal system. Some of the common causes of hand injuries are crush/compression injuries, blunt trauma, fall, road traffic accidents, machinery injury, sports related activity and explosions/firearm injuries. Various modes of treatment have been used for hand fractures which include K wire fixation, mini plates, external fixator application. In disabilities of the Hand, the finest surgery and after care is more essential than in any other region of the body. We Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturers of Orthopedic Jess Fixators used for hand fracture treatment, made from Medical grade stainless steel.

Jess Clamps

Distractor Single Hole ( Adler Type All Sizes )

Distractor Double Hole ( Adler Type All Sizes )

Distractor 6mm Double Hole

Link Joint Small

Link Joint Medium

Link Joint Large

Connecting Rods Per Inch ( Knurled )

L Rod

Z Rod

Allen Key ( 2.5mm & 3.0mm )

Foot Plate

Ctev External Fixator Set (Small)

Ctev External Fixator Set (Medium)

Ctev External Fixator Set (Large)