Spinal Implants

When spinal conditions require surgery, implant systems (made of titanium and other materials, utilizing specially designed spinal instrumentation) are often used in these surgical procedures. The implants / devices are used to facilitate fusion, correct deformities, and stabilize and strengthen the spine.

Monoaxial Pedicle Screw

Polyaxial Pedicle Screw

Monoaxial Reduction Pedicle Screw

Polyaxial Reduction Pedicle Screw

Crosslink Transverse Connector

Inner Lock Nut

Connecting Rod

Cervical Disk Cage

Lumbar Spine Cage

Tlif (Kidney Cage)

Plif (Bullet Cage)

Occiput T-Plate

Lateral Mass Screw

Anterior Cervical Plate

Self Drilling Bone Screw

Cervical Disk

Cervical Disc Cage with Screws





Hart Shell

H-Plate for Cervical Spine

Steffee Plate

Steffee Screw

Orthopedic Spinal System Catalogue-JMS.pdf

Spinal Implant Catalog

Orthopedic Spinal Implant Product List -JMS.pdf

Spinal Implant Product List