Gyno & Obstetsic Instruments

Auward Speculum

Biopsy Punch

Cusco Speculum (Brass) S.M.L.

Speculum (Stainless Steel) S.M.L.

D & C Set

Doyen Broad Lagament Clamp

E. B. Currette 9° (23.0 cm)

Female Catheter

Flushing Currette

Foetal Stethoscope

Graduated Sound

Green Armitage

Hegar Dilator Set of Eight

Hegar Dilator Set of Ten

Hystrectomy Clamp Gwilliam Curved

Hystrectomy Clamp Heaney Curved

Hystrectomy Clamp Maingot Curved

Hystrectomy Clamp Gwilliam Straight

IUD Hook

Lahey Forceps

Midwifery Forceps Bames

Midwifery Forceps Fergusson

MTP Set Plain

MTP Set with Handle

Mymo Screw

Ovem Forceps


Right Angle Forceps

Simpson Forceps

Sims Speculum Brass S. M. L.

Speculum Stainless Steel S. M. L

Sponge Holding Forceps

Suction Cannula

Tenaculam Forceps

Uterine Cannula

Uterine Curette

Uterine Forceps

Utress Holding Forceps Somer

Utress Holding Forceps Sherodkar

Vaccum Extractor - Silicon

Vaccum Extractor - Metal

Vaginal wall Retractor

Vellusulam Forceps

Wringly Forceps