Ilizarov Nuts Bolts & Washers

Wire Fixation Bolt Cannulated

Wire Fixation Bolt Slotted

Cannulated Bolt With Female Thread In Head

Slotted Bolt With Female Thread In Head

Wire Buckle

Space Washer


Thick Washer 2mm

Thick Washer 4mm

Side Slotted Washer 3mm

Side Sloted Washer 4mm

Center Sloted Washer

Side Flated Washer

Split Washer

Couple Washer

Star Washers

Lengthning Tower

Ring Connection Bolt 10mm

Ring Connection Bolt 15mm

Ring Connection Bolt 20mm

Nut 10mm

Nut Thick

Nut Thin

Nut Standard

Square Nut

Nylon Insert Nut

Repofix Device

Universal Joint

Schanze Screw Fixation Bolt 4.0mm / 4.5mm

Hex Nut 6mm

Nut With Qardigonal Head

Orthofix (Aluminum)

Orthofix (Ball & Socket)

Washer 2.0mm Thick 26.5mm Od & 6.0mm Id

Curved Plate 3 Holes

Set Screw For Ilizarov

Multi Pin Fixation Clamp

Angulated Wrench Two In One

Angulated Wrench L Type

Wire Tensioner Mechanical 2

Wire Tensioner Dynamometer

U Shape Wrench For Nuts (Mal Design)

Wrench 10mm

Wrench 12mm

Wrench 13mm

Wrench 14mm

Universal T-Wrench Swing Box Design 10mm

Drill Guide 4.8mm

Screw Guide 6mm

Trocar 6mm

Straight Screw Driver For Set Screws AcroSS Flat 3mm

90Deg. Screw Driver For Set Screws 3mm

Box Wrench 8mm