Medical Chart Papers

Precision and Accuracy- Printing of the calibrated graph is done with such a precision that the ECG signals of all the leads across a range of heart rates and the QRS amplitude are accurately depicted. We Jindal Medi Surge are ISO 13485:2013, ISO 9001:2015 & CE certified manufacturers. Thus ensuring the product quality manufactured by us is equivalent to the strict parameters defined by OEM. Provide Clear Tracings- The base thermal paper used in the manufacturing of our charts are of world best mills manufacturing medical grade papers and thus it provides clear trace without any loss or early fading of the data, giving dark and vivid print outs. Low Friction- The base papers meant for only medical purpose are used thus ensuring that the caliper and thickness of the paper is as per OEM specifications thus avoiding friction with the print head ensuring a long print head life. O.E.M Specification- Manufacturing of the charts is done with great precision and quality control thus assuring the quality of our product to be similar or even superior to OEM products.


Medical Chart Paper Catalogue-JMS.pdf