Hoffman II (Upper Limb)

Jindal Medi Surge range of products include Orthopedic External Fixator Hoffman II used for Upper Limbs as well as Tibia Shaft Frame, Peri-Articular & Support Wrist Kit, Hoffman II Wrist Kit, Hoffman II Upper Limb Fixator Set, Stryker Monotube Type Tri axis Fixator ( Blue ) and Hoffman II Pelvic Fixator. All products are made from medical grade raw material only.

Rod Rod Clamp Small

Wire Rod Clamp Small

Cross Clamp Small

T Clamp Small

Straight Rod Small

30° Rod Small

Schanz Pins Dia 3/4 mm*80/100mm Each For 4Pcs

Protecting Sleeve Dia3/4mm

Aluminum Alloy Rod Dia5.0*120/150/200mm Each For 2Pcs

Carbon Fiber Connecting Rod Dia 5.0*120/150/200mm Each For 2Pcs

T Sharped Wrench Sw5.0 mm

Stability Reduction Wrench Small

Elbow Joint Small

Quicking Coupling Wire Chunk Dia. 3.0mm

Screwdriver Dia 3.0/4.0mm

Quicking Coupling Wire Chunk Dia4.0mm

Arc Drilling Stand Small

Adjust Wheel

Wrist Activity Traction Device

Instrument Box